Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last Dragon

Weird Google Search= "Literary Agent Ann C. Crispin" Apparently someone thinks the illustrious Ann is an agent. (It's only funny if you know who she is.:))

I recently received an e-mail from J.M. McDermott (Badducky for those of you in the Absolute Write community) with a preview of his debut novel Last Dragon, coming out form Wizards of the Coast Discoveries in February of 2008 (Available for pre-order now at the usual websites.) I got to read the first chapters and found it very interesting. Not what I expected. It is quite literary and the first chapter, at least, is written in a multi point of view, sort of stream of consciousness style. Very different, but nicely executed. Don't expect it to be like many of the series novels you typically see from WotC, they are starting to produce more traditional novels and novels with a literary twist. The cover you see here is not the cover I saw when I checked it out last week and my only real criticism is that I liked the old cover much better. I am not sure which one they are going to go with, but luckily, the cover is not the most important part.:) Check him out at his website.



Demon Hunter said...

Thanks for sharing, Aprilynne! :*)

J M McDermott said...

demon hunter told me about this, so I thought I'd come by and say Thanks!

I hope you like the rest of the book.

The new cover you see is the cover.

The old one looked really good on web pages. I think the new one will look better in a bookstore than it does on-line. (All that white-space on a website looks wonky, but - for instance - Patricia Woods' LOTTERY really jumps out in a bookstore because of all the white space.

Maprilynne said...

Hmmm, good to know.:)

Twill said...

And he's a nice guy. Met him at Fencon and saw him on some panels.