Saturday, January 22, 2011

Whoa . . .

You see that little count-down widget over there on my sidebar? Over, down, down, down, yes! Right there! It's cute, isn't it? Did you know you can put it on your own blog by just clicking the little Share button and following directions?

*ahem* Um, that wasn't the point.

Point is, look at the count down numbers.

ONE HUNDRED DAYS!!!! Holy cow!!!! I swear Spells came out like two months ago. I do NOT know where 2010 went. For me, it seemed like it lasted a couple months at best. But somehow, it IS 2011, and not only that, but it is almost the end of January. And thus, Illusions comes out in 100 days!

That is awesome!

To celebrate, I'm serving cookies! Well, just one cookie.

So after promising this for ages, here is a taste of Illusions!

“It’s this way,” she said to Tamani.

He paused for a second, then walked over to Laurel’s dad and stuck out his hand, which Laurel noted was temporarily free of pollen, probably courtesy of Tamani’s pocket-lining. “Great to meet you, Mr. Sewell,” he said.

“Absolutely, Tam.” Laurel cringed. It sounded twice as bizarre coming out of her dad’s mouth. “We’ll have to talk more one of these days.”

“Sure,” Tamani said, reaching his other hand up to clasp her dad’s shoulder. “But for now, wow, it’s Saturday—your store must be really busy.”

“Oh, it usually gets busy at about twelve,” he said, pointing to the clock that read just after eleven.

“Sure, but school just started a few weeks ago and people always want books for school, right? I bet they’re really busy down there and could use your help. You should go to the store. Help out. We’ll be fine here.”

It took Laurel about three seconds to realize what was happening.

“You know, you’re right,” her dad said, his voice sounding just a little far away, “I should go help them.”

“Well, it was good to see you for a little while at least. I’m sure I’ll see you again.”

“Yep, that would be great!” Laurel’s dad said, looking a little more like himself. “Well, you two get some good work done, I think I’m going to go down and help Maddie out at the store. It’s a Saturday; I bet it’s busy.” He grabbed his car keys and was out the door.

“Okay,” Laurel said, turning to Tamani, “not cool.”

“What?” Tamani asked, looking genuinely confused. “I got him out of the way.”

“Him? That him is my dad!”

“Enticement doesn’t hurt him at all,” Tamani protested. “Besides, I’ve been living on my own for years—I don’t do well with hovering parents.”

“My house, my rules,” Laurel said sternly. “Don’t do it again.”

*squirms in seat* Oh, man I can't wait to give you the whole context of this scene! Or, yanno, the whole book!

But, hey, in 100 days!!!!!!:D



barmybex said...

oooh sooo excited, i cannot wait for this book. :D
100 days and counting!!!

Wilda said...

*Squeals* I so can't wait to read Illusions!

Carolyn said...

Illusions is going to be amazing! I am officially obsessed with your books! I even got my science teacher hooked on them. :). Yes, it is in a hundred days, but I wish it was in like 5, so I could use it for my English project! Are you going on tour for this book? If you are, please come a little further north in Illinois. My mom won't drive me two hours to see you. *tear*...Can't wait!!!!

Jena said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :) #TeamTamani :)

anna p of just me. said...

ah! i don't want to read the cookie! because i know i'll squirm to death over what happens.
to read the cookie or not to. that is the question.

Anonymous said...

Still, 100 days!!! I could whine right now.

Jessica said...

Woo-hoo! Cannot wait, hope you are touring! And double hope you come back to SLC!

ashelynn sanford said...

LOVE THE COOKIE. I can't wait for this book to come out! I need more Tamani and David. :D

pixleyyy said...

*sigh* You totally made my day with this little tidbit. I am soooo excited for Illusions to come out!

Erin said...

Loved the snippet!

Crystal Cook said...

LOVED IT!!! I'm so excited for Illusions!! :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!

Sierra said...

Gah! EPIC!!! Can't wait!!! I can't decide if I should have read it or not because I'm going to go CRAZY waiting!

moonrat said...

yay!! can't wait :D

Anonymous said...

DX I can't wait 100 days! That excerpt was too little. You should post the whole chapter;)

...I can't wait for Illusions:)

Fantasy said...

Squeal! I don't know if I can endure the wait any longer! And that little segment from it makes my thirst to get my hands on that book even more severe than before.

Whoa, I just realized that I sound like a really crazed fan right now. Oh, well...I still can't wait to read that book!

Joyce said...

Thank you!!!
Thank you for taking me into your imagination. Truly it is captivating. I recently came across your stories, Spells and Wings. I read both books in less than a week. I have passed on your name to my friends and peers. I am excited to find out what Tam is up too. Wings left me with the throbing question...What does he have to be "ready" for??? At least from your blog, I found a crumb of information. I feared that he would not be in the next book, possibly off to train to step into the higher class. Literally, my fingers are twitching to turn the page on Illusions (well~my kindle button).
You Dear to Inspire My Imagination!
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

If you hear screaming in the distance- dont freak out. Thats all the girls in love with a certain fictional guy you write about.
To love fake guys is both blessing and curse. (especially the waiting part)

Anonymous said...

I'm with the anonymous person. :) Can't wait to read about him more! And only 93 days to go!! *jumps happily up and down* SO excited! Team Tamani!!! :D

Meagan Kelsey said...

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DAD: Mark Ruffalo Peter Herman. DAVID: Christopher Massoglia Greg Sulkin Alex Pettyfer
TAMANI:Logan Lerman Gaspard Ulliel.
SHAR: Chace Crawford William Moseley
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Tammy said...

you are a great auther. After i read wings you became my number one fav! i'm really exicted about illusions coming out i already got it on my list of books to buy. Can't wait!!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

yay! congrads - you are a pro at this now :)

Isabelle said...

Hi! is there's someone who knows when the french edition will be released in Canada? Thanks a lot!
Team Tamani! From the start till the end...

Hannah said...

I absolutely LOVE the books and cant wait for illusions to come out!!!!
if you ever decide to go on tour can you please try come to Malta?
*sighs* if youve never heard of it its a little island in the mediterranean......( i know its far but anyway......)

Anonymous said...

Cant waIT For enticements! READ ILLUSIONS and i cant find the release date 4 enticements! so exciteed tho. does any 1 no???