Saturday, February 02, 2013

Twice The Love! (And Then Some!)

So, apologies for the long time without blogging, but man, have I been busy! (I know, everyone says that and . . . well, everyone's telling the truth.:D)

But enough of my puny apologies. It's time for my annual Valentine's Day ARC Contest!!! But this year is a little different. And monumental in my not-so-humble-opinion.;) I have TWO books coming out this year. Not only two books, but I also have my very first short story coming out!!! This means than I have not one ARC, not two, but THREE ARCs to give away!!! Ep. Ic.

So in order, here are the books I have coming out this year:

April 30, LIFE AFTER THEFT, which is already getting excellent reviews from the pros (Kirkus, Booklist) as well as bloggers (Melania and Midnight Book Girl)

*Warning: Reviews are, by nature, always a little spoilery and MBG in particular did a very smart but in-depth review, so if you want to avoid spoilers here are my favorite, totes non-spoilery, lines from each review:

Melania: It's edgy, witty, fresh, entertaining, and very appropriate to the characters. No wonder this is the book that got her on the publishing agent's radar.

MBG: I was not expecting this book to be this good, but I really, really liked it.  It was unexpected, and even more unexpected, it's a standalone!  God bless you, Ms. Pike!  See, authors, it's totally possible to write a YA Paranormal that doesn't get stretched out over at least 3 books!

And, of course, my PRETTEH COVER!!!

So this one is April 30. Did I mention April 30? Yeah, cuz it'll be out in April. Just sayin'.;)

Next up in the anthology, DEFY THE DARK which comes out June 18th!

So, I have a confession; despite the fact that most authors seem to love writing short stories, do it for a break from novels, and actually consider it fun, there's a reason this is my debut published short story. I'm not very good at them. I think they're HARDER than long stories. So when my lovely fabulous friend Saundra Mitchell, who is editing the antho, called me up and invited me to be in it, I told her that I would, but that I couldn't promise my story would be any good. She took a chance on me. 

And I came up with an awesome idea in the wee hours of the morning that I *barely* remembered when I woke up all the way.

I think it turned out pretty good. I'm seriously proud of this story and as soon as the ARC came I read it again and STILL liked it!! Whoo-hoo!

It's called NATURE and, oddly, it's a dystopia. I didn't think I would write a dystopia anything--because I am too big of a "The Giver" snob. But I did! And so even though you are only getting 40 pages from me, I am giving away the whole ARC so it will have almost four HUNDRED more pages of awesomeness!!! (Thus the And Then Some in the title of this post.;))

Here is DEFY THE DARK's awesome cover!!!

And last but not least, my new SERIES!!!!! It's a full six months away, July 30 (Just a few days after my birthday, Happy Birthday to ME!!!) but EARTHBOUND is on its way as well!!!

It's too far out for EARTHBOUND to be getting reviews yet, but watch for them! They've just started sending the ARCs out!! What I can tell you is that Earthbound is about Tavia, the sole survivor of a plane wreck, who can break the laws of physics, and may have literally doomed all of humankind by falling for the wrong guy. I am so stoked about this book! I am working with a different editor on EARTHBOUND than the WINGS series, and she has stretched me in all kinds of different ways and I can't wait to share the results with you!!!

Also, there a freaking lot of kissing. Just, yanno, in case you're interested.;)

And here is EARTHBOUND's cover of awesome!!!!!

So, contest time. Well, let's talk prizes first. Guys, this is the biggest giveaway I have EVER done!!! I am so stoked about this year I just can't help it!!!!

Okay, there will be two First Prize Winners who will get a set of all three books (signed, of course!) Plus the tradition bag of Valentine's Day candy!

Three Second Prize Winners will get their choice of any of the three ARCs (it will be first come, first served for choices ;)) plus a WINGS book of their choice. Plus the V-day Chocolate.

Five Third Prize Winners who get their choice of any of the WINGS books and chocolate to keep them company while they read. ;)

And then, instead of the ten Fourth Prize Winners, there will be TWENTY. (Yes, I am crazy excited!!!) who will get the Valentine's day candy bags.

