Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Royal We and Me

So I've been corresponding with royalty this week.
No really. I exchanged e-mails with an in-name-only prince of Bulgaria this week. He had a question on writers.net and I had a good answer. So I e-mailed the prince.:) It was fun.:)
So my apologies for being so tardy on my blog entries. Audrey has been sick for at least half the day for over a week and today is the first day she had felt good all day . . . so far. So I have been really, really busy trying to keep up and catch up on housework, I've started a new book, Kenny and I have been doing some entertaining, and it turned to winter this week. Yikes! Seriously, we had to turn on the heater.
On the upside, I've had my full manuscript requested by Marcy, who is one of the bigguns.:) Strangely enough, you won't find her on the website because she is rather new to Sterling-Lord, but has a fabulous reputation from before she joined them.
Hmmm, what else . . . I've had several rejection come in, but no one wants to hear about that.:) I still haven't hear anything from Nephele or Joe about Chain, but I'm doing some fun things to that too. We'll see how it turns out.
Thanks for reading--sorry it is boring these days. Hopefully it will get very exciting something soon.:)


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