Monday, September 13, 2010


I wanted to make sure you guys know about what I suspect will be my last two signings of 2010. (On a side note, I can hardly believe 2010 is almost over. I swear it was 2009, like, yesterday!!)

Okay, on Friday, Sept. 24th at 7:00 PM I will be signing at Changing Hands Bookstore with the lovely, and recently titled NYT Bestseller, Kiersten White, author of PARANORMALCY, and Sophie Jordan, Romance and YA author of FIRELIGHT, both really awesome supernatural books! (Dragons and faeries and vampires, oh my!) Please come see us, it should really be a blast!

Then, on Monday October 18th, at 7:00 PM, also at Changing Hands Bookstore, I will be signing with Linda Gerber (if you haven't read her DEATH BY . . . series, you should! It rocks! But on this trip she will be celebrating the release of her newest book, TRANCE) and, oh, a little author some of you may have heard of, super amazing bestseller, Lisa McMann of the WAKE series including WAKE, FADE, and GONE! This should also be a really awesome night. (I know I'm looking forward to it! *wink*)

I love group events not only because it is much less pressure than going solo, but because I get to meet new authors and readers get to be introduced to books they might not have picked up off the shelf! Plus we always do some Q&A and it is fun to hear about multiple authors' experiences. So I would love to see you at one . . . or, hey, both! . . . of those events if you are in the greater Phoenix area.

And if you don't live around here, don't worry! I don't know exactly where I am going, but I have been informed that I will be doing more traveling for the release of ILLUSIONS next year! Hopefully I'll be coming to a city near you!



Linda said...

A city near me? Will you be going to Sweden anytime then? :p
You know, you got a lot of readers outside of USA..

Meggan said...

I've been following your blog because a) I love your books, and b) you give great reccomendations on other books. I have a stack that I've been working through. I saw that you had Faery Rebel: Spell Hunter on your shelfari shelf and I totally loved that one...I actually just finished reading the second one, Wayfarer, and it was even better than the first. So I guess I'm just saying thanks for helping me neglect my children *wink*

Melissa said...

Australia, Australia! Come on, even Oprah is doing it!
I would love to be there in Pheonix for next Friday, I have Paranormalcy arriving from the Book Depository any day now - I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Boise, Idaho...

Kristina♥ said...

Oh my gosh, I totally wish I hadn't of blew my money on books now! I would have had the gas to make it to Phoenix :(

I think you should take requests on where to go and come to Riverside, Ca! :D Or at least LA, and make me totally happy. <3 I love your books so much, I'd probably buy 3 sets of Wings and Spells and ask for a signing for all of them just so I can fawn over them. :D

Have fun at your signings! <3
(Team Tamani!! :O)

Anonymous said...

Algonquin, Illinois I really want to meet you your books are fantastic and i can't wait for the next few to come out!!!!!