Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Did It!

I was brave and bold and . . . sent a very polite e-mail to Nephele asking if she would like to see my revisions. *Sniff* I'm so proud.:)

Nephele has had my full for about 4.5 months (from what I hear she normally runs about 6-7 months on her fulls) and she has the old version. I was thinking I would wait for her reply and hope she offered to see revisions, but based on some feedback and advice I received over the last week I decided it would be kind of rude of me to have her read the whole old manuscript only to be disappointed in it and still have to read the new version if things worked out that way. So I sent her a very nicely worded letter that really talked up my new revision and asked if she'd like to see it. *crosses fingers* All I can do now is wait and hope. And hope, and hope.

I don't think I'd have e-mailed her at all if I was not so darn excited about this new version. It is seriously as perfect as I can make it. I am sick of the sight f it and don't want to do another thing with it, but I'm also so darn proud! It's a good piece of work. I'm very, very happy with it. And I want Nephele to be happy with it too.:)

I get butterflies thinking of this week. I will hear from someone this week. I should, at the very least, hear from Kristen, but I imagine I will also hear from Rachel and maybe Nephele. We'll see.:) I will let you know!


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