Thursday, December 21, 2006

Boy do you guys get the inside information.

Okay, this is really late breaking news that has nothing to do with my novel.

I'm getting Snarked!!!

I just got the e-mail from Miss Snark asking for 750 words.

The hooks not up yet, but if you are following the Crapometer, look for entry number 249/246. I love this project because it has voice. Like, major voice.

You'll see that in the future because *I get to send words!* Whoo-hoo!

*Big Grin*

BTW, I told Jodi not to stress about e-mailing me since it is such a busy time of year . . . I think she really took that advice at face value. I don't imagine I will hear from her again until January. Sorry for thos eof you who may have been waiting on the edge of your seat. *Haha, right.*


ETA: Hehe, Miss Snark's comment was--and I quote-- "yes yes yes yes yes." :)


Odile S said...

How courageous of you! I'm very curious about her comments...

Anonymous said...

I have never read that site before. Its pretty funny. I read your entry and it is awesome. Reading her other entries I see that the fact that she said something positive about it is a huge thing. Congrats! You have told me about that one before and I'm excited to hear more about it....see you soon!

ORION said...

WM closed Dec 15 and will not reopen until Jan 2
My editor has until Jan 2 off also.
I wouldn't sweat it until January.

gvm said...

WOW you were number 249?? It was a fabulous hook, really!
Congrats on the positive comment, and where do I sign up to receive a copy of the published book?

M. G. Tarquini said...

Wanted to tell you that I liked your hook. I'm in Phoenix, also and the mom to 10 year old twins, boy and girl. I think they'd both get a kick out of your story.

Maprilynne said...

Wow. Thanks.

BTW, Orion, thanks for the infor on WM. It is what I figured for WH as well, but it's good to have that seconded. And I really am not stressing much. I'm rather proud of how little I'm stressing.:)

ORION said...

Oh and FYI I don't think yours is like meg cabot's mediator series.
Some people use comparisons as if when something has been done it can't be done again - or in a slightly different way.
You will see a post on my blog in January about this very same thing.

Algebra Angel said...

Congrats on getting snarked!! Your hook really was fantastic, and if you need a reader, I'd like to volunteer! I can't wait to see the pages.

Jenny Tonks said...

darn--I looked all over Miss Snark's site and couldn't find you! Now that you're #1 NYT bestseller )congrats!), I was curious to see how well Miss Snark gauged your potential! :)