Saturday, April 23, 2011


I am so excited to share the trailer for Illusions with you!!! It's really fun and kind of Glee-esque and I love how it does the recap! It's basically Wings and Spells in about twenty seconds each.

*SPOILER ALERT* If you haven't read Wings or Spells, this does cover the basic plot points of both books.

I really would love to spread this trailer around, and what better way than having a contest!!!!

And since the trailer talks about all three books, what better prize than a set of all three books!!!

AND since there are three books, it's only fitting to give away three SETS of the books! So three grand prize winners who will each get a set of all three books.

On top of that, I have some awesome Team David and Team Tamani swag being made (they're not done yet, I will post a pic later this week when they are) and I will send a set of those to an additional ten winners.

So yeah, contest of awesome prizes!!!!

Here's all you have to do:

Post the video on your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. One entry for every place you post it. Comment here (Live Journal or Blogger) and let me know where you posted it. Easy as pie!

This contest is open internationally, but I am limiting it to planet Earth.:D

Rules: Simple--PLEASE, when you post it, do put *Spoiler Warning* in your post/tweet/entry/whatever, because it is a tad spoilery.

Next . . .

Okay fine, that's the only rule.:D

I have a revisions deadline this Friday, so now that's your deadline too! Entries valid till midnight PST Friday April 29th and I will announce Saturday so I can get books sent off!

Thank you ALL for helping me spread the word about Illusions!!!!



Mundie Moms said...

YAY!!!! I'm so excited for the release of Illusions!! I love that you've got some Team Tamani and Team David swag being made! I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Great trailer!

yx said...

Posted on twitter!!/yeexien

Zareen said...

OMG, love that trailer! The Team Tamani and Team David swag idea is brilliant!


Sophie D. said...


...and on my facebook page....

yx said...!/profile.php?id=1846662351&sk=wall Posted on Facebook!good luck to the rest! :)

as always ♥ Carol said...

awesome!!! Team Tamani all the way I just love the greenish dude lol
tweeted it since I first saw your tweet there =D!/asalways_Carol/status/61960641375776768

lalalaliza said...
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lalalaliza said...
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TheWriteaholic said...

I posted it on my twitter: @thewriteaholic
and Facebook: /hollywooditgirl
I looovvved Wings and can't wait to finish spells. I only own EBOOK copies but I hope to win so I can get actual book copies :D I love you btw!

TheWriteaholic said...

I posted it on my twitter: @thewriteaholic
and Facebook: /hollywooditgirl
I looovvved Wings and can't wait to finish spells. I only own EBOOK copies but I hope to win so I can get actual book copies :D I love you btw!

lalalaliza said...

hey! Love the contest!
Ive already posted it on my



Love love you Aprilynne Pike!

Name: Liza Flor Dequilla
Country: Philippines

Anonymous said...!/chribree4eva/status/61961169270865920

ahhhh! amazing contest :D

zmeglet said...!/audreygirlmms
I posted it on a few pages on Fb too. I hope this counts. I REALLY WANT TO WIN!!!!! THANKS FOR A GREAT CONTEST!

x.ebbithxlove.x said...

Love the Trailer!!!/Saii15

Amarie said...

youppy! Facebook is the only one I have so it's out! Hope I win!!!

Valerie said...

I posted it on my blog:

And on my twitter: @redfearnv is my name (I'm not sure how to link to the post).

And on my facebook:

I can't wait for the book!!

Katie said...

Yayy! I posted the video here:


and here:!/KatiervMc

Can't wait for the book!

Diana said...

Awesome contest!

I posted on my Facebook book page:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=209924875698292&id=161317363924658


lissy16 said...

So excited for illusionss :))



Jamie H. said...

I am so excited for Illusions!!! I love the trailer. :)

I posted the trailer on my facebook page @!/turtliepink


pixleyyy said...

I shared it on Facebook!

Valia Lind said...

Trailer is super awesome!!! Love it!!!

Woohoo for Illusions!!! :-)

Nicole M said...

I cannot wait for Illusions, and hopefully (if I win) this'll come before you travel to Pasadena for a signing. That would just be perfect!! Facebooked it!/profile.php?id=1377696964

thefinderofthings said...

I can't wait for the book! I hope I sin since I can't remember who I loaned mine to.

Taneeka Smith said...

I have posted on

I so can't wait until this book is released... YAYA!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! ANother contest and INTERNATIONAL again!!!! YES!!! Thanks Aprilynne! I was the one who was having the worst day yesterday! this made my day now!! I need to win! (please)
I posted it on

I also posted it on my FB page:



I really really want to win!!
I'm from Philippines by the way!
Signature: J.k. DiƱo

the tea notebook said...

