Monday, February 26, 2007

So . . .

I was in the mood for peach cobbler this morning. So I made a pan of peach cobbler and though, Hey, the kids will love this! I mean who wouldn't want dessert for breakfast . . . even if it is dessert with fruit in it.

Apparently, the two and three-year olds and I are not of like minds.

My daughter (3) was like, "I don't like peaches, I want Chex."

Go figure.

But hey! More cobbler for me.

I'm going to the gym now. *groan*



Demon Hunter said...

That was too funny. A strange craving for breakfast, but I guess not when you're expecting.
What are you allowed to do at the gym when you're pregnant, exactly?

Kim Stagliano said...

Oooh I love upside down meals! I make apple cobbler for dinner sometimes - some days the kids love it others not so much. Kids are fickle - end of story. I like your household!

Maprilynne said...

"What are you allowed to do at the gym when you're pregnant, exactly?"

Contrary to popular belief, anything I want, so long as I feel good doing it.

I work out 5-6 days a week. I usually do a full 60 mins of cardio for four of those days (elliptical or stationary bike. I would walk on the treadmill, but it gets my sciatic nerve going. Ouch!) After cardio I lift weights for about 15 minutes, isolating a different part of my body each day so I work my whole body once a week. Twice a week I skip my normal work out and take a Yoga or Pilates class instead. I can still do everything except the stuff that you lay on your stomach for. (For obvious reasons.:))

When you are pregnanct you can run (did that last pregnancy till 32 weeks) walk, swim, kickbox (I have a friend who kickboxed till the day she went into labor) do aerobics, weights, whatever feels okay to you.

Don't do a ton of horseback riding (especially jumping) after you are showing (just because it's easy to fall off), try to stick to a stationary bike (for the same reason), and you might want to be careful about things like skiing and rollerblading. But all of those are because of the possibilities of falling. Not because they're "too hard."

As far as physical limitations, there are very few. Don't push too hard, don't train for a marathon, listen when your body says "STOP!" Other than that, you're good.

Hehe, that was probably way more of an answer than you wanted, but I'm also a doula and childbirth educator so anything I can do to disperse the "pregnant women are so fragile" rumor, is worth it to me.:)

Oh, and I hope it goes without saying that if you have some kind of special condition you should listen to your midwife or doctor's recommendations.:)

Answer enough for ya!;)


~Em~ said...

Peach cobbler for breakfast? I want some!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I hope it really hit the spot. And it drives me crazy when people think I'm fragile when I'm pregnant. Whatever! I think its awesome that you go to the gym as often as you do. Go you!

Demon Hunter said...

Whoa! Thanks, Maprilynne! That was answer enough for me. My Mom walked when she was carrying me, but she definitely did not do aerobics or anything. I was just curious because I haven't had any children yet, and I'm a little freaked out about the entire process to be honest. Thanks for the info.! :*)