Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was always confused by this category in Jeopardy because it was never about nice-smelling stuff in a dish on the coffee table. Turns out it's an incredibly useful topic that says, I have no time to actually organize my thoughts/trivia questions into a real category.

Thus, the title of this blog entry. I do apologize.

1.) I am plugging away really hard finishing up the final self-edits on Book 4. I've seen copy-edits for Illusions and am really excited about them! I should have news about the cover reveal soon. That's the end of the book stuff.:D

2.) We are doing a HUGE giveaway over at the Debs in celebration of Banned Books Week and, particularly, in support of our lovely Deb, Sarah Ockler, whose book, Twenty Boy Summer, is currently being challenged alongside Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. I'm of the opinion that the best way to fight censorship is to make censored and challenged books available to people who choose to read them. So we are giving away 38 (yes, thirty plus eight) copies of Twenty Boy Summer over at the Feast of Awesome. Check it out. You have a week to enter.

ETA: Little, Brown (Sarah's publisher) has joined us on our giveaway and upped the number of copies to 100!!! LOTS of books to win now!! Go enter!!!

3.) Eric Herman is my new hero. He has these funny songs with videos that my kids--all of them--just adore! . . . and the fact that they are on a continuous play loop has nothing to do with it. *whistles innocently*

4.) I haven't gotten them organized into a post yet, but next week I will be hosting a giveaway of a bunch of signed books. Stay tuned!

5.) Cold cereal is the greatest substance on earth and I believe God invented it to be that ambrosia stuff and then the devil put it in my cupboards to tempt me to eat it three times a day. Corn Bursts are particularly evil this week. I think they call audibly to me.

6.) Apparently microwave popcorn is toxic. *crunchmunchcrunchmunch* What?:D

7.) I'm signing at Changing Hands Bookstore (Tempe . . . near Phoenix) tomorrow with Sophie Jordan and Kiersten White. Come see us! And take swag. I have a lot of leftover swag from my Spells tour. I'm an overplanner, what can I say?:D

8.) Um . . . is eight enough? I'm going to call eight enough.

Thanks everyone for still reading this blog while I got through crazy writing time! It's will get better, I promise!! And, well, if you get tired of me not updating, wander over to my Twitter. I'm an addict over there.:D



Ivy Hawthorn said...

I hope you come to MN soon! And I can't wait for your giveaway and the cover of Illusions to be revealed! I've been waiting for it come out for over a year now! Spells was read TOO fast and then there was more than a year to wait for the third! Ah! Too good of books! Thanks! ;)


Shelley said...

We will be at your signing tomorrow night in Tempe. Driving up from Tucson. My 9 year old daughter is beside herself with excitement!

sari said...

I hate that microwave popcorn is toxic, I eat popcorn every night. We started using an airpopper, and while in theory I think it's a pain, it really doesn't take any longer than a microwave bag. You just actually have to do like three things instead of stand there waiting for the timer to go off. And, a bonus, you get more popcorn for tons less money with fresh, delicious butter on it. Yum.

Have fun at Changing Hands! I enjoyed meeting you last time you were there.

Laura said...

Good luck with the edits! At least my kids eat more cold cereal than popcorn. They've been known to drag entire boxes out into the living room to snack on.

What's worse? I don't even mind. At all.

madiej said...

loved ur ur books so i head there is a move when dose that come out

Heather said...

You gals rock for doing such a fabulous giveaway! My critique group and I are giving away a copy of SPEAK over at the Scribe Sister's blog. Have fun with the edits on book 4! And have a great signing!

Anonymous said...

I am for Australia and im very excited about 'Wings' becoming a movie, even though there never as good as the books, but i was bitterly disappointed when i read Miley Cyrus would be playing the part of Laurel. She does not have the soft features and grace that laurel needs to have. Im not bagging Miley but if this movie is going to be as good as the books, i would find the correct actor first, maybe someone unknown who can enchant us all!!

Anonymous said...

I wish that Idaho was a more popular place for Authors, because so far, only the Author of Fablehaven has come to the Barnes And Noble in Boise. Waaaaaaah!!!! I want to meet YOU!!!
(Yes I am complaining, and P.S you should blog once about your thoughts on these here comments!)

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

I loved the giveaway that you guys had! I ended up winning (which surprised me, with the turnout there was!) a copy, so I was really happy. <3

I've been seeing a TON of posts on various book blogs with pictures of your signing. And I must say that I was so upset I couldn't go. Darn being a poor college student. I so wanted some swag :(!

I'm a popcorn addict <3 I use seasoning, though. Plain butter doesn't appease my voracious appetite for good popcorn. xD

Cheers <3

Marsha Mielke said...

Hello! I am a high school librarian in Northern California (near ORICK). I am on the board for a county wide author festival, too! How does one contact you for author visits? THANKS!

emily said...

i won a book!! (:

Rakesh said...

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Anonymous said...

I think " Taylor Swift should play the part of laurel if there is a movie

Anyway love your books keep writing !

~ Immy

Abbi said...

I just recently discovered your books; my friend bought me one for my birthday (huge fairy/faerie fan!), Wings, to be specific. I picked it up two days ago and could not put it down! I love 'em; please keep Laurel's adventures coming!
I hope to come to a signing somdeday. Keep us posted with where you will be going... please! :)

Jen Daiker said...

Here I am surfing the blogosphere just blog hopping to see what else is out there and I come across your fabulous blog and even though you've been working on editing I'm hoping you'll come back to say hello because I'd love to see more!!!!

Yay for being a new follower!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Twenty Boy Summer. 100 copies is awesome!!! Can't wait to see Illusions.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift could play the part of Laurel she looks kinda of like the discription and has that model appearance.

Love caramel popcorn in moderation!!

Abbi said...

I love reading your blogs. I am a new-reader and I LOVE your books. I don't know how many times you've heard that, but even so, an author can never have too much praise, right? Anyway, I hope you can maybe come to TX some summer (I live in LA, but I visit my Aunt's house in TX every summer, soooo :D)! Just a thought, ;)!