I can't wait for Illusions to come out.
I've posted it on my tumblr:

the tea notebook said...

I also posted on my

the tea notebook said...

Aand one last post for my livejournal:

Good luck everyone!

urgirlconnie said...

I'm so happy!! I posted it on my blog.

April 28th is my birthday so getting the whole set would be awesome. ;)

Cathy 007 said...!/cathy.vanhuffel?sk=wall
I rely love thees books so I posted the trailer on my facebook page.
Greets from Belguim.

realityyANDfantasyy said...
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Priya said...

Thanks! Its the most amazing contest I've ever come across just as amazing as the Wings, Spells and Illusions (I haven't read it yet but still i believe).

My post for

Myspace :

Twitter :!/TaylorWings/status/62050376140062720

Facebook :

Blog :

suzi1811 said...

Wow! Great contest! I've posted on twitter!!/suzi1811

Lothfleur said...

I posted it both on my blog (with a French translation/explanation) and facebook :

Karina said...

Posted on site of a series of Wings:

It's awesome! Thank you!

Victoria said...

I re-Tweeted:!/AprilynnePike/status/61958271778570240

Meghan Kirkland said...

OMG sooooooo excited for Illusions!!!!/Kirkyland!/profile.php?id=762990601

p.s. LOOOOVE Wings and Spells!! Go Team David/Tamani (it's so hard to choose!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey. Love the trailer,and here are my entries:



And this is one forum that I'm a member of, if that counts: (I started the thread):


- Tamara

Valerie said...

Very excited about Illusions coming out!

Posted trailer on my blog here

Tweeted here!/StuckInBooks/status/61977028588601344



barmybex said...

OMG this is so exciting. :D

I have posted it on:


Facebook Blog Page:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=169072633146077&id=160164797354374

This is so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear :( am I the only one who doesn't get this? How do you win? Is there something I'm missing . . . :S x

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Illusions to come out! The trailer is one of the best I've seen. Team Tamani all the way! I mean, I like David, but I love Tamani. And people, Amazon has this promotion going on that Wings is free, and it has some bonus content. Pss: it has to do with Illusions.
I posted this on my facebook:

Avid Reader said...

Team Tamani! love your books and recommendations!

Wenj said...

Posted at my blog:

And my Twitter account:

Kim said...

Love the trailer! Team Tamani FTW!!

I posted on my twitter:!/cutesykimmyy

And my blog:

And on my facebook, but for security reasons I'd rather not post the link


emily_jane said...

the trailer is so good! i posted it on my facebook, twitter, and blog! and im so glad that theres going to be stuff for teams!! team tamani (:!/eliza_janee

Michelle said...

Done! Posted it today on my FB page! Can't wait for Illusions! So Excited!

The Story Queen said...

Fantastic trailer! I'm so excited for this release :D I posted the link up on Twitter here:!/thestoryqueen/status/62348040710799360. Thanks for the chance to win - fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a very original trailer, I loved it, it's very funny!

My sharing for the giveaway:

Team David FTW!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Nicole said...


Posted on Twitter: @nj4961

Alba said...

OMG!! excited!! specially since it's international!!!hope to win!!!

I posted it over

-facebook both at my page and profile

-and on tumblr


Orchid said...

I really wanted to watch the trailer, but I haven't read this series yet. :(



The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia





lindalut said...

I posted the Trailer on both my Twitter account and my Facebook page

sari said...

I can't wait to read #3! I tweeted it (and linked to you in the tweet).

PS Happy Easter to you and yours.

Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

OMG! How awesome!

I tweeted:!/BooksOverBoys/status/62356987815538688

I facebooked:!/BooksOverBoys/posts/206493452718207

Blog sidebar (top right):

Thanks for the contest!
My email is booksoverboys(at)hotmail(dot)com - if needed!


Yui said...

Posted it @!/lady_yui19


and if this counts

Badass Bookie said...

Fantastic trailer, I can't even express how excited I am about Illusions, I love your books!! Team TAMANI FTW!!!

Facebook -!/permalink.php?story_fbid=219015954781558&id=1015998347

Twitter -!/BadassBookie/status/62348720670384128

Brianna Hart said...

SO excited!!!!!

Karolina S said...

Ahh i would so so soooo love to win some Team Tamani stuff! i posted the video up on my facebook :)

hope i have a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I posted the link on twitter!!/noraek I can't wait to read the new book!!

Madiha Fahmi said...

HI!!! I'm so excited. Thank you for the international contest. hope I win this time....