So that is 17 books and 30 bags of candy up for grabs.

What do you have to do? Well, the best way is to pre-order my prequel to LIFE AFTER THEFT, called ONE DAY MORE.

Oh wait, did I mention that I'm a big fat liar and I have yet another story coming out??? Ooops. *wink* I don't know just what to call it--I guess it's a short story, but I just think of it as a prequel. ONE DAY MORE is about 10K words or 50 pages long (I always like readers to know what they are getting into with an E-Story) and is a glimpse into my ghost character, Kimberlee's, life before she was a ghost. It was incredibly fun to write because, even though Kimberlee is an incredibly dynamic character, LIFE AFTER THEFT is not from her point of view. ONE DAY MORE is.

ONE DAY MORE is up for pre-order at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble and comes out April 2, which gives you time to read it and start massively salivating for LIFE AFTER THEFT four weeks later!!! (Yes, I'm so mean . . . If it helps, I TOTALLY feel bad about that. *shifty eyes*)

So now we have points:

5 Points for pre-ordering ONE DAY MORE (Honor system here people, a prize is not worth the STAIN ON YOUR SOUL for lying!!! Uh, yeah, whatever, I trust ya'all.:D)

2 Points for following me on Twitter, (@AprilynnePike) because I am jonesing to hit 10,000 followers by the time LIFE AFTER THEFT comes out!! If you are already following me on Twitter, you get two points too. Because I'm nice like that.:D

1 Point for mentioning my books on Twitter (put @AprilynnePike and I'll see you)

1 Point for mentioning me on FaceBook. (I totally won't see you there, but I still trust you.:D)

1 point for mentioning my books on your blog, Tumblr, whatever, you get the point. Social media equals a point.:D

So comment below (or of you're reading this on FaceBook PLEASE go to my blog to comment) and tell me what you did and how many points you get, and you get an entry for every point you scored. Super easy! (And if you need to add on just comment again and add points.:))

Entries need to be posted by MIDNIGHT on Valentine's Day, MY time. (MST at the moment.) Contest void where prohibited or otherwise altered by legal restrictions!

This contest is open internationally, however, I don't know how accessible the pre-order to ONE DAY MORE is outside of the US, so international readers may just not be able to get those points. I sowwy!!!

I will announce winners on February 15th and then we will do all the wrangling on getting addresses, book choices, etc.

I SO appreciate all of you guys who help me spread the love every year, and especially those who spread the love all year long!!! This is how I say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!



Stacey said...

Stacey O'Neale
staceyoneale at gmail dot com

I had 5 points total. Here's my proof:

Love your books, Aprilynne! I just met you for the first time at FaerieCon and you signed my books!

Joy said...

I have 9 points
-Preordered "one day more" 5pts
-followed and mentioned on twitter (mine is @joycapulet) 3pts
- and mentioned on my tumblr 1pt

Love all your stories!
contact info:
joyevery at comcast dot com

EmRuth said...

I have 10 points total. I did everything. Preordered the book, I already followed you on Twitter, and I posted about your books on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

I love your books! This is an awesome thing you're doing!

Joy said...

Just Posted on my facebook as well!!
add an extra point, so 10 total!

Suzie H said...

I follow you on twitter (@supermom8),
tweeted about your book -,
and shared on facebook -!/suzie.hurst/posts/123770644466515.

I have 4 points right now - working on the pre-order (can't find on amazon.)

Love your books! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Nancy said...

Pre-ordered, follow you on twitter (new follower), mentioned you on fb

tinkerbell0611 at gmail dot com

April Lynn Carr said...

So I have 14 total for Facebook, Twitter, already followed on Twitter, pre-ordering-- IF you meant to include preordering Life After Theft also, if not-- then 9 points!

Epic giveaways are epic! Can't get enough books!!!

jessica said...

Did it all :) Super excited for all of your new work I have been having Wings withdraws :)

Erica said...

