Monday, April 18, 2011

International ONLY Contest for WILD!!

I JUST got my first copy of WILD (the UK edition of Illusions) in the mail and, as promised, here is the International ONLY contest for it!!

Rules: Simple, you must live in a country other than the US.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what country you live in, and why you like it. (Or, yanno, a good reason for me to come visit!!!:D) An email address may speed things along if you are the winner, but it's not required.

This is a short contest because I want the book to reach the winner before release date, so you have three days.

I will pick a winner Thursday night at Midnight and will announce it on Friday morning. With luck, I'll get a fast response and the book will be in the mail Friday afternoon!

So go for it! Tell me why your country rocks!



Andrew Jack said...

I live in New Zealand and it's awesome because...(wait, how much time do I have here?)...a lot of reasons but it has all the conveniences of modern life all within a days travel of places that really do look like they're straight out of Middle Earth.

Misha said...

I live in South Africa, where the landscapes are as varied as they are stunning and where the climate is even better. ^_^

melissa said...

Country: Mexico
Because you know you love our food
and we know about having summer weather in winter time ;)
We're close enough for you to come here whenever you want you're welcome :)
you're an amazing writer :)

nicole said...

I live in barrie ontario canada! I love it here we have beautiful scenary, unique wildlife, 4 seasons (fall is ny favourite) and good food (ever had poutine or a beavers tail) the people here are wonderful and friendly and it is an amazing country

A Simple Love of Reading said...

I live in Canada, and I know you have been here before (I met you on your tour with Lesley Livingston and Kim Harrison), but I would love if you could come back to see us again!


Karin said...

I live in Australia and its the best place in the world because some of the flowers you see around the place are truly magical

Mara said...

Hi Aprilynne :)

I live in Australia which is amazing because the influence of MANY countries and cultures is apparent, shaping it into the gorgeous country it is. Plus we welcome them all . . . oh, and we have great beaches ;D

We'd love to have you Downunder!!!

Courtney said...

I am from Canada!
Canada is the best country because its very modern and updated but still so unique. It has mountains and prairies and ocean and tundra all in one country! And that's just the environment. The people are even better. Everyone is so friendly and open-minded. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcome in Canada. You can have your own beliefs and share your own thoughts without a worry. And we definitely know how to party! Everyone is always laughing and having a good time. :) Hockey, poutine, moose. You name it we've got it. We'll put a smile on your face, no matter what. That's why Canada is the best country. :)

Chante-Monique Lalut said...

I live in the land down under (Australia) and I bloody love it here! We live casual laid back lifestyles here on the coast with our boxing neighbours (kangaroos)
And we love our Vegemite!
Ya gotta love Australia mate (:

Jess said...

My name is Jessica and I live in Adelaide, Australia!!! Our country rocks. We have the amazing Great Barrier Reef!! Which is one of the only things you can see from outer space.. .AMAZING right!! We have beautiful wineries and the magical 12 apostles. You have to visit to witness the beauty.

Nadinax said...

I live in Dominican Republic (Caribbean) and I like it for the same reason that I hate it, it's always summer in here. I like the sun and being able to visit the beach often, but I hate how hot it can get. I also like how lovely and nice Dominicans can be :)

Thank you for taking the international fans into consideration!

nadjscr at hotmail dot com

Emee said...

Hiya Aprilynne!

Where to start . . . Hmm.
Well I live in Australia (aka: Down under) and I can say, with no bias *ehm ehm*, that it's one of the best places on this planet of ours. We have amazing landscapes, the Great Barrier Reef!!! and beautiful beaches. And our accent is pretty unique ya know ;D

Would love to see you here one day *hopefully*

Jaemmy said...

I live in Rossland, BC Canada and it is a ski town at it's finest. Red Mountain is right in our back yard, with hiking and biking trails like you've never seen before. Every year we get to meet unique travelers from all around the world to see the beautiful British Columbia. Kootenay Lake is absolutely gorgeous, nature here is amazing, and the raging deadly Columbia river is only minutes away. Canada is a great country where the music rocks, the beer is great, and the writers even greater!
Good to be

Anonymous said...

I'm from Ecuador and I love it!
My country rocks because it's in the center of the world, we have different weathers without depending on 4 seasons (since we only have 2). We have jungles, rain forests, volcanos, snowy mountains, hot beaches, everything within that tiny spot you can see in any map.

And the food? the food!!! We have the most delicious food ever! You like seafood? come to any of our beaches, fresh seafood (specially my favorite: ceviche) is served daily. You like potatoes and warm soups? go to any city in the sierra (Andes part of the country) they delicious heart warming food to keep you warm and cozy, and yes, potatoes are very fresh. You are feeling adventurous? Then go to the Jungle, where you can have maitos (fish cooked inside a huge leaf) or even worms (those think yellow thingys) on a stick; or in sierra too, you can eat what we call cuyes (which are guinea pigs, don't look at me like that, they are not pets, and they are very tasty!) they come grilled or fried, your choice.

We also have lots of beautiful art! In tapestries from Otavalo, imagery from San Antonio de Ibarra, local artists' paintings in Quito, accesories made of seashells and local seeds in Crucita Beach; and plenty of souvenirs to choose from as well!

And the people here is just amazing, you'll see smiles everywhere, we are ready to make feel at home. So why not Ecuador? You'll love us the since the first minute you land here!
(Wow... this is long, huh?)
Please give yourself the chance to visit us, and you won't regret it!

You are an amazing writer, just think of all the adventures you can write about your trip to the middle of the world!


Renee said...

Reader: Renée Mendoza
Country: México
You should come visit because... you gotta meet me!! My city is not different from Phoenix in the weather area... but we have a warm beach near by where you can have a nice family quality time!

I love Wings from the very begining!! I love the story, the characters and the magic!!

Thanks 4 answering my tweetS!=)
I'll be soon a UofA Grad Student!! yay!! . . . did I win?

Vivian said...

Hi my name is Vivian Orlich and I’m from Costa Rica, this is the place to be for a writer!!! specially for a fictional one that specializes in mystic creatures from nature like you, in our country we have tons of wild life, and one of the greatest qualities is that in a matter on a few ours you can be in a cold forests with fog, in the city or on the beach, everything here is so close, as many scenarios as you want (except for snow ;) ) You can climb mountains, fly through the trees, fight the torrents of furious rivers, lay flat on the middle of a lake or swim with a thousand fishes on the sea. Even if you don’t pick me for the contest, email me and come, you won’t regret it.

Cassie said...

Hi i'm Cassie and i'm from Cancún México and besides been a beautiuful country with wonderful landscapes the people that lives here it's awesome, and well the city where i live it's... Cancún!! Beach, piñas coladas and sea!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Melborune, Australia and man our country ROCKS! We got everything from deserts, to beaches, to mountains!
And you can't forget about Uluru! Once you've climbed it, you will see true beauty. The sight will just take your breath away.
It's a really safe country here and everyone is so friendly.
Earlier this year Queensland was hit by a massive flood and cyclone. We all pulled together and got each other through it. We donated and volunteered. That's really the Aussie spirit!
You gotta come down and try a tim tam it's amazing! We love our Vegemite and slapping a few snags on the barbie.
So come down and I assure you, you won't regret it!

Warning: Arriving in Australia will make you want to stay!!

Catherine said...