I posted the trailer on Facebook :

I posted it on twitter :!/madihafahmi

And here :

I made my mom, brother and sisters watch the trailer if that counts. And I also showed the trailer to my friends and my neighbors(who are also my friends. haha...

I really hope I win!!!

Thanks for the contest!!

realityyANDfantasyy said...!/profile.php?id=100001819495977!/profile.php?id=100001275110586

Adriana said...

Yay I love International contest!
Posted in!/Adrianaec7

And my facebook


sari said...

I posted this on my blog as well:

sari said...

Also, my FB page pulls my blog so it's on there as well. Since my wall isn't public, I hope you'll take my word (or I can email you a link if you wish).


Thank you!

Ashley G. said...

I posted it on twitter.!/abgafford

Can't wait for Illusions!
Twitter: @abgafford

Holly said...



Thank you so much for the chance to win all three books!

Anki said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for making it international!!! Thank you!

Tweeted! :!/BookyAnki/status/62526651153649665

Dina said...


Spoiler Alert:

Dina said...

Posted in Facebook:

Lisa said...

yay, I'm so excited for Illusions :)

Lisa said...

tweeted too :)!/jlhsperry624/status/62536141383008257

Jay B said...

Posted on my Tumblr :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,I've added livejournal to the list:

the rest:




And this is one forum that I'm a member of, if that counts: (I started the thread):


Love the trailer, can't wait for Illusions



Tess said...

Thanks for the chance !! Here is my contest entrance :

on the blog :

and on twitter @dreamingtessie

Anonymous said...




Sanna said...!/liselottesanna
And on my facebook page! :)
Loved the trailer! :)

jennylao8 said...

it's on my facebook here ~>!/angelslashdevilcutie i gotta say that is one fun trailer

Anonymous said...

tHi! This is Stephanie M. and i posted it on my Twitter :) I'm Team Tamanii by the wayy :D!/stephanieex333/status/62626865944330240

Jaz said...

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about Illusions! eek! :)

I posted it to Twitter:!/Jazzie764/status/62634515075567616

Scarlett L said...

I CANNOT WAITT <3 Amazing contestt. I love the trailer though hahaha (;!/beccapharaon/favorites

Britni Webb said...

okay so... i went everywhere i could i really want these books!!!
i went to facebook:

Then i went over to twitter:!/bff32229
i'm also following you

next i walked gover to google:

then i posted a comment on my channel on youtube:

and lastly myspace:

Can't wait to see who wins Good Luck Everyone!

Britni Webb said...

okay so... i went everywhere i could i really want these books!!!
i went to facebook:

Then i went over to twitter:!/bff32229
i'm also following you

next i walked over to google:

then i posted it on my youtube channel:

and lastly myspace:

BekahS said...

OH MY GOSH!!! TAMANI ALL THE WAY!!!!! I don't think I can wait a WHOLE WEEK! I'm soooo excited for this book!!
posted the trailer on fb:!/bekah60

Jessica said...

I am way excited! Here are all of my entries....

I posted on my business website for little girls accessories

on my facebook page:!/profile.php?id=803713396

On my business fb page:!/pages/Kaa-Boutique/165595773460035

My Blog:

You're awesome thanks for writing such entertaining books!!
Oh and PS my birthday is Wednesday the 27th....Just sayin'

krysalbe said...

So excited for this book!

Posted it on blog:



Thanks for the awesome contest!


Karina said...

I tweeted it

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Posted on FB:

Ann said...

Posted on Twitter:!/annie2147

Anonymous said...

A Blogger post:

A Yahoo! status:

A Facebook status:

An update on Goodreads:

I don't really have anything I hope all of that works!!

Great trailer!!

starryeyedjen said...

eeek...i loved the trailer! i woke up this morning thinking about the 'wings' crew. not surprising since i've been dreaming about fairies a lot lately. :D well, that, and i'm uber-excited for illusions!!!



Anonymous said...

Minas said...

I love the trailer! I can't wait to read the book!

Posted on Twitter:!/MT0089/status/62925513752182784

Thanks for the giveaway!


good_toast said...

I posted it on my site(which is new)! I really can't wait for Illusions!

Litzalou said...

Sweet! Super excited to get my hands on this one! Posted the trailer on my blog! It's in the sidebar under giveaways!

ashelynn sanford said...

EEE. Yay! I am so excited about ILLUSIONS. I can't WAIT for it!! :D


Posted on Tumblr:



thank you for the giveaway!

ashelynnsanford at hotmail dot com

FreeYAFiction said...

