Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where I'll Be

This is a VERY IMPORTANT POST!!!! (hehe!)

Except it really is. I always feel bad when people say, "Oh, I live in XYZ, I wish you could come here!" and I was just there, but they didn't know it because I was bad about spreading the word. So the spreading is going to commence!:D

Here are some of the events coming up in the next several months where you can find me.

First and possibly the most exciting, I am going to be attending FAERIECON in Maryland next month!!!!! (No, I'm not excited about this in the least . . . .;))

Here is the FaerieCon website. You will note that there are several other amazing YA faerie authors including Julie Kagawa and Melissa Marr. In fact, we are doing a panel together where we will discuss if YA has become the new mainstream. (That's a panel *I'm* interested in listening to even though I'm on it!) This Con will run from Friday, November 9 through Sunday, November 11 just outside of Baltimore, MD. (The website is loading a little slowly today, be patient! I assume that means that millions of people are checking out the extreme awesomeness of the WORLD'S LARGEST FAERIE CONVENTION!!!)

The next couple events are not for four to six months, but I want to let you know ahead of time because early registration is required.:D

I will be presenting at the third annual Teen Author Boot Camp sponsored by the Utah Valley University in Orem Utah on Saturday, March 16th. There will be a ton of authors there like Shannon Hale and Janette Rallison, and also literary agent Amy Jameson. It is an all day class and workshop conference for teen aspiring authors and it looks like it is going to be amazing! (Check it!)  If you are a teen who wants to attend, be aware that the event is capped at 350 (up from 250 last year!) so don't wait until the day before to register. *wink* (Note, registration is not open YET! But be thinking about it.:))

For the second year, I am a presenter at The Romantic Times National Convention, and of particular note, am participating in the amazing Teen Day on Saturday, May 5th. This has become THE premiere Teen Book event int he entire country ya'all. Last year there were over seventy authors and as well as getting to meet and listen to them read, teach, make weird jokes (I'm looking at you, Ally Carter;)) and get some serious one-on-one time at the party, every teen also gets a goodie bag with a bunch of books (often ARCs that haven't been released yet!!!). Last year we had over 70 authors and gave away over 3500 books. This year there are over eighty authors and who knows how many books we can get together to give away!!! Seriously people, this event is in Kansas, but if you are close, or even kind of close, this is an event worth saving up and going to! Last year we had teens fly into Chicago for New york and California and tons of places in between! It is an amazing event and I am so excited to be a part of it AND as a bonus, to have it be the week that Life After Theft releases!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!:D

I am starting to get a few details about touring next summer, but really, that's over six months away, so you can't expect much. *wink* But these three events are going to crazily awesome!!!! (Awesomely crazy?:D) PLEASE COME SEE ME!!!!:D



Erica said...

Awww, FaerieCon sounds AMAZING!! Why so far away!? Gah! California, please! I was so upset I missed you at San Diego's Comic Con *sigh* Next time FOR SURE, though.

Sarah said...

You know I may just have to drive out to Baltimore ... cause no authors ever come to Buffalo, and I would really love to get my books signed :D

Josin L. McQuein said...

That's seriously cool - I didn't even know there was a faery convention!

barmybex said...

Come to England!!! I really want to see you, I'll even dress as a fairy for the occasion. :D (I have 3 different fairy costumes)

Anonymous said...

Can't there be a awesome FaerieCon in Australia and I don't think that would my birthday present D:

Fantasy said...

Man, all those events sound AMAZING! Why can't they be in California?! Can't believe i'm gonna miss everything! D:

ben268 said...

These events sound awesome.

Isa Lezah said...

Could you come to Costa Rica? Pleaseee... it's just two hours away in plane... we love you here!!!