Friday, February 16, 2007

Have You Got the Urge?

I do.

It came back a few days ago. I have the urge to write again! It's been about a month. While I'm sure that stress played a part, I think mostly it was just time. For about 18 months I have had the urge to write almost continually. During that time I wrote 3 and a half books (two of which were eventually blended into one.) I think that's pretty good. But like everything in life, I needed to take a break.

So for about a month, I had very little enthusiasm for writing at all. I did write a little here and there, but it was without any kind of gusto.

Sometimes I wonder if this is what writers are referring to when they talk about writer's block.

Maybe it's my naturally optimistic outlook on life, but I think brief--and even rather long--hiatuses (is that a word?) in the creative process are beneficial, and even necessary. Don't we all need breaks in life? Even from the things we love?

I love being a mom, but when I've had enough, I go to my mom's house and let HER be the mother for a few days. (I love you Mom!) My husband loves going to school, but those summers off are quite a blessing. My son likes to run around like a crazy man all day . . . but trust me, he needs a nap.:)

I think most things in life are cyclic. To steal that one verse from the Bible:

To everything there is a season
And time for every purpose in the publishing industry.
A time to write and a time to edit,
A time to add and a time to cut,
A time to create and a time to refrain from creating.



Michelle Zink said...

This is such a timely post for me!

This is how I've been feeling lately. And I think stress DOES play a big part in it. Especially waiting. It seems like waiting to find out what will happen with one piece, especially one on the cusp of moving forward, makes it hard to focus energy into something new.

Maybe it's psychological, too. Your brain gearing up to invest time and energy all over again into something with such an unknown outcome...

Maybe I should just go with it and take a break!

Demon Hunter said...

I agree. I have been stressed at work lately, and I think it has affected my enthusiasm lately. Good post! :*)

brian_ohio said...

Well said.

Not to mention, writing will keep your mind off the submittals that your agent is current making to those wonderful editors:)

Kari Diane Pike said...

Good for you! Can't wait to see all your different projects come to life...of course, you can always come here and let me be Mom for is so quiet...even though it has been 7 months since you moved...Read your YA chapter! Amazing. give the kids hugs for me!

Anonymous said...

I loved your verse! Cute! I have to agree about needing a rest from life once in a while. :) I'm excited to hear more about what you are writing......


Trina Rubert said...

I love you back!

Cheryl said...

I also felt my enthusiasm lagging for a while but am back to having fun with a new project.

Maybe it's all the nervous energy surrounding submissions?