Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wings 4 Playlist


Businessy-stuff real quick, I am coming to NYC!!!! I am doing an event at Books of Wonder on the evening of the 28th of July. I don't have the details yet, but I wanted to mention the date so that people around New York can start thinking about it.:) There will probably be some other authors there as well (BoW likes to do group events) but I don't know for sure who yet. As soon as I have the details, I will let you know.:) But save the date!!!! I will have the tattoos for sure, but I may have a couple other fun goodies too.:D

Onward and upward. Book 4.



Seriously though. I am about to turn in my final revisions on Wings 4 and I am SO excited about it!! This book started out in a really strong place when I initially turned it in and over the two rounds of edits I've done with my editors it has just gotten better and better! (My editors rock!!!) And I am telling you, it is intense!!

*I've been telling this to people at all my signings, so I don't consider it a spoiler, but it you prefer to have a total blank slate, I'll go ahead a give you a SPOILERWARNING*:D

This fourth book picks up about an hour after Illusions ends and lasts just over 24 hours. Yes, I did say hours. This is a book where you get in, you buckle up, and you hold on for dear life. It's almost exhausting to read through it. There is lots of running and fighting and death, and several major characters don't make it out.

It's very fun!!!

*End spoilers*

Most of my readers know that I don't listen to music when I write. I find it distracting rather than motivating. And same goes for the first round of revisions, when I do broad, sweeping changes that general involve large sections of re-writing. But when I get down to line edits and smaller tweaks, I tend to crank up the tunes.

Tunes is generally too broad a term, actually. Often it is one song that I play over and over again. The revisions of Spells were brought to you by Juice Newton's Angel of the Morning, played on repeat for eight hours a day for three days. I kid you not.

Illusions revisions were brought to you by about four songs in the musical Wicked, again, over and over again for about a week.

I am apparently getting a little broader as I have fourteen songs that I have been playing on repeat for the last month.:D

So here is the Wings 4 revisions playlist:

And No Matches- Scooter
Come One Get Higher- Matt Nathanson
Defying Gravity- Wicked, OBC
Fearless- Taylor Swift
For Good- Wicked OBC
You and I Both- Jason Mraz
As She's Walking Away- Zac Brown Band
Colder Weather- Zac Brown Band
Felt Good On my Lips- Tim McGraw
Don't you Wanna Stay- Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkston
Knee-Deep- Zac Brown Band
Somewhere Else- Toby Keith
Can't Behave- Courtney Jaye
Haven't Met You Yet- Michael Buble

And don't try to read any tea leaves from this selection. None of the songs have anything to do with what's actually happening in the book--it's just music I know I won't get sick of after the five or six hundredth time.:D (Interestingly, it's also the music I'm running to these days.)



Kate said...

I'll definitely be at the BOW event! :) So excited to meet ya!

Jena said...

I cannot wait for book 4!!!!!! You have no idea!!!!! :D and I am going to try so hard to get to that NYC signing!!! :D

barmybex said...

I cannot wait for the 4th book, I know it's going to be Incredible!!!

You've got some awesome songs there - I adore Wicked and Fearless by Taylor Swift is one of my feel good, jump round the house to songs. :D

Thanks for the list, will look some of the others up.

barmybex said...

Oh yeah, any plans to come to the UK ever? Really want to meet you. :D

Jessica Sine said...

Love your playlist for your revision of book four...great songs! I can not wait for book four. I can not pick up another book to read as I wait , they are just not the same.

BaritoneGirl said...

Can you tell us if there will be an epilogue at the end. Or will we have to infer what is going to happen afterwards?

Carolina said...

Ok, so for Wings4 you said that several major characters don't make it out. Now I NEED to read this book! My patience for your series has disappeared! (That's a good thing, right?)

Mariella the Escapist said...

I see a lot of country music, hooray! I can't wait to get my copy of the third book. Until then I will just reread the first two. And make fairy wings. :D

Riv Re said...

My thought process in the beginning: Yay! NYC! Oh, Robin Goodfellow, I'm not going to be home! I leave on the 27th for a land of no internet.
I accidentally misread that bit about major characters. I read "and several major characters don't make out"
Thought process: NOOOOooooo!!!!!
I have a feeling, after Spells, Angel of Morning played in your head for a lot longer than three days...
Nice music. Wicked. Taylor Swift. Kelly Clarkson. Lots of people I never heard of. Enjoy 'em ;)

Good luck in NY! I was just in BoW last night, and it was amazing.

Stephanie Leigh said...


Anonymous said...

Wow I can not wait until wings4 you have put me on the edge! I have to read that book! I can not believe 7 wow 7 Charaters don't make it out! You have upped this next book so much! So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell us a date of when it is going to be out like in December this year or October this year ? Or January next year ?? Please :) :P

anna said...

oh my! i'm STOKED for Wings 4 now... more than i was just about 10 seconds ago (which, after finishing Illusions last night was MUCHO STOKEDO!!)

