Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Did You See This!?!?

From Publishers Lunch:

"Lauren McLaughlin's comic debut CYCLER, pitched as Orlando meets Freaky Friday, about a likeable and seemingly normal teen girl with a secret condition: she changes into a 17 year old boy for four days out of every month, and now her boy self - tired of being suppressed - is plotting his own agenda with explosive results, to Mallory Loehr at Random House Children's, at auction, for two books, by Jill Grinberg at Jill Grinberg Literary Management (NA)."

Wow, that is an incredible idea. Pair it up with some good writing and a unique voice and this is going to be a book to watch for. I'm already thinking abut all the problems this would cause. Talk about the wrong time of the month. And you know there's going to be some sex issues, and do her parents know? They must know. How long has she been doing this? Has she always turned into a 17-year-old boy or has this alternate personality aged with her.

I am so blown away.

No wonder this one went at action for a multi-book deal. Whoa!




Kenneth said...

Hmmm, I don't know. "Orlando meets Freaky Friday" is an odd pitch here. In Orlando, one man becomes a woman permanently after some time; in Freaky Friday two people switch bodies.

CYCLER sounds more like "Ranma 1/2 meets the Incredible Hulk."

Gender-bending makes an interesting plot device, but it has been thoroughly explored in manga and movies. Multiple personalities, again, always fascinating but also done somewhat to death. Can one tired cliché breathe life into another?

On the other hand, if people think this is interesting enough to go at auction (as a series!), your fantasy's magic system should blow them away. d^_^b

Maprilynne said...

marketing this toward 26 year-old men who've read every manga you can imagine.:)


Though I did think of Ranma when I read this.


Maprilynne said...

Ahhh, it cut off my line. I was supposed to say "That's why they're not marketing this toward . . ."


Anonymous said...

I haven't read Ranma 1/2 but that's what I thought of too. It did get my interest, but mainly to find out how all those questions you asked are played out. Hmmm....

I have to agree with kenneth, your magic system should blow them away.

Love ya!