5 points as of now: Followed on both FB and Twitter,
have mentioned you and your books on both as well as sending out the WINGS and other book love around on my friends blog since I don't have one. ^_^

Looking forward to ordering One Day More soon!

Fantasy397 said...

So, I preordered ONE DAY MORE.
Of course, I'm already following you on Twitter!!
Diligently mentioned your books on Twitter (@Fantasy397)
Also mentioned you on Facebook :D
Mentioned your books FOUR TIMES on tumblr, just in case that can get me more points. (Hey, it was worth a try!)
I am also spreading the word among all my friends, just to be nice. :D
Happy Valentines Day!!

chani said...

9 points!
Twitter (already following you and tweeted)
I really love your books! My favorite book will always be "Wings". <3

Anonymous said...

I got only one point as I don't use facebook or twitter and live in Canada where One Day More isn't available :( I did however get to share it with some friends on Skype which I hope counts.

-Megan mpries at mts dot net

Meghan S said...

I get 5 points for the preorder,
2 for the follow on twitter,
1 for the mention on twitter,
1 for the Facebook mention, and
1 for a tumblr mention
That's a total of 10 points!

Anonymous said...

tostsgh1355Facebook, I love your books

Anonymous said...

Facebook, I love your books

Amber said...

Pre ordered order number: D01-1334062-2039501 5pts
Followed andmentioned on Twitter 3pts
Facebook 1pt

9pts for me :)

Renae McKenzie said...

1 Follow on Twitter
5 Pre-order of ONE MORE DAY
1 Mention on Twitter
1 Mention on Facebook
1 Mention of your books on my blog Rolling with the Moments

Thanks for the chances to win!

Tiffany said...

I get 6 points. 5 for the preorder and 1 for a facebook post! Can't wait to read all of your new stuff!!!

Cassandra said...

So, I would love to pre-order your book, but for the life of me, I can't find it on Amazon. I'm trying to be honest here, though I'd love to add another 5 points!
I do have 5 points already though. I joined twitter and followed you, plus tweeted. Facebooked, and since I don't have a blog, I commented on all the blogs I regularly read about your awesome books!

Dreamin' Big said...

Four points!

Not much, but it's what I can do :D Following you on Twitter, and spreading your name across the net! trying to promote you on Goodreads too... but I don't know if that counts - more points if it does :D

Thanks for taking time for your fans!

Leighann said...

Put me down for 9 points! I preordered, followed on FB & Twitter & commented on both. Don't have any other social media for the 10th point. Loved the Wings series & looking forward to the new collection of books!:) Hopefully you'll have a signing near where I am at some point!

Richa Parande said...

Following you on Twitter (CityofBooks_YA)
Posted about your books on Twitter ( and mentioned them on Facebook.

4 points total :)

PetalDreams said...

I just pre-orderd One Day More (5P)
I already follow you on Twitter, @JaciF88 (2P)
I mentioned your Wings Series already on Twitter. Remember my marathon? :D (1p)
I just shared your page on Facebook (1P)
I give references on every book I read on! Which includes your Wings Series. Hope that counts as social media :) (1P)

Which will be all in all 10 Points :D

I am kind of a book nerd. So I post every book I start reading on Facebook and Twitter.
Give references to every book on Goodreads. And mention every book in my book journal on with some beautiful artwork.
Soooo yeah thats my book obsession here I guess XD

Oh and it is possible to pre-order One Day More in Germany over the page ;)

Have a great Sunday!

Becky said...

I actually already got Life After Theft as an ARC and it was incredible! It's definitely going to be one of my favorite books of the year - and made me laugh out loud multiple times. I so loved the Wings series, but I adored the direction Life After Theft took. I'm so excited about Earthbound! And I'm so excited about the direction your writing is taking - I don't think you could possibly write anything that won't be a NYT bestseller!

- Becky (I read Wings way back when, before it was published too and fell in love with your writing. :-) )

m0mof2 said...

