Sunday, January 09, 2011

Winner and Boxes

At long last I have five spare minutes and I am here to announce the winner of the Wondrous Strange series!!!

Congrats to A Rick who said:

"I love fairies because they can be sweet or they could be evil. You never know! That is why I love reading about them, to see what angle the author will take!"

Please email me your full name and address to aprilynne pike at "gee" mail dot com and I will get those right in the mail for you!

Okay, this doesn't have anything to do with writing. But I think it's a fun story. Earlier this summer I was reading something about collections and I was talking to my husband and I said, "I don't collect things. Well, I kind of collect dolls, but I haven't added to that collection in years and really, it just fell into my lap to begin with."

And he said, "What are you talking about? You collect boxes."

And my first thought was Boxes? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Who collects boxes? And I said, "I do NOT collect boxes."

"Sure you do."

"I do not. Well, I have my Tiffany box, but who wouldn't keep their Tiffany box? And I have my perfume boxes, but they're pretty. And I guess I have that turquoise shoebox I've held onto, and that little blue box . . . Oh my gosh, I collect boxes."

Turns out, I collect boxes. I have tons! And, in support of my newfound hobby, my husband got me two new boxes for Christmas this year. Boxes that encompass BOTH of my collections.:D We have gotten rather obsessed . . . er . . . interested in these amazing porcelain dolls. They are ART. Like, they put them in museums. (*disclaimer* These are amazing art, but . . .um . . . they are anatomically correct and most of them have no clothes on. It showcases their full body porcelain hinges. They are very cool, but you have been warned. Don't follow the link if naked porcelain dolls weird you out.) Anyway, it's called Enchanted Doll and they are gorgeous and I want one some day!! Yanno, some day when I have $16K just laying around (the price her last doll went for on eBay). *sigh* So Kenny did the next best thing. He got me two doll-sized tin boxes with Enchanted Doll figures painted on them! So I have dolls, boxes, and two doll boxes!!! They are my new pride and joy.

With the addition of my new boxes, I figured I would actually decorate the top of my bookshelves (now that I've had them for seven months . . . FAIL.) And I thought I would share!

First, my new boxes (and the blue box in the middle was my very first box, about five years ago. You'd have thought I would get the hint that it was special to me when I lugged it through two moves . . . I'm a little slow.) Anyway, the new ones are the yellow and blue ones on the sides.

And the whole shelves, dolls and boxes.:D

I'm very excited.:D

Okay, a couple of things for the future: I traditionally give away an ARC of my new book for Valentine's Day and I will be doing that again, so stay tuned. Also, I have been working on some short pieces for Harper that take place either between Spells and Illusions or during the first part of Illusions but from another person's point of view. (In fact, one of them is first person point of view from a character you haven't met yet.) I am having a blast with that and should know more about when and where they will be posted soon. And as soon as I know, I will let you know. I will also be doing a few excerpts from Illusions starting next week so you will have something to tide you over.

Also, I counted months last week and Illusions comes out in LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS!!!! WHOO-HOOO!!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry about that.


So yeah, lots to look forward to and hopefully more frequent blogging is one of those things.:D



Kare said...

uh looks like you collect books (like the rest of us book nerds:)just sayin. oh and those boxes are pretty!!

Anonymous said...

OMG those dolls are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I want one!! So where did you find those boxes with the dolls painted on them? Those are amazing too. :) Wow boxes never heard of that one before! :D You are awesome Aprilynne thanks for everything that you do for your fans!! :) Can't wait for Illusions!
PS I have a big book collection like that but its kind of sad because I wont get to buy anymore books because now I buy everything on my kindle :(

Prospéryne said...

The boxes are beautiful Aprilynne! Wow! You know, finally, me too, I collect boxes, but with a cat on... No sure in a doll area... Can't wait for Illusions YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Josin L. McQuein said...

The dolls are beautifully rendered (a little strange to see nudes, but I guess that's more the result of standard doll bodies being blanks), but her hair jewelry is also lovely.

Never apologize for collecting boxes. You can pack-rat twice as much stuff, stash it in a box, and no one will ever know.


Anonymous said...

I want your shelves. Just saying. That has got to be the most inspiring sight I have ever seen. What fun!!!! Thanks for sharing. :) And congrats on all your wonderful writing adventures. Can't wait for Illusions!! (as evidenced by the countdown widget on my site) :)

Cool boxes btw. Seriously.

Denise said...

The boxes are so beautiful! I love the pictures on them! Absolutely gorgeous!
What's more, those shelves look kinda AMAZING with all those books ( :O ) and dolls and your collection of boxes! Keep it up Aprilynne!

By the way, I can't wait for Illusions to come i can't wait for the sneak peeks too hehe!!

Best greetings from Malta!! :)

Georgia said...

OMG those dolls! I want them ALL! I did crack up when looking at some of the posed dolls and they had two girls posing together... except one had breasts and a penis LOL! I told my hubby if we ever get rich I want one of those dolls. I will likely have to settle with a tin ;)

Jessica said...

It looks really wonderful! Way to go hubby!

admanralph said...

Those beautiful tin boxes were imported for Enchanted Doll by a company called Timeless Tins Ltd. They do beautiful work and you can see more samples at

fredamans said...

Congrats winner!

The Murphys said...

I cracked up reading your post. I think I might be a bit of a box "collector" also I just never thought of it like that before. I also have my Tiffany box and a couple neat shoe boxes, a hat box.... I guess it's not unusual to want to save something pretty : ) Hope you are all doing well! Give Gwen a squeeze from us!

Laurel (The not fictional one) said...

Don't feel weird about the boxes. I got started on nutcrackers by an ANCIENT neibor of mine. He has a huge one taller than me. I aspire to have enough dedication to buy one that costs more than 2,ooo dollars. (Not as easily stored asboxes, granted.)

Laurel said...

Forgive the typo, please.

Ronnie said...

They all look super amazing!!!!! And I'm super, super, super excited for Illusions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melania Tolan said...

Yes, more blogging please. I love your reading what you have to say about the world around you. It's quite entertaining. Cool boxes, stunning dolls, but I really love all the books. *big cheesy grin* Looking forward to Illusions!

Sarah M L said...

You're not alone!

I have this one box, from my old Lolita Lampicka perfume, that I've kept for a reeeally long time. Its cylindrical, and opens up to have the perfume and lotion with a paper doll sitting at a paper vanity mirror in the center. It's all purple and gold and swirly. =)

Fantasy said...

Cool boxes! And those dolls are gorgeous!! Haha I love reading your posts. You're so funny! :D I cannot wait to read more stuff on Illusions!
btw don't feel too weird about collecting boxes. At least, when I find a pretty box I keep it. o.0
P.S. I LOVE your bookshelves!! :)

Maggie said...

They have dolls a lot like those ones on etsy :) they're still pretty expensive ($800- sometimes less, sometimes more) but still way cheaper than 16k, and they have fairy ones