Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Earthbound Parties!!!!

I am so excited to announce a ton of things today!!!! First off, I have some pretty for you:

Isn't it pretty? Because I have so many fans who have been following me through the whole Wings series and Life After Theft and who are going to take the leap with me to Earthbound, Penguin and Razorbill want to give you a little thank you. In the form of the above poster, signed by myself!

So here's the deal, these are an *exclusive* giveaway for the first 500 people who pre-order EARTHBOUND (or have ALREADY pre-ordered it!!!) and then go fill out the handy-dandy form HERE!!! If you have already pre-ordered it, you are freaking awesome!!! Those who haven't can pre-order it ANYWHERE! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, your local Indie. EBook, print book, audio book, it doesn't matter. If you have pre-ordered Earthbound, get yourself a signed poster!!!

Now, the rules specify the continental United States, age 14+. That means if you are fabulously awesome and pre-ordered my book and you are twelve . . . just have a parent fill out the form for you.:D The poster will still get to your house!!!

Do bear in mind this is an EXCLUSIVE offer and will only accept 500 entries so please go pre-order your book and fill out the form!!! (HERE is the link again.;))

But that's only the first part of the awesome!!!

One of my favorite parts of any book release is the fact that I am lucky enough to go out and travel and meet readers!! Not only am I coming to a bunch of places, I am bringing a bunch of friends and we are holding a Girls' Night Out party for YOU!!! Yes, you, the awesome readers!!! Every stop will have cupcakes from a bakery of awesome (not homemade, and yes, you will thank me for that ;)) and will feature authors of other fun, girly books! (Guys, don't let that stop you, pink cupcakes still taste delicious!!!) So please come join me and my friends at the following locations!!!!

Tempe, AZ
Changing Hands Bookstore, July 29th, 7:00-9:00
Yes, you read that date right--if you come to THIS signing you will get Earthbound a DAY EARLY!!!!
Fab authors in attendance: Me, Suzanne Young, and Janette Rallison
Cupcakes from Sprinkles Bakery (because that info is IMPORTANT!!!:D)

Peoria, AZ
Bell Road Barnes and Noble, July 30th, 6:00-8:00 PM
Okay, ya'all, I've never done a signing here even though it's two miles from my house, and on top of that I am doing it SOLO, so spread the word and come and see me so I don't look like a dork in front of the staff of this new store.:D (New to me; the store's not new.;))
And, of course, MOAR cupcakes from Sprinkles!!!

Salt Lake City, Utah
Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble, July 31st, 7:00-9:00 PM
This is my only signing in Utah this entire year!!! I apologize for that . . . but please COME!!!!:D
Fab authors in attendance: Me, Jessica Day George, Natalie Whipple, and Brodi Ashton
Cupcakes from . . . somewhere awesome. I'll let you know.:D

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Grand Teton Barnes and Noble, August 1, 6:30-9:00 PM
Back to the amazing, awesome, incredible Idaho Falls!!!!
Fab authors in attendance: Me, Jessica Day George, Natalie Whipple, and Wendy Toliver
Cupcakes from The Cocoa Bean which is my FAVE cupcake bakery In. The. World!!!!

Charlotte, North Carolina
Well . . . technically Huntsville.;) Barnes and Noble, August 2, 7:00-9:00 PM
I've never been here before!!!! (Yes, North Carolina, I am flirting with you. Come hither. *wink*)
Fab authors in attendance: Me, Beth Revis, Carrie Ryan
Cupcakes from Polka Dot bakeshop because they look awesome!!!!


This is not part of the Girls' Night Out Tour, but I am participating in:

Cincinnati, Ohio
Joseph-Beth Booksellers, August 3, 1:00-3:00
The 3rd Annual BEACHY READS group event!!!!!!!
Authors in attendance have not yet been announced, but trust me, they are SUPER FAB!!!!
There will not be cupcakes. Actually, assuming there are some leftovers from Polka Dot, I might bring some to give away.;)

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! All of the stores I am attending have graciously allowed attendees to bring backlist (though if you have a ton you might need to wait till the end to get them all signed ;)) Please, please, please thank them by buying your copy of Earthbound from that store and maybe some from the other authors too!! *winkwink*

I recommend to anyone attending any tour event to pre-order your book (and then fill out the form HERE!!! *nudgenudge*) just to make absolutely sure you get your copy. (Honestly, it's a good idea for anyone's event.)

So if you live in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, North Carolina, or Ohio and you love books and cupcakes, please come see my friends and me!!!!!!!!!

