Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Requiem for a Dell

Sorry for being so absent the last ten days. I've been neck-deep in my second round of revisions. But they are done and turned in (yay!!) so I can get back to blogging regularly . . . at least until round three comes in.;)

Yesterday was a very, very sad day for my laptop.

It got replaced.

Which really is a little sad. I've had this laptop . . . or a version thereof . . . for four years. I have written at least part of every book I have ever even attempted on this laptop. And it has been severely abused. I have three kids, you know. It has been sat on, stood on, pushed off of footstools, had keys broken and yanked out, and been subjected to more than a few crumbs and sticky hands.

And it has war wounds. I don't know how well you can see this picture, but it is the AC adapter. Not only is it held together with electrical tape, but it is totally bent too. I can see the silver wires on the inside and have had blue sparks a couple of times. Can you say firehazard?

A while ago the little brace that holds the bottom of the keyboard to the bottom of the computer broke, and so now I can actually lift up and see into the guts of my laptop. Showing here.:)

And among other problems, the plastic on the hinges is very cracked. (Both hinges look about like this, but it's easier to see if I only took a picture of one . . . and really, I don't want to bore you guys too badly.;)

So farewell old laptop. You've been a good friend, and truth be told, I do feel a little bad about moving on after all the good years me and my lappie have had together. No with a bit of nostalgia, here is my laptop in it's final farewell. Laptop, we salute you!!!

Aaaaaaaand we're good. Out with the old and in with the new. And what a beautiful new it is!!

Oh yes, I am much happy about this.:) Now, as with any new relationship, there will be adjustments and things I will need to get used to. Using "Command" for all of the things I used to use "Control" for, for example. The delete key being a backspace key, and no actual delete key at all. But there are also good things I am getting used to very quicky: the two finger scroll, a CapsLock key that lights up when it is on! How cool is that? And, of course, a battery that doesn't short out my computer. (It's the little things, yanno.)

So yeah, I am getting accustomed to the Mac world these days, and rather enjoying it.:)

And hopefully, many, many, many books will get written on this lappie too.



Carbonneau said...

OOooooo! Pretty! How fun. I love new toys. :) Even if they are for "work".

Mary said...

Enjoy your new laptop, and welcome to Mac world! :)

Demon Hunter said...

I'm drooling because I need a laptop...lol. :*)

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh welcome to the wonderful world of Mac! I'm using one just like your new one. We're an only-Mac family (my husband uses them exclusively in his recording studio) and I'll never go back.

I had a cool old black one until last September. It was about 7 years old when it finally conked, and we're thinking of fixing it up for the kids to type up their projects with.

I had a little Mac Black funeral on my blog last fall.

This one isn't actually mine; it's my husband's. If he needs to do a remote session, I'm computer free for the day. So... now I'm kind of looking at the Air Mac... for one of these years when I start making some income...!

Kenneth said...

I'm going to brag a bit here. Aprilynne neglected to mention that, over the four years of working on her Dell Cpi-A, I replaced for her the keyboard (baby fingers broke several keys), the display (backlight died), and the AC adapter (pictured is the second adapter she manager to fray to pieces). We also replaced the entire unit once after about the first year (the motherboard fried). Since the unit does not have built-in wireless, Aprilynne used PCMCIA cards, both of which were cracked and bent at funny angles before ultimately being retired.

The new MacBook has a magnetic latch (less likely to destroy the case and/or latch) and a magnetic AC adapter connection (less likely to fray to pieces and burn my house down or get tripped over and send the laptop crashing to the floor).

This also officially makes us a pan-OS household. I run Linux on my desktop and Windows XP on my Tablet PC.

Anonymous said...

Hello Aprilynne....hope you're enjoying your new MAC....I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about what exactly is involved in revisions...no specifics necessary, more in general terms...does the editor ask you to make specific changes to the story/characters....do they just suggest certain things...do they try to have you expand on a certain issue or setting...just wondering what that process is like and why there are so many rounds of them.....I've heard the editing process can take up to a year and it just boggles my mind that it would take so long.....thanks!

Renee Collins said...

Oh man, I am so jealous. I don't have a laptop at all. But, how I yearn for one.
When I can buy one at last, I think I'll probably get the Mac as well.

shari said...

I feel for you about the old computer. The only laptop still in our home is the one I used in college, 10 years ago!!! It's almost as old as the dinosaurs. We ought to put it in a museum.

Anonymous said...

Love the mac. Feel the mac. I have the same one you do. Very nice. Love it. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

You must've been sold on the MAC vs. PC commercial. Hah!

JKB said...

Aprilynne, I got my mac Gunther when we were visiting the states this year and it rocks, frankly. I have the same as you...I might humbly recommend the applicatioin Scrivener, it's absolutely brilliant for writing. That is, it's brilliant for me and I'm not published yet, but it still is quite nice.

And you might check out Heidi the Hicks blog, in remembering you asking for music, she just went to an Apocalyptica concert - and might I add these four VERY CUTE boys playing hard core metal with Cellos and Violins and Bass? Quite an event. She has a vid embedded there.

Happy you got your revisions done! :))

Jamie Ford said...

I have an old Mac G3 laptop that I just can't part with. I've had it for 7-8 years. (Though I did splurge an a spiffy 20" G4 for the home office). I love macs. I do have a PC collecting dust around here somewhere...

Caryn said...

Congrats on your new baby! And I understand your sadness. We really, really need to replace our desktop computer, and I haven't been able to do it yet. Of course, part of my hesitance has to do with the fact that new computers come with Vista, which has its share of bugs.