24 hours. sounds incredibly intense. and perfect.

oh my gosh.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome playlist! :D Wings4 sounds so good and 24 hours! That is impossible ! So that means I want to read it EVEN MORE !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aprilynne pike, my FAV-our-ite author !!! Hi I'm all the way down under ( Australia!) and I was wondering if you were going to do a tour thing for wings4 would you be able to go to Australia, Brisbane ? Or would it be to much of a hassle ??

By the way LOVE your books !! You are such a great author !!

Hannah Marie said...

As Chelsea would say: *HOMIGOSH!* cannot wait Wings 4!!! Literally just finished Illusions and I've got a craving;) I wish you would come to Twin Cities MN, I'd love to meet you!! Haha I love your playlist! those are some of my favorite artists!
now I'm craving the next book one-hundred-thousand-million times as much as I was one minute ago!
wow, 24 hours? scary intense! sounds amazing!
Pleeeaaaaase give us a date!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi im lorraine from englang leeds i loved reading your books but im confused i have wings spells and wild is the 3rd book title been changed from illusions to wild or is illusion the fourth book

Anonymous said...

hi its lorraine again sorry this is the best set of books ive ever read as i said theres no mention of the book wild wich i thought was the 3rd book i have
so whats illusion?
please email me if u can x so confused but cant wait for your next book good luck to you x

Anonymous said...

PPlllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeee!!! don't end the series with only having witten 4 books! I mean look at the Harry Potter series for goodness sake-what a sucess! your books could be the same but there just needs to be a bit more to read about, more detail!
There is no way that you can say all there is still to say in one last book!
Just think about all the detail you could add!
If you run out of ideas just ask your readers what to do next(they would be more than excited and happy to help)
Serioucly, please just consider it.
I really think you should either add at least 2 more books or make the 4th book really thick!
I'm trying my best to make your books well known around here and trust me people love them but please don't disapoint us by writing so little!

(It's never to late to change your mind-infact I think people would be more than excited about a change of choice) and if you are bored of writing about the topic then take a years break and carry on later.
But please consider it (you could always have a surprise book afterwards:)
thanx for reading and enjoy the excitment for the 4th book

Anonymous said...

What's the next book called?
I mean the 4th?:)

Anonymous said...

do you ever read these comments or are they just to decorate the site?

Anonymous said...

hi sorry for being so rude to u in da last three comments but i was real disopointed with the ending of wild ( i was just expecting an answer and the anticlimax let me down and made me angry)
sorry again!
xoxox :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I have the PERFECT actress for laurel!
she has blonde hair, light greeny blue eyes, her skin is fair and her face is perfectly oval! (just like you described laurel)
she is Amanda Seyfried and she can really look 15!
she is an amazing actress! :)
I'll send u a pic!

Anonymous said...

um..I think your sending time is wrong because it's 12:02 in the afternoon.
oh maby it's because I'm in Cape Town, South Africa
BTW my name is Bianka:)
I sent the message above about Amanda:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, um I tried to send u the message but it told me your e-mail adress doesn't exist.
It's not just the picture I wanted to send but also a request.
Here is my e-mail b underscore sass at mweb dot co dot za. Please respond quickly

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's with film about Laurel?

Anonymous said...

Loved all your books... cant wait 4 d 4th one.. i knw itz gonna b as awesum as the previous ones.. :)

Anonymous said...

HELLO!! Wow LOVE YOUR BOOKS can not wait until book 4 and I'm so excited about your next series!! Is it going to be about faries as well?? Like after book 4 ?? Or a completely different subject??

Bye !! Love your work!! Have fun in your next series !!

Ruth :P

Florentine said...

my god!I want that fourth book! I life in Holland and I have red your books wing, spells and Illusions and I love it. I can't wait for book 4!

Ana said...

book 4 sounds so exciting! and suspensful! cant wait! and would you by any chance be able to make it to Minneapolis, MN? it would be soooo super duper fantastic to meet you!

elliegirl said...

there's some typinbg mistake made in your playlist...

Kelly Clarkson in stead of ClarksTon
just thought you should know...

by the way: I really can't wait for that fourth book to come out... but for now I'm still waiting for the hard cover of illusions to come out in Belgium [sigh]

... and it's taking way to long according to me!!!!


Klara said...

