Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Wanna Be Cool Like My Friends!!

Okay, so it's good news day!

Patricia Wood- Pat's debut novel LOTTERY is officially available for pre-order at amazon .com. Here is the link to it. Go Pat!!

Stephenie Meyer- Steph got a mention on national television this week! They had a snippet regarding her book on a short section of The Colbert Report (funny guy!) called "The A-Pop-Colypse." Here is the link to that one.

Do I have talented friends or what?:)



Anonymous said...

How fun! Congrats to both of them! It will be fun when your name pops up too!!
Love- KC

Michelle Zink said...

Congrats, all!

Sean Ferrell said...

I look forward to hearing Colbert warn parents away from your book... uh... wait... that doesn't sound right.

Anyway, pretty talented circle you hang with!

~Em~ said...

It'll be great when you get all that recognition along with them!

ORION said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for you too!

Anonymous said...

Good Work!!! Hilarious remarks about Stephanie's latest book. Can't wait to read it. And yours, too!
Love, Grammers

Demon Hunter said...

Yay, Pat; yay Stephanie! How cool is that? :*)