Hi! I advertised your book at my school and school library by putting it on the announcements, Friday Morning Live (everyone watches it- its a video every 2nd period the whole school watches every morning) at my work which is a bookstore (bookstore advertisement- extra points? huh? huh? lol XD) On my facebook, (i dont have twitter) on a website I go on thats like facebook but millions of people have accounts (its called and by sending a mass email to all my friends. I hope I win! I absolutely love your books and the Wings series- I am in love with Tamani and David! Haha XD


<3 Anna

Fantasy said...

Yay! I hope I'm not too late for the contest!! Kay so I posted on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100002091790933
And on my twitter:
So yeah. I can't wait to see the Team Tamani swag! That's so awesome!! I swear if Laurel doesn't end up choosing Tam I am seriously gonna have a meltdown.
Thanks for the awesome oppurtunity for the books and other awesome stuff! :D

Fantasy said...

Btw I dunno if that twitter link was I'm @Fantasy397 if that helps. ;D

Celeste G. said...

Don't know how to post the link to my Twitter post but.. Yeah! I tweeted it. :) @CelestialG is my username. Kay? Kay cool.

Celeste G. said...

Also posted on Facebook, but feel weird posting my profile on here so. Take my word for it? Please? That'd be terrific. (Man. I suck at this "entering a contest thing.) But I promise I'll give the first two books away to new readers if I win! :D Bonus points, yes? Yes?

Angel said...

Posted it a few places.

My blog:




Elanor Lawrence said...

I haven't read these books yet, but I've heard a lot of good things about them. I posted the link on twitter:!/ElanorLawrence/status/63677621019484161

AmyC ~ said...

Cool trailer. I would LOVE to read these books!

RT (@ memoryofagldfsh)

FB -

Lia said...!/LiaG4

Can't wait to see the awesome swag! I love the trailer!

Lia said...

Ah, here's another one of my entries.
Great trailer!

Lia said...!/LiaG4

Great trailer! Can't wait to see the swag packs!

Kayma said...

Ooooh! So cool! Even if I dont get the books, I def. want some of that Team Tam swag.

Ivy said...

Yey! :) I can't wait!



peaceness25 said...

I posted it on FaceBook!!/profile.php?id=100002000130860

lighthouse said...

Love Love Love it! Can't wait for illusions next week!

Gabrielle said...



321gemstar at gmail dot com

Ashley_H19 said...

This is the best series I have EVER read (and I’ve read a lot), and I am now anxiously awaiting Illusions May 3rd release (I said anxiously, right?)! *is giddy because of this contest*

I posted the (fantabulous) video on my twitter:!/AshleyH_19

On my Goodreads profile:
On my Windows Live Profile:
And on my Facebook Profile:!/profile.php?id=1627209924

Here’s to wishing everyone good luck and a wonderful, book-filled May 3rd!


Tianna said...

This is an awesome contest! I'm so glad I can enter it! I love these books! They're awesome! Good Luck to Everyone!

I posted it on my facebook page

But I am on a private setting, so you might not be able to see it.
Thanks again! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey,I think some links were incorrect so here's the right ones:

the rest:


Twitter:!/tammyb_28 (you have to scroll down just a bit)

Facebook: (I hpe this one works, my settings are private :/)

And this is one forum that I'm a member of, if that counts: (I started the thread):


and Goodreads: (if that counts)

Love the trailer, can't wait for Illusions



KM said...

Can't wait to read ILLUSSIONS!!!

Posted the trailer on my blog today, just before the deadline. lol

Anonymous said...

Haha I really like this trailer! It's different (: I cannot wait for Illusions!

Here's my tweet:!/LostinBelieving/status/64070177205125121

Thanks a ton!


Avery said...

I blogged about the trailer!

I also tweeted about it!!/AverysBookNook/status/64082794569150464

Can't wait for Illusions!


Kristina S said...

Hey Aprilynne!!! I am so excited about this contest!!!! Hopefully I am lucky this time!!!

I posted the trailer on Twitter: Kristina_Snyder

and on my facebook page!!!!

Great trailer!!!!

Amber said...

I know I'm way too late for the contest and I'm good with that, but I did post the trailer on my blog,
I'll be at the signing on Monday at Poisoned Pen. Yea!

Anonymous said...

O-M-G! Amazing trailer can't wait to buy the book!! team tamani for the win!!
Twitter:!/skibabe123 Facebook
Blog: :D <3

L-town fan said...

Almost done with Illusions. You just LOVE driving us crazy with the whole Tamani/David triangle don't you. Personally I want Tam to win. Wish I would have seen the contest when it was happening, that video is awesome. Good luck with you're writing!