OMG you totaly can not Kill off MAJOR characters please tell me david and tamani don't die or chelsea either thats would be terible make it like Harry Potter where major people die but not the main few characters like harry ron ginny hermiony ect. that way the book is sad but not too heart breaking plus don't you like love your charaters too much to kill them by now i know i love mine way too much to hurt them badly and i've only written like six chapters and they prob aren't even that good but i just ove writing(and reading) way too much to ever give them up and i know i would be inanely romantic if tam died for laurel at the end and and she told him she loved him and always had in the last seconds efore he died, and as you wrote in book three he can't (mabey) be with her romantically in avalon anyway cos he is a spring fairy but still they'd find a way laurels just that good right plus she already hates the whole higheracy thing, and i know he always says he'll save her or die trying and i know hat he probs is not going to make it i can just feel it that either he or david or both won't make it but i swear if one or both of them dose die i will read the book once and then burn it so that i can pretend they are still alive in the book obviouly im not quite that crazy but seriously you can't kill tam david or laurel or chelsea it's just to sad xxol sooooo saddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Klara says because it just makes sence!
It would obviously be great if Laurel and Tam both get married and have a seedling - cute!
love your books

Alexis said...

I just finished Illusions a day ago, and I was so mad when it was over. i didn't know there was going to be another book!!! Now I'm so excited!!! No offense to David, but I am so team Tamani!!! i have to know if Laurel chooses him!! Tamani is freaking awesome I wish he was real!! Oh aprilynne u are amazingly talented. I'm so happy i found your book :)

Oh and I heard that wings was going to become a movie! But i'm sure it won't be even close to as amazing as the books are!! I also heard Miley Cyrus is playing Laurel. If you, aprilynne have a say on it please don't let her do it or the movie will be ruined!!!!!

Last thing...I LOVE FAERIES!!!!!!!!!!!

F.A.M said...

i luv these buks soooooooo much...i cant wait 4 number 4 its soooooo excitin and i just found out a few secs ago that ther is gonna b a 4th buk...wen u r done with writin these buks i think it would b awesome if u also made these into would b as awesome 2 wach as 2 read... :D

Jords said...

Book 4 sounds so exciting! Can't wait! I can already tell I won't put it down xD

Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Kelsey and OHMYGOSH I love your books! One day in the library I
wanted to get a book series that would last me to
September lol (I'm waiting for more books on both of Rick Riodans series) but when I picked up wings and started reading I couldn't stop! It took me three days to read all three books!! Then I started reseaching more books of yours but there's not anymore! :( I hope after this series is over you end up making more books :). By the way I do hope that Laruel and Tam end up together sorry but I think that they were meant to be! Tam said that if she does end up with David he will end up watching over her anyway and Laurel will live longer then David and just have her heart broken when he dies and wish Tam was there.

Debbie Davis said...

So excited that you have your 4th book done, I think it is so wonderful, and look forward to it coming out! I love the playlist, and I think it is really interesting that they just motivate you to write and really don't have anything to do with the story line! =0)

Debbie Davis said...

I love that you have a playlist that doesn't have anything to do with the story line, but that it totally motivates you to write. I am so excited that you have the 4th book finished. It will be awesome to see it when it comes out!

paris said...

OMG I can't wait for book 4!
My friends told me how great 'Wings' was so I thought I would get reading! And I loved it!! I have just recently finshed reading 'Illusions' and I am hungry for more!!!
Nice songs, too!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLLLYYYY agree with Klara too,I mean come on NOT TAM or David or Laurel...PLZzzzzzzz we are all begging you, you cannot kill any of them if you do , and this is just a hunch, your going to have ALOT of angry readers.. just saying...You are my FAVORITE auther!!!!! So many times before in my life i wanted books to be real,the stories to be real but never,never,ever THIS bad. When I read your books it was like, like I was apart of them like I WAS Laurel. I've NEVER felt that way before! :)
I've always wanted my stories to leap to life,off the page, consume any reader into the world of my books! Just like you have done to me. You have a REMARKABLE gift and it has just amazed me. :) You'll probaly get a kick out of this :)... I went into the library and wasn't looking for anything special, just browsin' and my eyes scanned each shelf and then BAM!!! your book hit me.
I didn't even know theses were even there,never knew they exitsted!! So I took it off the shelf and flipped through it, read the back and before I knew it I was walking out of the library with a smile on my face and a checked out book I'd never read before. So when I got home I began to read and let me tell you, MAN it was like I was in some sort of trance or should I say I was Enticed by your books :D. It was like a whole movie was right there in front of me, all I had to do was open it up and press play! :D
I couldn't put it down it was like,like, well I really don't know what it was like(chuckle). All I can say was I thought I was going to die when I figured out the next book wouldn't be till next year most likely. Then something, maybe the curios side, the saddened side, or maybe just the anxiety side told me to get on google and check out your name or if you had a website, than that.
My gut was right I do feel better there IS another book. But not so much happier now knowing someone dies.. well it WAS my choice to read the spiolsport thing :/ oh well. I can never tell you how much I LLLLOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you're books and hope you keep on writing more book ALOT like that. YOu may count me as a permanent follower...unless Tam dies now that wouldn't be okay:)). (playful grin)
Seriously though, you HAVE and I mean HAAAVVVEEE to write at least 2 more books PLLLZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and if you can't think of any ideas,trust me, your readers can.

pαris ♥ said...

