Sunday, March 15, 2009

Winners, Debsness, and Stuff

Okay, winners first.:)


I promise this actually was random. Matt had one of the most creative entries, but I didn't judge it on that. I called out to my husband and asked him to pick a number (without telling him what he was picking it for) and he picked Matt's number. It really was just chance!! So Matt, I already have your address and I will send you your wife a copy of The Forest of Hands and Teeth next week.:)

Next up, it is Debs-ness day again!! I totally dropped the ball on announcing it last month so I am trying to make up for it now. In case you don't know what is it, the Debs at are giving away one very full gift bag on the fifteenth of each month this year. You have one day to enter, winners are announced promptly, and there are bonus prizes too! Click on the icon below to find out more details and to leave your comment to enter!

Find Out What's In The Bag And Win It Today

So it has been a very busy week for me, and not just because of edits. I have also had a ton of company of the teenaged variety. (Yay!) My brother is on his high school's ballroom dancing team and they came down to Nationals this week which was held at my husband's school. It was so fun to go and see him watch, and also to watch the really professional people dance. Wow!! I mean, I danced in college and all, but I never danced like that! It was amazing!

It was also fun to hang out with the teenagers. Five of them stayed with me for four days. I find that I write my books much more easily if I am around teenagers at least a little. It makes things easier when I don't just have to rely on my memory of when I was a teenager.

Plus teenagers are fun.

And easy to please.

Seriously, feed them good food and they are pretty much happy.:)

So next week starts my posts about edits. I'll start with talking a little bit about my ed letter and how it differed from last year's ed letter, and a little about my process of editing and how that is also differing from last year. So go enter to win a Debs-ness bag and get ready for editing week!



Matthew Whitmer said...

Sweet! Fortuna did always have a thing for me ^_^

Thanks for the book!

Shelli said...

teens for a weekend. I have my 5 year old and a 20 month old and am exhausted :) cant imagine teens :)