The above comment was made by Catherine.
Forgot to write my name.
haha (:

Minea Funk said...

I live in wonderful Sweden, which is the best destination in the world if you want an amazing and unforgetful experience! Great landscapes, interesting history, fun people and fantastic cuisine! I see no reason at all why you shouldn't come here! Summer is alson arriving after a long, cold and mystical winter. The atmospere up here in the North is truly inspiring and welcoming!

Plus I really, really want to win! I've loved all of your books and I know you liked the fanvideo I made back in july 2009!

Much love // Minea Funk

Anonymous said...

OMG! I've been waiting for this! I live in the Philippines! It's super awesome because it is very popular for its magnificent landscapes! Actually many people from other countries (especially U.S.) visit here because apparently, they love our climate. Even Famous Actors! We also have the famous Banaue Rice Terraces w/c was part of the Seven Wonders of the world. (I dunno if it's still part of it now) Anyway, I would LOVE it if you come here and do some signings because you have many fans here! I would totally appreciate it if you have the time to come here! I doubt that there's anything you'll regret if you come visit here!
P.S. I love your books!


ML said...

Sweden. Because the light and long days during spring and summertime is worth every dark and dreary late autumn day.

linda_michelle_ said...

I live in Sweden and I love the nature and the climate we have here up north. It varys so much between the different seasons. One place in the summer can be totaly unrecognisable in the winter (or fall even). The summers are hot but not to hot, the winters are cold and we get a lot of snow (some may think to much, but I love it) but it wont get to cold. And the spring, I cant start to descibe how I love the spring here it is just wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I Live in Melbourne Australia.........
I Love it here because you often have four seasons in ONE DAY!!
How many other places can actually claim that LOL

Lydia said...

Well..... my country (Cyprus) rocks 'cause it has a lot of rocks! hahaha ho ho ho.. ahem lol!

The food (greek food) is yummy, it's sunny most of the year, the air is clean and I get to see the blue sea every day :)

Madiha Fahmi said...

Hi! I'm Madiha and I'm from Malaysia. My country rocks because I can find bookstores in so many places near my house (I buy books at least once a week). I think that Malaysia have really beautiful islands. I usually go to Pulau Redang with my family during the school holidays.

Thanks for the giveaway !

Katrina W said...

I come from the land down under !! Where women glow and men thunder !!! ** lol ** Im from Australia cairns,, we have the best reef !!! Great Barrier Reef, !!! My hubby has as boat you should come here !! we would take you to the best fishing spots, snorking !!! and cook the best fresh fish ever !!! coral trout !! When Hubby is out fishing, and Im chilling its great to sit in bunks and read to the rockng of the boat !!! Weather is devine !! scenery is gorgus and Australia has so many great spots to visit !!! you would never be bored !!!!

ingrida said...

Hi, I'm from Lithuania.
...because you'll probably now are going to open Google maps to see where the hell it is :) And surprise!!! - we are in Europe. We have cold winter and warm summer, beautiful landscapes and tall people, we pray for basketball and eat a lot of potatoes dishes. We were the latest country who recognized Christian religion but the first who dared to separate us from Soviet Union. We are brave nation with a lot of things to explore. You have to dare to see everything by yourself and only then come to conclusion...

…and I really like your books. When I discovered wings and spells I’ve read both books in original language in 38 hours without a break for sleep.

Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marie said...

Hi :D
I just want to say first that your books are one of my favorite YA series and I can't wait to read Wild !!

So I live in FRANCE and it's a beautiful country that anyone should visit one day in their lives.
France has something for everyone: Sights, museums, food, street performers, beach, shopping, parks...
If you like history you'll love the art and the architecture because there is a fantastic historical heritage.
If you like food you'll love our cheese, crepes, bread ect...
Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world. The atmosphere in the city is just magical !
But there is also other cities in France that are amazing. I live in Bordeaux it's also a beautiful city with many historical aspects and Bordeaux is famous for his wine :p.
We have a beautiful countryside, with a large variety of landscapes.
There must be a reason for the fact that people want to move there from all over the world, including from the USA, and it is the most visited country worldwide.
So yeah FRANCE :D !!!

(sorry for my english and if there is any mistakes :/)

my email :

Stephanie said...

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I live in Antwerp, Belgium! One of the things I love about living in Belgium is of course the delicious Belgian chocolate ^^
Also we have the Zoo of Antwerp, which is one of the oldest zoo's in Europe. Other things I love about Belgium are the fries (yum ;D), the awesome musuems and the many places to shop (For new books ^^)
P.S: I love your books! They're so amazing!



April said...

I live in Australia and it is a fantastic place for you to come to because there are so many different types of people but we all love our nation and I dont know one Aussie that doesnt own a BBQ

gianna.go said...

Hi, I'm from Philippines.I don't know if you've been here before but I hope you can come and visit here. Our country is beautiful and we also have a lot of amazing sceneries. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. I hope you can visit here.

Emily Brown said...

I live in London, Uk!
You should definitely visit here, because there is some awesome sights to see and things to do. It's an amazing city that has it's own atmosphere-though you sometimes have to rush to get the tube or bus, there's always a sense of relief and satisfaction when you get that last seat on the tube where loads of people have to stand up. There just isn't a place like it.

My email is:

nat said...

I live in Ireland and I love it because its beautiful (but wet)
natcleary at gmail dot com

Else said...

Hi! I live in Norway, that small country everybody believes is the capital of Sweden. Like all countries, it has its ups and downs.
My favorite part of Norway is that when you step out the door on a winter morning and see the sun reflect in the fresh snow, you can believe that anything is possible, for just those few precious moments.
And that's a reason for everybody to visit!

Sabine said...

I live in Denmark. I like it because it's a small country where everyone (most of the time) stick together, my family is here, you can visit the hole country fast, the seasons are very different from each other and so beautiful in their own way. I've lived here my entire life, and will probably stay till the very end. :)

elise said...

thanks you so much for the contest!!
I live in France, you know the country of love romance and "croissant"!!
We have the most famous gastronomy and wine and Paris is the town of romantism.

i hope one day you could come visit us!

mail :

au revoir!!

Kelly said...

I live in the UK, in the east, and although it can be wet a lot of the time (which I love- but that's just my opinion) it's great here because there are so many lovely little villages and countrysides to drive through, and so many wonderful places you can spend the day just walking around, enjoying the scenery.

Bee said...


I live in India, and I think you should come visit because my country's steeped in mythology and it could provide fodder for your next book ;)
Also, we get both snow and sunshine here, so you're free to go whichever weather beckons.
And, I'd give you free Indian treats if you stay over at my place. Just saying.

Cath said...

I live in a VERY small rural town in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Its green and hilly and covered in enchanted blocks of bush, where faeries can often be seen playing games amongst the native trees and fauna, or swimming in the beautifully clear streams, ponds and waterfalls.
A beautiful country where 'Middle Earth' is a real place you can visit just by opening your back door. Where Wings, Spells and Wild Illusions don't only happen in dreams.

Badass Bookie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth said...

I live in Australia, a country that is so multi-cultured you are able tp experience not just one culture but many without ever having to leave the country. It is a country unlike any other with our unique flora and fauna including the kangaroo, emu and platypus. With beautiful oceans and incredible landscapes including ularu, the snowy montains and the sydney harbour it is the most enchanting country in the world. With a laid beack attitude and incredible spirit, once your hear yo never want to leave

Rhin said...

