Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Valley of the Sun!

Well, this is just a small to let you all know I am out on vacation for a while in beautiful, sunny Phoenix. Yea!

A little piece of writing news, I got an e-mail forwarded to me from Miss Snark on Sunday. An agent e-mailed her about my hook and wants to see the manuscript . . . not that the manuscript is finished, but I was pretty stoked anyway. I believe Miss Snark said that has only happened once in the previous three CoMs. So I felt very complimented.:)

I am expecting to hear from Jodi the first week back in business (which for her is January) so I probably won't blog till then.

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season!



ORION said...

How amazing! That does not happen very often.
That is so cool!!! You Go girl!

brian_ohio said...

I'm new to your blog, but the hook you posted for Miss Snark is not the same as the book you have out with Jodi?

Sounds like you'd better get cranking. Have you tried dueling keyboards?

Congratulations. Miss Snark is a tough cookie to crack.

Maprilynne said...

The book I posted is not the same one I have with Jodi. The one I have with Jodi is my Coup de gras and I spent over a year working on it. The one I sent into Miss Snark is, I think. one of my best concepts, but it is still in the creating stages. I think I have about forty pages and the rest in my head.

Welcome Brian!


ORION said...

When I read that you hadn't finished the manuscript I just had to laugh...isn't that just what happens!
I guess you better start burning the midnight oil!