Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Winner, Where's Aprilynne, and Shameless Self-Promotion.:D

Okay, I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for the winner of the Dueling Debs!!:D Well, I am totally going to tell you at the end of the post.:)

Okay no, I'm not really evil like that. The winning Deb is Danielle Joseph! Congrats Danielle! And in second place is Cynthea Liu!! Go Cynthea!! Seriously though, both of these books are awesome, and Cynthea will be most graceful in defeat as this is her SECOND book this year!

So the winning Danielle voter is TereLiz! Congrats to you! Please email me at aprilynne pike at G mail dot com with your address and I will get Shrinking Violet in the mail to you!!

The contest for Dull Boy is still alive and well just down below this entry. It's open until Friday!

Okay, on to Where's Aprilynne.

I am embarking on some fun adventures the next couple of weeks and wanted to make you guys aware. Most of this is on the calendar section of my website, but some of it is so new it hasn't made it there yet. So here is where I will be for the next two weeks!

Tuesday, June 23rd

Library Visit
2:00 PM

Later that night I have a group signing with the lovely Linda Gerber and Sydney Salter!
Orem Barnes and Noble
7:00 PM

Thursday, June 25th

Another group signing with Linda, and the inestimable Wendy Toliver!
The Purple Cow at Tooele, Utah
7:00 PM

Saturday, June 27th

I am attending my ten year high school reunion (am I really that old??) and a signing at my old local bookstore afterward! It should be way fun!!

Dark Horse Books
5:00 PM

Then, starting July 2nd, I am going to be at Westercon 62, a.k.a. FiestaCon!!! I found out about it via Janni Lee Simner (Name drop! Google Alerts! :D) and managed to worm my way into the programming! I am so excited! So . . . .

July 2-5
Westercon 62/ FiestaCon
Tempe, Arizona

I will do a separate post later next week detailing my exact schedule (I'm on three panels, have a reading, a signing, and a KaffeKlatch) but I will be there the whole convention! Fun, fun!!

Okay, last, Shameless Self-Promotion (SSP). (BTW, I am getting into writing the third WINGS book when I get back from Utah and Idaho, so I really will start doing writing posts again soon. I promise!!!)

I haven't done a lot of announcing since Wings hit number one, because, quite frankly, no one likes a blog where all of the entries are simply a week-by-week logline of how their sales are doing. However, since people have been asking, Wings is in it's sixth week on the NYT Bestsellers List, and is hanging tight at number six. Hopefully I can squeak out a couple more weeks! (In related news, Ally Carter, authoress extraordinaire, is number six on the series list with her third book in the Gallagher Girls series!!! She twitterred it, so it's public knowledge now.:))

It's been a very exciting couple of weeks; I didn't mean to be quite so teasing with my mention of film rights (I didn't realize you would all focus in on it so fast!). Things are definitely happening, however, Hollywood likes to announce everything first, and they ARE working on the announcement. So as soon as they announce, I will spill freely. (I can't wait to spill freely!:))

In the foreign rights department, I have sold to SIX territories in the last two weeks! In fact, four territories and film news all came through within about 36 hours of each other. That was one wild two days!! (Oh, and I was in Portland at the time, so it was seriously wild!!) That brings my total up to the US plus 10 foreign territories! Very little in this business makes me more excited than foreign sales, so there has been much squeeing the last couple of weeks!

End SSP.

Okay, that's done, I'm going to go wash my hands now.

. . .

There, much better.:)

Self-Promotion is always such a two-edged sword for me. On the one hand, I feel very strange being like, "Hey! Check me out I'm so awesome!!!" On the other hand, this is the kind of stuff I LOVE to read on other authors' blogs. It also answers many of the questions I get via email . . . so yeah, it def. has it's place. However, like I said, I am getting back to writing in two weeks, and there will be more writing posts interspersed with the SSP.:)

Till then, go comment on the Dull Boy contest entry, just right down below this one, and have a great couple of days!!



Valerie Ipson said...

Us aspiring authors and book-lovers love to hear about your goings-ons, so keep it up!

Rob said...

I heard you on the podcast show 'writing excuses' recently. That was a really funny episode. way to go.

Working on the third book already? Wow.

Lauren said...

Wow, seems like you have some busy weeks ahead of you! OMG! Wings is gonna be a MOVIE!?! *dies of shock and then revives herself, reminding herself that she must go see it first* Well, I only have one thing to say then... Media people better not mess up Tamani. Seriously, I will go all fangirl on them and scream my head off. (sadly, I think I would. I <3 Tamani).
Ah, lucky Tere. oh well, hope the library has Shrinking Violet! lol.
Can't wait till your next post!

Kenny said...

Now, now, Lauren, that's how rumors get started! d^_~b

For those who don't know, the usual practice is for a book to get "optioned," which means the author sort of "leases" the movie rights to a studio... then the studio has a period of time to "exercise" the option, which usually costs them more money... and even then, some movies don't get made. So before we get a Wings movie, Aprilynne would have to announce a Wings option, and then an exercise of that option, and then maybe an actual movie shoot... so you'll just have to wait and see what kind of news she's got. No speculating! Actually, never mind, speculate away, it's kinda fun. d^_~b

Anyway, I'm confident that a more detailed account of the process will appear here along with whatever announcement Aprilynne has waiting in the, um, wings, but I just thought I'd better clarify things before we got too far ahead of ourselves. d^_^b

tomdg said...

Oh, but you are so awesome :) Go on, admit it ...

TereLiz said...

Never make excuses for your pride in your own achievements! Your readers like to hear how excited you are and how well the book is doing. That just reaffirms our own good taste, lol.

With everything going on in your life, I can't believe you have time to write such thoughtful blog entries and your third book, AND do book signings, AND HAVE A LIFE!

Just take a deep breath every now and again and enjoy your time in the spotlight. You deserve it.

Jessie Oliveros said...

How exciting. Has all this traveling wore you out yet? I am waiting with bated breath for film news.

~Mary said...

I have bought this book for my mom to read, and she is loving it! My sisters are as obsessed with it as I am. Read it 3 times last week!
I can't wait to hear about book 2 news!! any hints?! or spoilers?!

moonrat said...

which territories?! are you being translated into awesome interesting languages?!

sorry. industry geek.

yay!!! on many counts!! and waiting with baited breath!

Tracy said...

So much fun, so little time! Congratulations on all things exciting, and an extra hurrah! for starting book three!

Miranda said...

Hey look at you go!!! Im so proud of you!!!!!!! Anyways, have a fun time at all your signings, and if they are looking for anyone for the movie.... I would love to say I was in April's movie!!! haha

A Paperback Writer said...

Well, I'm glad you announced you'd hit #1 because I hadn't checked in a while, so I didn't know.
That's lovely news for you, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

when does the second book in the wings series come out? its super good

Connie Onnie said...

Hi Aprilynne I am just 55 pages shy of finishing Wings (blast work). All I can think about is getting home and finishing. I live in Mesa AZ and would love to participate at FiestaCon. Can't wait to hear more information on the event.

Lindsay said...

Awww! I missed the Shrinking Violet contest:(
Now I have to get it from the library:P
Oh well. Haha.