I live in Denmark, and it's great - Denmark is known for being the most happy place on earth, and even though we lack mountains, the landscape is still beautiful, especially in the winter where everything is covered in snow. In the summer it's nice and hot, so if you don't like playing in the snow there's also room for that! It was also in Denmark the very famous writer H.C.Anderson was born, and here's a loot to look at from him, the little mermaid for instance ^^ We've also got the worlds best restaurant, (though it's quite expensive), but apart from that the culinary experience is quite good. The people are nice and open-minded, and the shops are not too expensive ^_^ That's why I love Denmark.

Babonini said...

I live in Italy and I think this is a good place, beauty and confusion at the same time. Here you can find everything, each zone has its own beauty and each place leaves you something (not always something extraordinary but for sure something to remember an to tell). Anyway, I think that you should try this firsthand and, of course, you have to try some local food (every place has its own typical food that is waiting for you

Emma Harris said...

Hi, I'm Emma Harris and I live in a small village in the south west of the UK, I love living here because it's so laid back and I live about 7 miles from the most amazing beaches and the countryside is beautiful.
This is an amazing opportunity so thank u 8)

Tess said...

Hello !!
Thanks for the "only for us contest" ;-) !!
I'm dying to read it and hope to win, like all the others !

I'm from switzerland, the French part, and you should really come to visit for our beautiful mountains. You can go skiing, trekking or camping, wherever you go the view is so beautiful, summer or winter !
But maybe the one reason is : CHOCOLATES ! Yes, Switzerland, the home of chocolates ;-) !
Unfortunately, no Faery nearby so if you can bring a Tamani with you I would appreciate !!
Kind regards
Tess (Tess-teamsuisse @

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

I live in Australia and I love because simply we have :)

Thanks for the giveaway. I can't wait to read Wild.


Suzy Turner said...

What a great competition... and you get to see where all your readers are from!
I live in the Algarve, Portugal (although I'm British but I grew up here). For a while my husband and I were considering leaving and moving to Canada but we recently concluded that Portugal is our home and this is where we should stay. It's a beautiful country, full of history and culture yet with stunning rocky coastlines and a few relatively small mountains. The food is delicious, especially their chick piri piri. I live in the foothills of the Monchique mountains (where they do the best chicken) and I love it. It really is home, sweet home.

kvack said...

My name is Johanna and I come from Sweden.
Sweden actually has a lot of really neat old fairy related folk lore, which makes it the perfect place to send your new book, and yourself!


Emilija said...

I live in the UK, and I love it here because... well the UK is different from other countries and the country sides here a beautiful. And right now the weather is perfect, it's always sunny and warm.

Mary @The Sweet Bookshelf said...

WOW! Look at all these International Readers!! Our very own contest! SWEET!

I'm living in Scotland! I love the deep history of this country! The rolling hills, and the country.
You can go anywhere and find an old gem. On Sunday I went on a walk after church in the woods behind our house. I found an old cemetery. A children's cemetery. It was all old and ruined, but I'm going back this week to leave some flowers for those wee babes. I love that the country never tears anything down. They preserve their history well!

Caitlin said...

Hey Aprilynne! Greetings from London, England, Earth, The Universe. Well, how to describe this country's pure awesomeness? We have cool food. Bangers n' mash. Fish and chips. Peaches and cream. Chocolate.
And then there's our landmarks. Big Benny. The Millenium Eel-also known as The London Pie. Stonehedge.
On top of that there are some generally spiffing peoples. Shakespeare-good fellow. Nice hat.
The Queen-such a darling. Bit stiff.
In conclusion, hop on a plane and listen to 'God Save The Queen'.
And if you can't visit, have some tea and eat a biscuit. X

alice priday said...

wow finally a contest just for us internationals!!!!
i live in New Zealand. i love it because we have stunning scenery and we are middle earth :)


thanks for an international contest

im in New Zealand

my country rocks cus we have wonderful cities, people, scenery and waves

Lara said...

Germany is one of the most fairylike places in the world. We have beautiful forests, gardens full of the nicest flowers and some old castles, too. Germany has so many facets of magic and at the same time so many facets of modern life...

Berlin for example is an amazing place full of history, life and ideas.Standing in the shadow of the German Bundestag(parliament)or the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg gate) can make you feel quite small. They are so impressive!

I live in Solingen. It's only a small city compared to Berlin or Düsseldorf or Wuppertal but our knifes are known all over the world because the quality is very good.

Germany is not known for his 'magic' like Iceland or other countries but if you walk through a wood near or relax near a lake you can feel it. You can imagine Tamani walking thorugh the woods guarding you while you take a break from the trouble of the city.You can imagine little gnomes living in the rocks. Germany and especially Solingen are places full of imagination. I have the best ideas for new stories here.

Maybe you should come to visit:) I'm sure I saw Tamani the other day. He tried to hide behind an oak tree but I saw him nevertheless:)Maybe he would be very pleased to meet his 'creator'.

Germany is the country of Schiller, Goethe,Ludwig van Beethoven,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Sebastian Bach etc., etc.!!
Their work and music has gifted the world.
So you see: Germany is a magic-modern place full of music of grear artists.
It simply rocks in his own, classical, mystical, imaginative impressive way!

(Email address:

Deea said...

Yay, thank you for this contest! I love that cover!
I live in Romania and... Hmmm... why is it awesome, aside from being home of the legendary Dracula? Because we're all nice, funny and welcoming people. We have delicious food and a lot of places to visit - The Carpathians, The Danube, Transylvania and... let's say it's a cheaper and wilder version of Paris. :D

Natasa said...

Cyprus is my country and you should DEFINITELY visit here because it's smack in the middle of the Mediterranean, which means clear blue sunny skies 350 days a year. The other 15 days it actually rains are pretty much microscopiniscule drizzles - only rarely are there storms, and then those are /nothing/ compared to monster storms in other countries. Basically a desert country, but very convenient if you're in the market for an insta-tan.

We also have lots of rocks, like Lydia said. Quite unfortunately those don't merit particular interest unless you throw in Aphrodite's Rock, the place where it's said Aphrodite was born from the sea and foam of the ever-blue-green, glittering, shimmering, magical clear ocean.

So, er, yeah. Hopefully my shameless blathering like a tour guide has convinced you to visit Cyprus. For a geographical grounding, know that on most world maps Cyprus is a dot the size of a fullstop in the Mediterranean sea. Sometimes the cartographer doesn't bother with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm coming from the amazing Australia :)
Oh what to say about my country, is well I LOVE it, its amazing and beautiful and unique but I suppose everyone says that about their country though but its true I love my country its my home and is home to some of the most amazing places from the heart of our dusty country to our mountain ranges and to our coasts to which is home to some of the most amazing beaches and where I'm from means whale watching!( and my favourite beach is less then a 5 minute walk from my school!) :D. And we're also home to some of the most amazing creatures and plants they're truly beautiful. Also all the different colours of the seasons here they're beautiful! being and all arty i love them! :P
But my favourite thing about this country is well my city, my home. This is where I feel safe and loved by the people closest to me ( oh did I forget to mention that we also have some of the most amazing people here :D ) and one of my favourite things is the our mountain view that is my back yard I love how everyday there is always something different to see and today's was the moon which was just hanging above the mountains ready to visit someone else ( one of the perks to my mum accidentally waking me up at 5:30am :P) but the sunsets are also just as amazing! Sorry kind gone on for forever but that is only some of what I love about our over sized island :P
But one last thing I have to say I love your books I love how you've come up with a completely new way at looking at faeries and making it your own, I find you truly inspirational to young readers like me thank you for bringing your truly wonderful books into my life :)
Thank you :)
Maddy (MB) Australia
ps. I can not WAIT until illusions you've got me all teased up with your awesome cookies :)

Carole said...

