Monday, September 25, 2006

My Baby Has No Arms or Legs.

I've just finished my hacking mission. I decided I was way too long-winded in my two fantasy novels and thought I would try slashing everything that didn't belong and combining them into one book.
Get this; I cut 60,000 words. That's about 220 pages.
You ever seen someone who was not heavy, but maybe pleasantly rounded but who was really pretty. Then, you see them like six months later and they've lost twenty pounds and bought a new wardrobe. You gawk and gape and say, man! I had no idea you could look that good.
That is what happened to my books--now one book in two parts. It is a smoother, sleeker, more fast paced novel with a fully rounded story arc in one stand along unit. I am so excited. I changed the ending of part one and made a lot of other little changes throughout the whole book. I chopped off it's arms and left but what I am left with is pure heart.
I saved the original version, don't you worry. And some day when it's published. (When, Ha!) I will have a website and put up outtakes like my friend Stephenie does for her books.
It was really really hard because I liked every scene I wrote . . . well, almost every scene. I took out some parts I really loved, but they either had nothing to do with the story, or they hindered the plot. Still, very difficult. I wrote 220 pages that I essentially threw away.
But it was good throw away. I'm happy with it.


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