Monday, February 09, 2009

Zombies and Pom Poms, and Evil Seniors, Oh My!

Welcome to the next stop of the 2009 DebsTour! Tonight we have Stacey Jay, author of You Are So Undead to Me! (And seriously, I so dig that cover!)

A little about Stacey's book: Megan Berry's social life is so dead. Literally. Fifteen-year-old Megan Berry is a Zombie Settler by birth, which means she's part-time shrink to a bunch of dead people. All Megan wants is to be normal--and go to homecoming. But someone in school is using black magic to turn average, angsty Undead into flesh-eating Zombies, and it's looking like homecoming will turn out to be a very different kind of party--the bloody kind.

On top of that, we have Stacey here to answer my special Feasty Five from the Feast of Awesome! Welcome Stacey (and man! how many of you would kill for those eyes!!?!?)

A: What kind of soda does your MC drink?

SJ: Sprite is what she drinks in the book. Her mom is a freak about with-holding caffeine from Megan so as not to stunt her growth.

A: What is your MC's favorite kind of flower? How about yours?

SJ: Megan likes anything that blooms at night. I prefer calla lillies. So pretty.

A: Does your MC believe in magic? Do you?

SJ: Yes, she works magic to coax the Undead back into their graves. And yes, I do. I think my own magic causes electronics to malfunction. If it's plugged into the wall, I WILL destroy it simply by using it. Oh yes, I will. (Or maybe I'm just a super conductor of static electricity :).)

A: Superman or Batman?

SJ: Batman, clearly. Superman is too...clean, or something.

A: Give us one line from your book. You don't even have to give it context.:)

SJ: "How quickly the inner voice worm turns, returning to its negative tangent ways."

A: Whoa!

And just for Stacey's enjoyment, here's a picture of her book, face out, at the new Borders Concept store in Ann Arbor Michigan!!

More about Stacey: Stacey Jay is a workaholic with three pen names, four kids, and a decidedly macabre sense of humor. She loves zombies, creepies, crawlies, blood, guts, gore, and of course, romance. You can find her at

Good Luck Stacey! Thanks for stopping by!

Keep an eye out on the blog; Thursday and Saturday I am doing giveaways, and sometime this week you will get the pics of my "desk" eating my closet. (Aprilynne needs an office . . .)



Shelli said...

thanksd Aprillynne :)

*Kara* said...

Way fun! Congrats to Stacey!

Emily said...

Yay! I LOVE Stacy's book. It's so fun and exciting - and Megan is a great MC!

In other news, I brought home an ARC of your book today, and I plan on reading it sometime this week or next! Hoorah!