I live in Calgary, Canada. Love it here even though this year it seems like we are having a non stop winter! The Rockies are only an hour away which means great skiing and biking, hiking, etc.

barnalycls said...

Well I live in Australia and you should come visit cause we ride kangaroos all around the place :) uh-huh thats right, if we want to go to the shops "Hang on I just need to get my keys for the Roomobile." :)

barnalycls said...

Oh yea about the above comment, my e-mail address is

Anonymous said...

I live in good ol' Australia :).I love your books coz they have a totally different approach to the way faerie books usually r. i love how different they are!!!! I also love the way you write ur books :D.
Nadia Matthews

Deleena said...

I live in Australia and its simply big and beautiful. It has everything rolled into one. Beaches, bushland, gorgeous wildlife, city chic, country comfort and wonderful weather no matter your taste.

Lindsay said...

I live in England, where one minute you can be in the bustling city, but the next you can be in the countryside. Where Shakespeare, Austen, the Brontes and many other authors, poets and historical figures were born and left their mark.

And we have the Queen. She has a pretty cool house you can visit too :)

Ellen Jay said...

I'm in Australia. i know its out of the way but this place has to be the friendliest, most laid back place on earth you should definitely come here one day...soon :P

Melanie S. (Books for all eternity) said...

I'm living in the South of Austria and I love it here - I'm surrounded by mountains and lakes and the combination is fantastic :)
wish you all the best, Melanie

booksforalleternity at gmail dot com

Meggiemoo said...

I live in South Africa, the most amazing country in the world. We have amazing landscapes EVERYWHERE!!! It makes our country look magical. We also have lots of wildlife such as zebras, rhinos, lions, elephants, springboks and SOOO much more.We also have lots of different cultures so when you visit you can meet lots of different and interesting people.

I hope u can come and visit us, i know you have tons and tons of fans here just waiting for the opportunity to meet you.

Lots and lots of love

Amarie said...

Wow! The popularity! Like they say:" if you don't try you won't know!" So let's try! :o)

I live near Montreal, Canada in the French province of Québec. In my back yard I have Canadian Gesse feeding on the grass and swimming on the river. Nature is beautifull around here. This is where is prefere reading, outside in nature. Of course I can only do this about 8 months out of 12 but still. Winters are very harsh around here but majestic making Spring, Summers and Fall even more georgous. I love my country and woudn't ever want to move.

I read your other books in French but would really like to win this new one. I am anxiously waiting for the next one to come out.

Thank you for wrinting.


midnight_the_kitten said...

Hey there Aprilynne im Karolina
i live in sydney, australia
i love this country because of its beautiful beaches and i love how everyone dresses in summer clothes, shorts and a t-shirt, or short, flowing summer dresses (i imagine that summer faeries would dress like this :p) i also love that australia has good weather for tanning :p
and i love that we have everything, mountains, snow, desserts, beaches, bushland, etc :) its a land of many things and lots of cultures so that there is lots of exciting new foods to taste and cultural influence :)
also the city is pretty cool. it has some nice, old victorian buildings, some cool statues and lots of shops and things :)
theres so many cool things about Australia, i could talk for ages but i think i should probably stop before this turns into an essay :p

i would just like to finish off by saying that i am a huge fan of yours, im sure you see that i post lots of things on your wall on facebook, for that im sorry :p its just that your such a cool author and i love your books (and especially Tamani!) and im really happy that finally you have an international contest! :) hope i get the prize, thanks for your time.xo

midnight_the_kitten said...

Hey there Aprilynne im Karolina
i live in sydney, australia
i love this country because of its beautiful beaches and i love how everyone dresses in summer clothes, shorts and a t-shirt, or short, flowing summer dresses (i imagine that summer faeries would dress like this :p) i also love that australia has good weather for tanning :p
and i love that we have everything, mountains, snow, desserts, beaches, bushland, etc :) its a land of many things and lots of cultures so that there is lots of exciting new foods to taste and cultural influence :)
also the city is pretty cool. it has some nice, old victorian buildings, some cool statues and lots of shops and things :)
theres so many cool things about Australia, i could talk for ages but i think i should probably stop before this turns into an essay :p

i would just like to finish off by saying that i am a huge fan of yours, im sure you see that i post lots of things on your wall on facebook, for that im sorry :p its just that your such a cool author and i love your books (and especially Tamani!) and im really happy that finally you have an international contest! :) hope i get the prize, thanks for your time.xo

midnight_the_kitten said...

whoops sorry for doing mine twice :p i was scared it didnt show the first time ahah i was just making sure :p xo

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anukriti garg said...

Hey I am Anukriti and I am from India. And I totally love it. I am so proud that I am an Indian. There is so many amazing things here. It is so diverse in everything: in communities, culture, languages, clothing and mainly it has wide range of yummy yummy food. It has the best attractions: Amazing architecture, vibrant festivals, luxurious spas, and interesting insights into day to day living are just some of India's diverse attractions. Each city is different and has its own appeal.
Best destinations: No matter what your interests are, India has a wide range of destinations that are sure to appeal.
I don't know if you are I am going to win or not but if you ever plan to visit India anyways please do visit Jaipur and Agra. There you'll see Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders of the world. And there are so many places you'll find exciting. And I just can go on and on but I don't want to take your time much. So I hope you fine India exciting although I am not really good with words.

PS. You are an amazing writer!!

Nolwenn said...

Hi !
Thanks a lot for this international only contest.
I live in Canada for a little bit more than two years. I have the chance to have made one of my biggest dream true by immigrating from France to Vancouver, BC. With my husband and our 2 young daughters.
Will love it here because it has everything we love: the ocean, the Nature everywhere, good sushi places (very important LOL).

Jen said...

Hey, my name is Jen and i live in Scotland and i believe it to be one of the most naturally beautiful countries out their. It has a stunning rural feel up north where you can visit the mountainous regions such as Glencoe or if you like a more urban trip then you can visit Edinburgh or Glasgow. Some traditional things about scotland would be Haggis, Whiskey, Kilts, The home of J.K Rowling and Robert Burns. Also in your books Tam gets training there :P xxxxxxx

Michelle said...

I live in Liverpool UK. Liverpool is the home of The Beatles, we were European Capital of Culture 2008.
We have lots of sights to see here, The Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building, otherwise known as The Three Graces.
We have churches and building that have been bombed in the World War and newley discoveerd Williamson Tunnels which are open for all to explore. We also have a piece of art work by Bansky in Liverpool near China Town.

Lothfleur said...

I live in France and do I really need to explain why it is likeable? Well, we've got temperate weather, it's neither too hot nor too cold, we've got coasts, mountains (the highest in Europe, hey!) and everything in between, a great history, a beautiful language, Paris... and French cuisine! No, I'm not talking about frogs or snails rather cassoulet or choucroute, ratatouille, tartiflette... well I'll skip being exhaustive but you hopefully got the idea.

elliegirl said...