Did you reach the end? Really? Then you are super cool!!!!! Do you like to read? Do you like free books? Then you are SUPER SMART!!! and I like to support super smart people.

Leave a comment-- (@ me on Twitter, reblog with a comment on Tumblr, comment on Facebook, or comment on Blogger) and tell me what YOUR favorite cupcake flavor is. (Yes, yes, i am researching what flavors I should get while on tour. Consider it a vote!) I will pick five random winners and send them a free copy of LIFE AFTER THEFT!!! (Which you should ALL read because it is my SUPER SPECIAL book baby!!!!!:D)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!



KaylaDFT said...

Cinnamon Sugar cupcakes!!! Those are sooo delicious!

Anonymous said...

I love red velvet!! Yummy!! :) I noticed that you didn't have a date on your Idaho Falls visit to Barnes and Noble, do you know when that will be?

Kate P. said...

I love Salted Caramel cupcakes! I am hoping to come to the meeting in Ohio; I live in Indiana. I love your writing so much!

Ashley Wyckoff said...

My favorite is cookies n' cream. But I also love vanilla.

Amy Alice said...

Red velvet. I'm excited to see you and get my book signed!

Erin said...

This is really hard but I am totally a sucker for anything almond. I love all your writing. I'm in VA maybe I can make the treck to NC to see you!!

Bridget Howard said...

I can't believe you guys are coming to Idaho no one ever comes to Idaho!!! I love all of your books and Earthbound has been my favorite so far (I got an e-ARC that I already read and reviewed) it is defiantly on my list to pre-order :)!!!! My favorite flavor of cupcake would have to be either red velvet or carrot cake!!!

Monica Aguilar said...

My favorite cupcake is German chocolate. It is delicious! I juat loooooove any chocolate. I wish I could go see you but Texas is not on the list! :(

Darith L. said...

My favorite cupcake flavor is anything chocolaty! I also love Red Velvet!

Tweet me @Bookbrews if I win! :D

Monica said...

I love any kind of chocolate cupcakes!

Vanessa Sun said...

wow thnx so much for this opporttunity!

Anonymous said...

Personally I love strawberry cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting. Not only do they taste delicious, they are pretty too :)

Megan P. said...

My favorite are raspberry cream!

carelaisa said...

I will go, I think, with a classic flavor: vanilla cupcake with either vanilla or chocolate frosting. Simply love it!

Alison Lan said...

My favorite is definitely heath cupcakes!!! They are delicious!!!

Hannah said...

A few months ago I would have said white or yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. But then I made some peanut butter cupcakes and they were delish. And even later I made some strawberry cupcakes, and they were also very yummy. So any (or all) of the above are a good choice!

Isabel Lopez said...

I love cupcakes!! RED VELVET & Cheese Cupcakes!

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

I am a fan of chocolate :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go ahead and stay with the classic Chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting yummy! Why isn't Chicago on the list !!


Lauren H said...

Lemon cupcakes are amazing! Actually, I love anything lemon. Wish I could be there!

Kaitlyn said...

Peanut Butter cupcakes are the best! I am so excited for this giveaway thing! :) :)

*Charyse* said...

I love anything with chocolate :)) Hoping to make it to one of the Az parties!

Rose said...

Red velvet cheesecake cupcakes are delicious! So are peanut butter chocolate and banana cupcakes!

Shaylee Whiting said...

My favorite flavor is Red Velvet! And of course chocolate is always good! :) I'll be seeing you in Utah!

KikiD said...

My fav. is chocolate cupcake flavor! Umm!

Jenna D. said...

A local bakery here called Sweet Tweets has PB&J cupcakes! YUM! Peanut butter frosting and strawberry inside a butter cake! Mmmm!!!

Thanks for this super awesome opportunity to pre-order and WIN!

Twitter: @jennadoesbooks
imakethegrade at gmail dot com

Emily H. said...

Devil's food!

Erica Marshall said...

No Cali? Heartbroken! I love chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

I'd LOVE an autographed copy of Life After Theft to go with my Wings books. *please please please* ;-) Huge fan here!

Leticia Velazco said...

I just finished reading Earth Bound yesterday! My school was giving out free books that havent came out yet and i choose this one, awesome choice! I could not stop reading it, it was amazing! I finished it in a day! And i just wanted to ask, is there going to be a second part!? :D Please say yes!

Jen said...

Chocolate cupcakes are the best ^^