Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Have the best Job in the Whole World!!!

How much do I love my editor? *Spreads arms wide* I love her thiiiiiiiis much.:)

I got my second ed letter this morning. (She overnighted it. I know it's lame, but that makes me feel special!) Now, I had requested an ARC earlier this week, so I knew that was coming with it. And she told me she was also going to send me two book on my wish list. So I was expecting the ed letter to come with books. Specifically, three books. But when I opened the rather enormous package, there were SEVEN books in there. SEVEN! Check it out!

How freaking awesome is that?!?!? My editor loves me.:)
Now if you'll look closely, you'll see that I managed to get my hands on an ARC that is one of the hottest properties around. Why yes, that is an ARC of Ink Exchange.:)
I got Wicked Lovely (HC) and Ink Exchange (ARC, 05-08) by Melissa Marr
Night Road (ARC, 06-08) by A.M. Jenkins
Feathered (HC) by Laura Kasischke
Switch (ARC, 09-08) by Carol Snow
The Blonde of the Joke (ARC, 09-08) by Bennett Madison
And The Luxe (HC) by Anna Godbersen

Getting books makes me so happy! It's like crack . . . only significantly more healthy. But definitely not less addicting!

It helped me drown my woes over my very sore knee. I managed to fall down my porch steps on Tuesday and crunch my knee into a metal pole. (Why yes, I did dance in college . . . why do you ask?) I proceeded to limp around the rest of the day and was still pretty gimpy yesterday too. It's much better today, but still a little sore. i am hoping for a full recovery by about Monday.

Till Monday I will be reading my new books like mad . . . er, I mean reading through my marked-up manuscript and getting to work.;)



Jamie Ford said...

Wow, you hit the ARC jackpot! How very cool.

**Running off to email my editor**

Maprilynne said...

Yeeeesss, run little Jamie, run.:)

Me said...

Hi! I discovered your blog recently, and very randomly might I add and simply love it. I'm a singer and a writer and I'm always looking for other writers who have blogs and share the YA genre. :) But this is the first time I write to one, because, well I don't know, something about you just seems really nice.

And I wanted to ask you a question that I'm usually too shy to ask. How did you connect with other YA authors and become friends? I've always looked at it and thought that probably if I went to a convention or something I'd meet more people who write what I write, but I live in the Caribbean so it's easier for me to make internet friends.

I really don't have a lot of people I can talk about writing with in my own country (I write in english, this country's native language is spanish) so, nothing I guess I'm just trying to make your acquaintance here :) I hope you don't mind.

Maprilynne said...

Welcome . . . Me . . . hehe, that sounds funny.:)

I don't mind you asking questions at all. Other than a person or two, I have met most of the author friends I have (*kof,koff* like Jamie up there) through either message boards or by reading their blogs. I like The Absolute Write Water Cooler, and the blue Boards at Verla Kay especially is a board devoted completely to children's authors (Picture books through YA). Lots of authors at both as well as aspiring authors and just fun people! Writers are just my kind of people, so it's been easy to make friends.

And really, don't focus too much on only making friends with published authors. Most of the authors I am good friends with (*koff,koff* again, like Jamie--that's what you get for commenting bro, now I'm making an example of you!) I met before they sold. Often months and months before they sold.

Conferences and conventions mau be good too, but personally, I've never been to one.

tomdg said...

Wow, they send you free books? That's so cool! Maybe I'm in the wrong job after all. Time to do some more editing, perhaps ...

And congratulations on taking on (temporarily) the Chief Breadwinner crown in your family. From what you've said about your husband in past posts it sounds like that's quite a "character arc" for both of you :) I hope it all goes smoothly.

Helen said...

Oooh, I'm reading a UK proof copy of The Luxe right now, and I'm really enjoying it.

I may have screamed and lunged for it when I walked in to work and saw it on the kitchen table...

Kiersten said...

So very, very jealous. But how fun for you! Are you expected to actually do anything with the ARCs besides enjoy them? I'm sure in a couple of years they'll be quoting you on the back of new authors' books to try and sell them...

JenWriter said...

So jealous! Those books look awesome. Here's hoping one day I'll be receiving my own stash of ARCS.

Maprilynne said...

I never heard of ARCs until I was actively trying to get published, but it's fun to get some. They are essentially the same thing as the final book . . . but early!!;)

Caryn said...

Oh, I am SO jealous! A bunch of those are on my to-read list as well. Good luck keeping your mind of them and on your revisions!

Sorry about your knee. That sounds painful. I hope it heals quickly.

patricia said...

ARC's are awesome! And writers (whether published or not) are some of my most favorite people!

Eamon said...

Mmm .. interesting way to spend your time (and get paid for it ..)

Lisa McMann said...

Oooh, I remember my first ARC day... :) It's like the best day evah.

Great blog! Ran across it via moonrat and also heard about your deal on Verla or of those.

Hope all is fun and well with your book series! Good luck with edits, and congrats!


Michelle Zink said...

OMG! I swear I was as excited to get that big box of books from my editor as I was to get my contract!

And Ink Exchange?!!! You lucky duck! I CAN'T WAIT for that one. I'm so jeeeeeaaaalousssss (but in a good, loving way!).

I have two teenagers and two younger kids, and would you believe my editor actually sent books tailored for their age ranges and preferences, too? How nice is that? How much do we love our editors? And isn't this fuuuuuuuun?!