Belgium calling!!!
Why you should come here....
First of all: you have quite a few (yes, that's meant as understatement) fans here that would love to see you once upon a time...
Second of all: we've got deliscious chocolat
Third of all: we've got chocolat!!! Isn't that enough already???
No, I'm joking... we've got lots of beautiful historical places as wel. Bruges for examle is elected 'cultural Capital of EUrope' I believe. We're also living near the North Sea Shore.

But... why'd you believe me? I wouldn't believe any of it when somebody else was bragging like that... So I'd say: come see for yourself.


Jay said...

Hey Ms.Pike! I love your writing its so mesmerizing for me :) I live in Toronto, Canada! Canada is enormous and we have different types of scenery and people up here. We spell colour instead of color, we DO NOT live in igloos, we measure in kilometres instead of feet and we might be a tad 'looney' about our dollar coins :)

I want to visit a lot of places across the world but Toronto will still be my home FOREVER and ALWAYS.
Growing up in this city is such a blessing and I LOVE every bit of it. You can practically taste the multiculturalism in the air. Toronto is like a 'tamer' version of New York, but we are an extremely polite and comedic people. We are tolerant and open-minded. Yea, there are ALOT of places for tourists to check out but for me, I love all the nature and wilderness that you don’t usually expect to see in such big cities - Most of the time you can find me around Humber River which is in a small corner of the city and it's my favourite place to read/relax. I tend to see lots of deer and critters in the summer.
- Jay (your "wild" Torontonian)

Bella said...

Hey, thanks for making your giveaway international only :L

I live in good old England! :D Yay! :L It's great because it rains a lot... And we have miles and miles of nothing but fields and small villages that you can walk around for hours :D And there are lots of little coffee shops you can have afternoon tea with cakes and scones and stuffs. :D

BookLoverEmma said...

I live in Canada, and since it would take forever to list off the reasons why I love Canada, I'll try to keep it short :)
Let's begin with how we have all FOUR seasons, amazing really. We also have Tim Hortons, whose dounuts are delishh. We have money that's in like FIVE different colours, we've got loonies and toonies, to which you have to admit is totally cool how they rhyme. Our anthem rocks, BEAVERS :D, we get an early Thanksgiving :). Poutines (cheese, gravy, nuff said), we're subjects of the queen and in my head that kinda makes us royalty :D, Robert Munsch :), we've got hotties like Sidney Crosby and Ryan Gosling ;), I can drive 45 minutes and be in a whole different country (our neighbour, America), we spell our words differently :), annnd just saying 'Canada' is a wonderful experience. 3 vowels. 3 consonants. What's not to love?
I'm a BIG fan of yours and CANNOT wait to read Illusions :) I love the design and colour of the background on this cover, and I'm sure the inside is going to be fantastic.
Thank you for this chance where we internationalers can try winning this book.
PS. I love Canada 'cause everyones friendly, eh? :)

barmybex said...

OMG!!! This is the moment I have been waiting for
*runs round room squealing with excitment*
whew, that wore me out a bit. Anyway, this is awesome!!!

I like in the UK, and I adore your books, and if you come over we Brits have a great knowledge and practice of standing in lines for things, so you know you'll be loved, many will wait for however long it takes to meet you, heck I would even get there the night before if I thought it would help. :P
PLus we have lovely weather and scenery, cafes and book shops and libraries galore just waiting for you to come.

Anyway! This would be Epically awesome if i got this copy.

my email address is :

Thank you. It looks so pretty. *keeping my fingers crossed.*


PRIYA said...

Hi, i'm Priya Dutt and am from India.
First of all i would like to thank you for providing this amazing opportunity. You're an amazing writer.
India is like this huge, diverse country. It is diverse, literally, in everything. And every state is like a adventure of its own with its own cuisine, language, heritage, beliefs and what-not. Its like a huge cultural extravaganza everyday.
In earlier comments you may have noticed that we Indians love you madly and would be glad enough to have you here.
my email:

PRIYA said...

Hi, i'm Priya Dutt and am from India.
First of all i would like to thank you for providing this amazing opportunity. You're an amazing writer.
India is like this huge, diverse country. It is diverse, literally, in everything. And every state is like a adventure of its own with its own cuisine, language, heritage, beliefs and what-not. Its like a huge cultural extravaganza everyday.
In earlier comments you may have noticed that we Indians love you madly and would be glad enough to have you here.
my email:

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Vera and I live in Canada on the prairies where it is beautiful and open. You should come visit us here in Manitoba.I think that would be a great idea!

My email is

Just to mention-it's my birthday on thurday-just say'n.

PRIYA said...

Sorry, entered the same post twice.

Evi said...

Hi, I'm Evi and I'm from Belgium. I love your books because they make me feel like a teenager again lol (It's not that long ago I still was one myself, hit the big 3 0 last year). A little magic mixed with real stuff in a story makes the real world a little magical too (does that make sense lol). And you should come visit because I've never met a writer of any books I love before, it would be great if you would be the first!

Take care! And to everyone: enjoy your reading of Wild / Illusions shortly!!!

Anonymous said...


i live in Belgium i like my country becous of the good chocolat.alsow beacous It has beatuful city's whit a lot of hystory and pritty buildings out of that hystory but it also has a piesful country side whit cute smalles villes where peaple are vere friendly. The weather might not always be great but now it is warm and sunny.
i really like rour boeks and i have read wings and spells in english beacou books are always better in there original language


Anonymous said...

i forgot to say my name but it's the same as my email address Silke caproni

SJH (A Dream of Books) said...

I live in the UK and my country rocks of course because we're hosting the Royal Wedding!

My email is: adreamofbooks[at]

Anonymous said...

I live in The Netherlands, and I like it here because it is a beautiful country with wonderful people, we've got snow and a heat wave almost every year and a lot of flowers (tulips!). And you should definitely visit Holland because I know you've got a lot of fans Holland and it's pretty rare that a American writer/artist/whatever comes to visit us.... one of disadvantages of living in a small country.
Well, I guess I'll stop my plea here... I hope I was convincing enough....
I'll keep my fingers crossed! You never know!
Angela Medendorp

AmyC ~ said...

USA is great b/c we are a melting pot of everything/everyone, but I am jealous of all the rest of yall.

fredamans said...

I am Canadian and love my country due to our adversity. Thanks for the great giveaway!


Megan P said...

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Canada is great because you get to experience the warmth of the summer and the cold of the winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi! my name is Stephanie M. i live in Canada and you should come visit here because its a lovely country with beautiful scenery and summer is fast approaching which is when Canada is most wonderful!

Hilary said...

What's great about New Zealand?
Well, let's see.
Wonderful mountains as high as the sky,
In my backyard is my favourite tree,
The beaches are warm,
The sand is so soft,
There are barbeques galore,
And the smells of summer tend to waft,
Middle Earth is found here,
Nania as well,
There's so much grass and trees,
Which is swell,
There's the Kiwis, and the Keas,
The Tuatara's too,
So much wildlife around,
Who needs a zoo?
The weather is mad,
But then so are the people,
After the earthquake Christchurch's still there,
But we lost the Cathedral's Steeple,
Everyone loves rugby,
And netball and cricket,
Mind the bat when you play
-don't hit the wicket!