So excited to hear about the new books coming out!! Marked my calander with all the date and added to my Goodreads list!! YAY

I have 9points.
-follow on twitter
-shared on facebook
I don't have a blog or other social media network (other than GoodReads) to get the 10th point.
-Jamie K

Amanda said...

7 points here!

I preordered the book!
I ALREADY follow you on Twitter!

ellandriel @

Nicole said...

I mentioned you on facebook.

Shantilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shantilly said...

I have 11 points in total ^_^

I was already following you on twitter :) Mentioned as well so 3pts

Mentioned on my tumblr 1pt

Mentioned on my blogspot 1pt

Mentioned on my livejournal 1pt

Pre-ordered the new book on amazon 5pts

Would really be amazing to win this since I'm all the way in the Caribbean and don't get a chance very often. My sis and I are big fans!

Kaitlyn Petrow said...

I have all 10 points! I did all of the tasks! :) I love your writing style and I'm so excited about the book I pre-ordered! :D

Erica said...

Add another 5 points for me :-D Just found and preordered One Day More. Excited to get it when its released.

So that brings me to 10 points!! YAY! ♡♥♡♥

Alison said...

Preordered One Day More! 5 pts
I already follow you on Twitter! 2 pts
Tweeted about your books! 1 pt
Mentioned on Facebook! 1 pt
Mentioned on Tumblr! 1 pt

So put me down for 10 points! :)

Anonymous said...

I have 4 points,

I followed you on twitter
Mentioned your books on twitter
Mentioned your books on facebook.

Thanks so much for doing this, I love you writing!

Gabi said...

I have 3 points!

I mentioned you on twitter and I have been following you!

danielle willis said...

I did everything!! 10 points:) can't wait for the books!! So excited:D

Sherlyn said...

I have 5 points in total:
Followed you on Twitter with @gohsherlyn - 2 pts
Mentioned your books on Twitter ( - 1 pt
Mentioned you on Facebook - 1 pt
And 1 last point for the social media part (:

Can't wait to read your new releases!

minicicciola said...

I have 4 points:
-2 for the follow on twitter,
-1 for the mention on twitter,
-1 for the Facebook mention

Jessy said...

I have 4 points!

Follow on Twitter- @JessyB015


Post on facebook: Jessy Boz

Good luck with the new books.

Katarzyna Zdunek said...

I have 4 points :D
Following on twitter, tweeted and shared on FB :D

Amber Lynae said...

I pre ordered, mentioned on facebook, and follow you on twitter. So that means 8 points

Lena said...

You are wonderful person! What a generous giveaway!
5 points for preorder
2 point for twitter- @LenaMarsteller
1 point for tweet-
1 point for facebook-
1 point for social media share tumblr-

10 points

Jasmin Burda said...

I have 4 points in total.

2 Points for following you on Twitter
1 Point for mentioning your books on Twitter (
1 Point for mentioning you on FaceBook (

I wanted to preorder your book, but since I am from germany I can't...

love your books.

YA Bibliophile said...

Yay! What a fun contest. My students and I LOVE the Wings books and cannot wait for more! I have 8 entries (pre-order, follow on twitter, and tweet!) Thanks so much for the giveaway.

Jill said...

I have 3 points (I follow you on Twitter and I mentioned the contest on Twitter -- @jillenabean).

Hannah Royals said...

I have a total of 10 points.

5 for the pre-order of One Day More

2 For following you on Twitter

1 for mentioning your books on Twitter (@RoyalsHannah)

1 For mentioning them on tumblr

1 For mentioning you on Facebook:3

Anonymous said...

2 pts for Following you on Twitter (@sydneycarreno)
1 pt for mentioning your books on Twitter
1 pt for mentioning you on Facebook.

Adding up to a whopping 4 pts! Hey, I tried :)


Anonymous said...

Posted about your books on twitter and am already following you there! So 2 points in total i think and i just don't feel well enough right now to do anything more! Love your books though!!!

Also had to post anonymous but my twitter is @Raineve just in case!

Valerie said...

Can't wait for your books this year!

Followed on twitter (2)
Posted on my blog (1)


Anonymous said...