What could make living here better,
Let me think...
*Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink* ;D

Hilary :)

Meghan Kirkland said...

I live in Canada and I love it because we are steeped in culture, the nature here is positively incredible, you don't have to go very far to leave a city and we get to experience snow at Christmas time, which I don't think I'd be able to live without. We experience all the seasons, we have some pretty awesome people and we love our hockey, eh! You should come because it would be incredible to meet you and because you're an amazing writer. :D

Amadea said...

I live in New Zealand and it is really cool because there is a great sense of community and never a shortage of people to clear away the silt. Also the native bush and wildlife are amazing!!!

eminybee said...

Hey I live in Perth Australia and it is the most amazing country ever because of the amazing scenery, people and places. If you do come to Perth it would be fantastic because we rarely ever get visits from international YA authors and you would be sure to get a big crowd. I know all my friends read your books and it would be amazing if you came to visit our stunning country. If you do come, you have to visit the gorgeous south west-margaret river, busselton, karridale and the amazing food and wine that comes out of there! :D

Sharli said...

I live in Costa Rica and I like it here because you can go from the cold, rainy mountain to the warm breezy beach in just a couple of hours. There's something for everyone here :)

Thank you for the contest!

Nyra said...

I live in Venezuela!
Is to sound pretentious but my country is beautiful, is something known to him as Little Venice. You always have a place to visit with amazing geographical landscapes and beautiful people and nice. Visitors are welcome, I hope, snowy mountains, the world's tallest waterfalls, rainforest, sand dunes, the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, finally. A wonderful world that is the gateway to South America.

Sophie said...

I live in Australia and it is great as it has everything, tropics,snow desert, sun and beaches (including the Great Barrier Reef) and a diverse muliticultural population, everyone tends to be relaxed and welcoming and work together in crisis such as the recent Queensland floods. I live in a wine region which has some of the oldest vineyards in the world and great heritage

Marwa said...

Hiya Aprilynne :)

Where to start, hmm, I live in Australia which I can say, with no bias at all *ehm ehm*, is one of the most beautiful countries on this planet of ours. Bias? I think not ;D

The influence of many cultures and countries are apparent which makes us beautifully diverse. And we have pretty cool beaches 'tis true :)

Plus if you come to Melbourne (which Americans pronounce awesomely) we have gorgeous cafe's for the romantics out there. World famous.

We'd love to have you here Downunder! And I love your books. Tam, you make my heart do crazy dances.

P.s: I tried posting a comment yesterday but it won't show. So if it turns up my apoligies for the double entry.

Sahar said...

Hi Aprilynne,

I'm from Australia and we would love if you came over for a visit.

So let me sell it to you *clears throat dramatically* ;)
We have beautiful costal areas and many lush islands. You can come and see nemo at the Great Barrier Reef. And Dory! :P

You seem to have alot of Aussie fans so I wouldn't sound like a crazy fan girl if I said that we LOVE your books.

ali_m said...

I live in England and you should totally come here because nowhere else in the world can pull of fish and chips the way us Brits do! What more reason could you wish for lol!

Anonymous said...

I live in India and it'll be awesome to have you here. You'll ,as far as i know, the first international YA author to be here (If you come). Might have noticed that you have some fans here and you totally inspire me(I aspire to be a YA writer, one-day).
Why India? Cause it's this awesome country were you'll get any type of wonderful and breathtaking landscapes. Whether its hill-stations or beaches and islands or desert - we got it all. India has a vast history and you can never know enough. And at last, i want to get my Wings, Spells and ,who knows maybe, Wild by you.
My E-Mail:

Holly said...

Heyyyya! My names Holly and im so thrilled you decided to have this contest. I <3 your books, they are just utterly tremendously awesome!!!!

i live in london,it is incredible place to live. There is seriously so much to do and see while visiting:includig the London eye, big ben, madame tussauds,London Zoo,V&A museum not forgetting the west end theatres! And thats not even half of the stuff you can do in
The shopping! now every girl loves to shop and London truly is one of the places thats up to date with the fashion trends. Go to Oxford street- the spectacular Serflidges!,Regents street- the legendary Hamleys!and much much more.

That is why London is a sensational place to visit!

O-out of this world
N-number one

Thank you x

Georgia said...

Im from the land down under
Mistaking us for Austria is the worlds biggest blunder
You can see Kangaroo's
That dont live in the zoo
We are a country full of so much wonder

*Slip, Slop, Slap to avoid cooking like a pot
Beacause Australia is very HOT
We are known for out vegemite
But do not fright
You dont have to eat it... ALOT :P

* Slip (on a t-shirt), Slop (on some sunscreen) and Slap ( on a hat)

Australia is Great
A place where everyone is your mate
so come enjoy
we are like a giant toy
You better not be too late

My email address is

Monet St. Louis said...

I live in Canada (Ottawa). I know - not too exotic - but hey - it's April 20th and there's two feet of show on the ground here! You should defiantly come to visit, and do a book signing in Ottawa some time (soon). It really is a beautiful area, full of art on every corner, and lots of culture. If you do come to Canada, take a trip to some of our beautiful art galleries or museums.

Hope you come to visit! you can come over for tea :P

Lejla said...

My name is Lejla,and I'm from Serbia. It's the country of the Nobel Prize winner for Literature Ivo Andric,the inventor Nikola Tesla,the tennis player Novak Djokovic,but it is a lot more than that.
It's a small country but only on its border. If you neglect food and nature that is beautiful,a little bit raw,one thing that remains in the memory of the people who had visited is the energy of the people,smiles on their faces and their hospitality. It's my home.

Lejla said...

Forgot an e-mail:

Sanna said...

Hey Aprilynne , I'm from Sweden. You know the little country above Denmark with all the polar bears. No okey we don't have polar bears but many people always think that we do. Yeah, It's cold here in the winter but it's to warm climate for polar bears, they live in the arctic. Nice, now that you know that we don't have polar bears. Maybe we can get to the subject. Sweden has not really understood this with YA – Novels yet. None of my favorite series are translated. The Wings series I one of my favorites. My friend were in the UK two summers ago found your book, both it and when she had read it so nearly tossed it in my face. So I read it and fell in love, not just to the story but also in Tamani (she should choose him.. xD). Okey maybe it sounds like I don't like reading in English. I love it, it's just that no one knows how good books you write here. If they were translated many people would read you here to. So come here, and get your book translated in to Swedish so more people can enjoy your fantastic writing. Except that Sweden rules. We have beautifully summers and long dark winters that I spend most reading. Yeah have to mention, Midsommarafton ( in Swedish or Midsummer Eve ( in English) when we celebrate the earth and fruitfulness. And it's also a good excuse to eat delicious food and just be with your family. So love your books. And would love a copy of Illusions or Wild that's its called up there. Come to Sweden, and when your here don't just stay in Stockholm see the countryside. It's out there the magic really happens.. ;D


Katie Pharoah said...

I live in Gateshead and its the home of wonderful architecture like the angel of the north and the sage, its also got the metro centre which is really good for shopping which I enjoy, and its got wonderful landscapes and views.

Malin said...

I live in Sweden :D It's a really beautiful country, beautiful nature and cities. I live near the sea, but we have woods here to. That's what I love most about Sweden, the natures is never so far away. And you should come here becouse there are quite a few people here who have red Wings, although most people havn't heard about it, and they really should :D I saw the book in a shop for the first time today, and I think more people here would love it, if they just knew about it ^^ So please come here some time (:

kate said...

I live in Grimsby, in the UK and I would say we have the best fish and chip shops yummy : )

kllamp said...

Wow, so many entry's from Australia! (which is a great hint to your publishers on where they should send you for your first overseas tour!)
I too am from Australia, and many amazing things have already been mentioned about it. I'm not sure what else I could add!
But there isn't any other country that can claim to have everything from rainforests, to snowy mountain tops, to sweeping red deserts and rolling green hills. It's simply beautiful! Who wouldn't want to experience that?


Kristina said...

I come from a small country in South Eastern Europe called Macedonia. I love my country because it is an example which shows that it doesn't matter how small you are, but how big you heart is.

Emt said...

I live in Canada, but far (very far) from any english library, I'll probably have too wait a longer time to have Illusions in my hands ! I want to win this; I just cant wait anymore!! So exited ;)

Sanja said...

Whenever I go abroad, I always come home to my Macedonia… where else would I find so many dear things. Nights out after 10:30 PM, hanging out and laughing with friends for the fun of it, not because you haven’t seen them in a while, the noise in the city that never seems to go away, although there is a prohibition for selling liquors after 07:00 PM, coffee bars and night clubs who are always full, where else you can drink coffee with your neighbors in the yard or conversations over the window?? Where else are there warmer and more honest hugs from the most beloved but here? Enjoying the long walks with your friends in nature, admiring its beauty….

Emy said...

**correction: my name is Emy not Emt :)
Btw; its snowing like crazy right now! Would you want to come in Canada? I heard it doesn't snow often in Arizona, Have you seen snow once? I hope so! :)
Love your books !!

grace-cassidy95 said...

My name is Grace and i live in Ireland, in a small town called Dunkineely in county Donegal. I think its an unreal place to live. Theres so many great things about this place, there the food which is great, the views in the countryside which are amazing, and the people who are really nice. I wouldnt like to live anywhere else but ireland.

My e-mail is

Stephanie B said...

My name is Steph and I live in the UK, it is awesome here because its where the queen lives and where the royal wedding is going to be. + we are having good weather at the moment.

Mary Anne Pica said...

Hello, Ms. Aprilynne! I live in Philippines. You should really come here because I want to see you badly and in order to get my books signed, other than that, our country is known for fascinating sceneries and landscapes and breath-taking beaches. Our food in here is really one of a kind and they are really delicious, I know you'll agree. I love your books, Ms. Aprilynne! You inspired me to write stories and be creative.

I really hope you'd come here because Philippines is a great country! :)

Kim said...

I live in Canada, and I am proud of it because of all the people who worked for centuries to make this country as wonderful as it is now. They made rebellions to be heard by their rulers, struggled to survive the long and cold winters during colonisation, were forced to go to war... but never, during all those difficulties, did they give up the fight.
The environment and landscapes of Canada are also breathtaking. We have mountains, beautiful lakes, the Canadian rockies, the Saint Lawrence river, the forests of enormous trees in British columbia. There are so many places to explore, so many things to see, you can't see all of it in your whole life.
Here, all four seasons are amazing and multifaceted.
Winter has its terrible snowstorms (like the one we had today), but it also covers all the pine trees and houses with a nice white coat like the ones you see on postcards.
In spring, there are still remnants of winter, but with a warmer temperature, which makes it the perfect time to go to the sugar house (i'll go there next sunday) and eat delicious and sweet maple taffee. The moment when all the flowers show they colours is also very pretty.
Summer here can be very annoying, with rain and thunderstoms and unpredictable temperature, but it is also a time where the brilliant sun and cloudless skies make everyone happy.
And then you have fall, which might sometimes feel a little gray and sad, but also very colourful when the leaves change colour. If you ever comme here during this season, you should really go see the Saint-Lawrence river, where you can see bright red, orange and yellow on each side!

So this was why I love Canada!
Hope it wasn't too long, but there are just so many things to tell!
P.S.: Sorry if I made any mistakes, english is only my second language.

FreeYAFiction said...

I live in America, but I have a home in Canada as well. Canada is so fantastically awesome because we are independent thinkers, we are creative and stylish, we fight for what's right, we're smart, loving and caring, and we love to have fun. Canada is all about caring for animals, becoming independent from America, we have great ideas that help our planet and we have fabulous clothing stores only available in Canada, instead of chain-stores. Canada, wherever you are, from Whistler (where I have my house) to Pentiction (go there often) is all about supporting the locals and eating right. I'm Canadian, ay? :D

Niegel said...

Ah, the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient. (So in case you want some pearl jewelry...)

One word that can describe the Philippines the most would be "diverse".

The Philippines is historically, culturally, environmentally and biologically diverse. Being a colony of/ruled by different nations, specifically the Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese, our country has developed a unique heritage. You can see the old Spanish structures, the American schools and love for democracy, the Japanese's attitude of being industrious when they have the reasons to be so. Even our delicacies has a touch of our invaders and yet can still be distinguished as our own.

The Philippines is rich in natural resources. There are still lands virtually untouched by man housing endangered species. Have you heard of the Chocolate Hills, Banaue Rice Terraces, Underwater river, The Hundered Islands, Boracay white-sand beach, Pagsanjan Falls? These are only some of the places tourists come to see. And if you want to go scuba diving, the Philippines, as I recall, has the biggest coral reef reserves in Asia. Tired of the hot climate of the city, you can go to Baguio City! See? Even our climate is diverse.

Also, Filipinos are known for being very hospitable. To the extent that foreigners would say that we are too nice for our own good. When one of the most devastating typhoons hit us a year ago, a lot of our countrymen, instead of crying etc, smiled whenever the camera was directed at them. When the flood struck, each one held out a hand to those in need despite the danger of them getting dragged back into the mess.

In the Philippines, you can see the past meet the present. You can see modern progress and tradition live together side by side. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Did I mention that everything is cheaper here? So you'll be able to save money and still have an adventure!

P.S. I'm in love with Tamani. :)


Lubna said...

I live in Australia and it is awesome because: Oh where do I even start? Australia has beautiful country-sides, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House/Harbour Bridge, shopping malls, nice parks, democracy, and all sorts of other stuff. Australian's also have a bit more freedom then other countries.We don't have a particular dress-code, most jobs can be applied by everyone, we can vote and we can say our opinion. But the best thing of all is the people. We are highly multicultural; we have Italian, Indian, American, Chinese, Thai, and French restaurants. People in Australia aren't that racist, we admire each culture and we work with each other.
We also help those we don't even know. In the Queensland Floods, the Newzealand Christchurch earthquake, the Victoria Bushfires and the Japanese earthquake, almost the whole country donated and offered help and guidance. We had fundraisers, the workers at restaurants donated their tips, and all other kinds of stuff that helped in some way. This was amazing. We all helped each other, people we didn't even know, so we could all lead better lives. And this is why Australia is amazing. Because we are kind of united.

On a much more personal note, our car recently crashed a couple of days ago. My dad wasn't hurt (thank goodness) but our only car was ... gone. And we don't think we can afford a good one this time. But our lovely neighbours and family are helping out. And we didn't even ask at all! The fact that they care and are willing to help is what makes Australia an awesome place.