Hey! the name's Chloe
SO excited! insane giveaway!

i got 4 points total
1- mention on FB
1- mention on twitter
2- following you on twitter

you're amazing Aprilynne!


Jamie said...

5 points for pre-ordering ONE DAY MORE, 2 points for following you on Twitter (@bluejay232), 1 point for mentioning your books on Twitter, 1 point for mentioning you on FaceBook, and 1 point for mentioning your books on my pinterest! That's all 10 points!

I absolutely love your books! You are my favorite author and such an inspiration. Thank you so much for having this giveaway! (:


Skye said...

+2: I Follow you on Twitter (@skyelyte)
+1: Mentioned you on Twitter (
+1: Mentioned your books on my blog (

Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read LIFE AFTER THEFT and EARTHBOUND! XD


Lynne said...

4 points (for now). I plan to pre-order One Day More ASAP. :)

2 points for already following you on Twitter and 1 point for mentioning you. (@MelodyRyder1. 1 more point for mentioning you on my tumblr (

Email me at lumen469710 at gmail dot com

Can't wait for Life After Theft!! :D

kayla keefer said...

I have 9 points I pre-ordered one more day 5points I follow you on twitter 2 Points @kekeefer I also mentioned your contest! I mentioned the contest on Facebook 1 point :) thanks for the contest

Sara (of the Page Sage) said...

5 points!
Twitter: following! (: @thepagesage
Twitter: Tweeted!

Thanks for the giveaway! (:

Ashley Wyckoff said...

I have 9 points. I did everything but blog because I dont have a blog. I love your books and can't wait to get my hands on some more :D

poodlefan said...

Okay, so I live in Australia so I can't pre-order it, but i already follow you on twitter, mentioned on it on twitter, tumblr, facebook, pinterest and instagram so that would be 7 points. It's my birthday on February 15th, does that get me anymore points? hahaha SO EXCITED for these books, can't wait until they come!!!

Jamie said...

I am so excited for this giveaway! I merely have 3 points, but I am still stoked! 2 points for following you on twitter and 1 point for mentioning on twitter :).

Sarah Holmen said...

Preordered and followed on Twitter, 7 points :)


Color Blind said...

I have 10 points total. I did everything. Pre-ordered your book, and I can't wait to read it! I already followed you on Twitter (@love2dazzle), and I posted about your books on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Zino said...

8 points for pre ordering the book, following on twitter (@zino_p) and tweeting.
The book is available to pre order on iTunes Australia which is so awesome :)

wwe11 said...

2 for followering by twitter-wwe11

Annie said...

I follow you on Twitter, and I mentioned you in a tweet! My Twitter handle is @theelbibliobabe! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I am so excited to read your new books!

3 points total

Annie :)

Writer Tessa said...

3 points total :)

I follow you on twitter and I tweeted:

It was my epic 1,100th tweet!

V said...

10 points! :) I already follow you on twitter and all :)

Emily C. said...

10 points
5 for preorder
2 for twitter following @appleblueberry3
1 for mentioning on twitter
1 for mentioning on facebook
1 for mentioning on tumblr

Kim said...

5 pts total for me! :)

Thank you so much! I'm a huge fan of your work! :)

Unknown said...

10 points!!!!
I preordered One More Day on my nook :)
I signed up for twitter and am following you and I mentioned you!
I liked the winged series and One More Day on Facebook and said that if anyone needed books to read yours are worth reading and that I loved them!
I posted on pinterest your books under books that I love and worth reading!

So excited!!!

*Charyse* said...

So excited about all the new releases :)) Already following you on Twitter(2), already pre-ordered One Day More(5), mentioned the new books on Twitter(1) and mentioned all of your books on my blog and Pinterest, I don't know if that gets me just one or if it gets me 2 that leaves me at 10 and if only 1 that leaves me at 9. Again so excited for everything you're getting out this year and for years to come :)

V said...

oh, i forgot to say what i did before! @FanytasticLife :) I follow you and I tweeted :) tumblr post and FB yesss! Pre-order? CHECK

Christine D. said...