Jay said...

I live on Haida Gwaii, an island in Northern BC, Canada. Five great things about Canada? We are a peaceful country. We're modern, with all comforts and conveniences. The new york times best selling novel Wings is available in our country. The thrilling sequel Spells is also available. In twelve days Illusions will be available for purchase in Canada!

I am Haida, First Nations from the island Haida Gwaii where I live. Five great things about my home? The island is mostly untouched, and pristine with beautiful natural landscapes, beaches, and forests. The Haida are world renowned for their fine artwork, weaving, and carvings. We get our food fresh from the sea (salmon, halibut, crab, clams, scallops) and eat better than kings! The island is alive with culture, traditional Haida song and dance, storytelling, and traditional food gathering. We have a world renowned national park, Gwaii Haanaas, on the southern end of the island. My family are all artists, including me. We have a traditional long-house made from giant cedars in our backyard, set up for when we have guests! The Haida people can tell a good story, especially funny stories, we're good at humour. Okay, okay so I said more than five, and I could say a hundred more ! But I think I'll keep a bit of mystery, and hope you decide to come see for yourself :)

Thank you (hope to get that copy of illusions)

P.S. my name's Jay and my e-mail is

Jay said...

P.S.S. Haida is so nationally appreciated and recognized that it is on the twenty dollar bill! A picture of a carving called the Black canoe, that sits at the international airport in Vancouver, by a man named Bill Reid is on every twenty dollar bill in Canada :) Bill Reid is from the village of Skidegate, Haida Gwaii.

Frida said...

I live in Sweden, it´s beautiful and there are a lot of forests and it´s not too hot, and there are not too many people. We don´t have like super cool animals or super cool plants and stuff but we have quiet forests where you can just sit and listen. I know it doesn´t sound cool or something but I love Sweden.

Nesren el houli said...

I live in Australia. Here you have have the most beautiful beaches, the people are alwaysmfriendly and very layed back. There is great diversity here. The climate is beautiful all year round and we have the best flora and fauna

Hazel said...

I live in Kent, England. I love my home because the village I live in is beautiful and although it is a small village we live near London, so we can visit all the landmarks, shows, etc. in London whenever we want. It's like having both a village and city home!;p

Karina from Russia said...

I want to write something that you will remember.I'm so excited :D I never wrote to writers.But I love to do something new and something that so charms.Maybe you understand that I did not speak English every day.I'm loser :D No,no,I'm just from Russia.Do you know what is most interesting?We are very friendly and funny.And we love to read.I especially love to read.So I created a site about you and your book a year ago.(I'll be glad if you look at him =D).People from all over Russia now have a reason to be together. It's you. You would not believe how people love you here. If you come it will be a celebration for us. We will go to Red Square in Moscow(you came to Moscow?) and do fireworks. I speak the truth. Did you see the white nights in St. Petersburg?No? This is a must see. Night as the day is light.So beautiful as in Avalon.I'm so sorry that I can not tell you about this beauty of all. I do not speak English very well. But my country is the best.I love my country.And I hope that now you want to go here.
Russian: Я надеюсь я и моя страна увидим тебя скоро. С любовью, сумашедшая русская девочка =D
English: I hope I and my country will see you soon. With love, crazy Russian girl = D

Gabrielle said...

I live in Quebec, Canada. we have good food (we are the inventor of the poutine), 4 season, a very cold winter and a very hot summer. i know that you already come to Canada, but come again!!!!

Karina from Russia said...

P.S.S. my e-mail is

I hope you look at my site about you
thank you so much

Anonymous said...

It's amazing because we have our amazing British accents.
We've got the Queen and The Royal Wedding. YAY!
Also no matter what you hear about the weather it is hot at the moment, I'm BOILING right now.
We've also got: black cabs, red buses and the word: LOVELY JUBBY!
We've also got the most enthusiastic and loving fans of the Wings Series!!
Come visit! We have English breakfast . . nom nom!

Anonymous said...

and . . . just one more thing:
TEAAMM TAMANII ALL THE WAY . . . even if it has nothing to do with this competition :D
England is the most beautiful country: we've got no big life threatening earthquakes, no volcanoes, no hurricanes!
Okay . . . I'm going to stop talking now because it won't get me any further . . . also . . .in winter when in DOES rain . . .I love it, It's the wonderful feeling of my home its so nice and there's nothing like getting inside listing to the rain with a warm cup of hot chocolate :) Okay . . . stopping !

Anonymous said...

*I meant listening to the rain, not listing . . .
Okay shutting up! BYE!! :D x

Anonymous said...

P.S you've probably met me on twitter a couple days ago: HI AGAIN.
OKay swear on my life I won't comment again. Serious this time. :X

Kelly said...

I (Kelly) live in Sydney, Australia and i just found this out a moment ago. Desperate to get into the chance to win this great book and for you to visit my home country. Australia is a great country for the pretty obvious reasons, multiculturalism, there are great landscapes and gives people the freedom of speech as well as individual rights. Besides its physical beauty of the country, it is emotionally connected to me. I am at home here, nowhere else can compare. Australia is greatly influenced by America which should be honored. Being connected so close, you should not regret coming to Australia, as you will enjoy the wonders of Australia, feeling just at home. :)

Kelly said...

from above comment, forgot email

Ellen Paesen said...

I live in Belgium and we would love if you would visit. And you would love it here because we have the best choclate in the world.
And where I live the landscape is beautiful.

Ellen said...

I live in Belgium.
And Belgium rocks because we have the best chocolate in the world.

Sabinna said...

I live in Romania and I believe that you would love my country for all the views and because here is the place from which all the vampire myths were born, including Bram Stoker's Dracula. Here you can find the Castle of Dracula and even if you won't see a real vampire how everyone expects, the castle looks amazing. I've been there 5 times and I love it. I really believe you would love to see it.

Sabinna said...

Sorry!! I forgot to write my e-mail address: sabinna_alexa(at)yahoo(dot)com

Claire said...

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and never have I once wanted to leave. The wildlife is magical and the people are as perfect as the faeries in your books. We are such a multicultural country and I'm sure I won't be the only one dying to see you if you come and visit.

Claire said...

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and never have I once wanted to leave. The wildlife is magical and the people are as perfect as the faeries in your books. We are such a multicultural country and I'm sure I won't be the only one dying to see you if you come and visit.

Maria ;-) said...

Hi! I live in Estonia. I know that a lot of people think its pretty cold here, but in the spring and summer it gets really hot! Plus the nature is amazingly beautiful. Also this summer there is going to be this huge song festival, which everyone can go and visit, and if they want to, sing along!

camille said...

i live in australia and its awsome because in summer we are aloud to wear short shorts and walk into the supermarket wearing nothing but a bikini. we dont even have to wear shoes!!

i think tamani would love australia.

Amelia said...

I love the WIngs series,.....I could not let go of them the moment I started reading! My friends have really gotten in to them too! :) I live In Brunei which is on Borneo but you have so many WIngs fans over here AND I would love it if you came!! Brunei is awesome because it is quite small but extremely beautiful and tropical....almost magic <3 Thanx
x Amelia (No.1 fan!)

AL said...

i just finished your books. i LOVE them, btw. so anyways i was wondering why the UK version has a different name? you've probably been asked already and sorry for asking again if u have.