5 Points for pre-ordering ONE DAY MORE - I preordered on Amazon. (D01-9089372-9922560)

2 Points for following me on Twitter = @chrysrawr

1 Point for mentioning my books on Twitter =

1 Point for mentioning me on Facebook. =

Points Tally = 9

Ashley G. said...

I follow you on twitter @whollybooks. I featured both of your books as my wow picks in Jan if that counts. Here are the links in case it does.

Also, tweeted about Life after Theft.

I have 4 points if you count the Jan. wows if not I have 3.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Caitlin Elise said...

2 points for following, 1 point for tweeting, 1 for facebook, and 1 more for tumblr!
for a whopping total of: 4 points!

Emily Jane said...

2 points for continuing to follow you, 1 point for tweeting, 1 point for spreading the word on facebook, and 1 final point for posting on tumblr!
my grade total:4 points!
(sorry, i couldn't move on)

Siobhan said...

I follow you on Twitter, my handle is @chevy27
I tweeted about your books here:

so i have a total of 3 pts

veRONIca said...

I follow on Twitter @ PinhoRoni

Congrats on all the books! :)


Sarah J. said...

4 points for me!

- mentioned you on Twitter (@SarahJClift)
- already following you on Twitter
- mentioned you on Facebook

So excited to see what you have in store for us!

sjc {at} sarahjclift {dot} com

PamM said...

4 points for me. Follow you on twitter, tweeted, and mentioned on Fb.
Congrats on all the upcoming releases this year.
kydirtgirl68 AT gmail DOT com

Nour said...

Happy Valentine's day and thanks for doing this.

I have 3 points

-followed on Twitter: 2 points
My username is @NourMallouh

-mentioned books on Twitter: 1 point

Nour said...

I forgot to mention my email is livetowrite0(at)gmail(dot)com

Kari said...

2 Points - following you via Twitter as @alas3lads

Alexa said...

Two points for following on Twitter- @pageoflovealexa


Jess said...


Thanks for having this contest!! Love the fact that Life After Theft is a Pimpernel update!

9 points total!

Jessica Capelle said...

Total points- 8
5 Points for pre-ordering; 2 Points for Twitter (@jessicacapelle); 1 Point for RT'ing your tweet about the contest

Thank you for the fabulous contest!

Jesselle said...

+ 2 Following you on Twitter
+ 1 Mentioned your books on Twitter
+ 1 Mentioned your books on Tumblr (Link to the post:

Total: 4 points

This is awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your books! :)

Jesselle said...

Forgot to include my Twitter handle on my previous comment! Sorry about that! Here it is: @_jhvillegas

Thanks again! :)

carelaisa said...

I have at least 2 point, because of my 2 blogs.
Then, I mentioned your name amongst my fave authors on my profile on (same username than here)
( I could say I pre-ordered the e-book, since it's avaialble on amazon canada but I don't have an e-reader yet so I won't count that one! )
Good luck to everyone!

Claudia Rodriguez said...

So, I've preordered One Day More (which I'm really excited about because I'm so looking forward to Life After Theft!), I follow you on Twitter (@iwatodais) and I also promoted you on twitter, mentioned you on Facebook (I'd screencap it but idk how to show that here?), mentioned your books on my Tumblr (!

So that's 10 points I assume? I really hope you come to California again for your future book tours. You came last summer but at the last minute I couldn't go and I was really sad about that.

Erin said...

I have 7 points.

+5 - Preordered ONE DAY MORE
+2 - Twitter follow as @bookklovr22

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I can't WAIT for LIFE AFTER THEFT and EARTHBOUND!!

Lorri Austerford said...


+2 points for following on Twitter (I'm lyx812730, and I started following you a few weeks ago)
+1 point for mentioning on Twitter (not sure if a condensed fangirl rant counts?
+1 point for mentioning on Facebook (here's proof!
and +1 for mentioning on Tumblr (again, a fangirl rant...

Thank you~!