OMG I am so excited for Wings book 4!!!! Nice song choices- maybe if there is ever a Wings movie those could be added somewhere!I just finished Illusions, so I'm definitely waiting for more!!! (With all this team David and team Tamani stuff, I've decided I'm on team Tamani!)

Anonymous said...

S-several.. S-everal main characters... d-don't make it out??????? -hyperventilates- Wh-whaaat? By main, you mean main bad characters, right?!? RIGHT? Cus Tam and Laurel are NOT allowed to die. Neither are David or Chelsea. NOT allowed. NOT. -whimper-

Michele said...

DYING. NEED BOOK 4 NOW. Toronto wants you to come by the way.

Klara said...

Well i know that as far as dramatics go tam dieing is defo up there on that front but if i were you and i had soo many loyal fans out there who have been waiting and waiting to find out who laurel choses i know that i couldn't stand by and disapoint them so as i said before kill of a mainish character or even two but make like jk rowling and leave the main four or so charaters alive and i know that its rude to tell someone how to write their book but pleeesseee don't kill them..... also will the english adition have a different title like wild and illutions????? also when is wings four out i can't wait and whatever you do keep writing forever klara

Klara said...

wait i just though major characters dosn't mean LAUREL dose it nooooooooooooooooooo that would be trajic and it would all have been for nothing the whole story would loose meaning she can't die nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Marie said...

I can not wait for Wings 4 and... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WICKED!!

Jo_beth said...

I love love love your books!!! I cannot wait until the next book really even my friends can't wait we all borrowed the books from our library and just read it together.I really love your books because I NEVER read and I saw your book at my library so I picked it up and read and read.It took me a few weeks and then I read the next because I LOVED IT but this one took me five weeks( i am very slow reader) but then I bought Illusions and I was LIKE OH MY GOSH I finished it in 3 days because it was so good and intense. I was upset because your next book wasn't out yet. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS i am sorry about this long message but I wonder if you have any other books like wings because you are my favorite author the truth actually and lastly you made me want to read and it made me better in my English. THANK YOU I LOVE YOUR BOOKS AND IT MADE ME BETTER IN ENGLISH AND READING. At school once we had to do a book trailer to make someone want to read the book. I read 'Wings' so I chose to do it on 'Wings' because I didn't know what the other books were called since we didn't have the whole series at school yet. Anyways I got an A on the assignment and it made the school buy more books by you. I hope this inspired you because you really inspired me a lot. At school everyone knew I don't read and then I picked up your book and NEVER put it down. Everyone knew I don't read and then I read your book and everyone was like 'WHOA you really like her book' and I said yes It is a really good book. Lastly sorry this isn't in paragraphs and you look really pretty because I saw your website when i was looking for the next book.

Jo_beth said...

I love love love your books and i cannot wait for your next book.

I know this isn't really something someone would want to read but I am going to tell you about when I was reading the series.

I went into my schools library and I was on the computer and looked up. I saw your book. I walked to it and borrowed it. I read it and read it and read then after 4 weeks I finished it( I am a very slow reader). We had a reading session in class and a few people saw me read the book and they were like oh my gosh your reading Wings and I was like finally I can talk to someone about the book.They told me the book was really good which wanted me want to read it more. When I finished it I really liked it and I didn't know then there was another book. Then I was on my laptop and typed your name into Google and came up with your website. I was like yay the next book.The next day we had an assignment which was we had to do a book trailer to make people want to read the book. I chose your book and i got an A for it. The staff really liked it then typed your name into Google and got the other books. Then I started on Spells

While I read Spells I told everyone was going on in the book not the spoilers thought yet they wanted me to tell them more. They read the book to get more details. I am a really slow reader and everyone knew I was and wondered why I haven't finished because it was 3 weeks and only half way. (sorry if it sounds bad) Finally I finished it in math because I was done with the work and yelled out yes I finished but booo I need the next book. Everyone was like finally it has been 4 weeks. I told them that I would ask my mum to get the next book and she got it for me. Everyone was like WOW you actually got it. I was competing with my friend to see who would finish first and she was really fast reader. I read it in 3 days and she was like WOW you finished before me. I was so upset that the next book was not out. Then I found your blog and read your website to get more info. And that is the story.

OK I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BOOKS and also I hope that Laurel ends up with TAMANI even though he sounds a little bit desperate though I think he should be with Luarel because Tamani told her he loved her, took two bullets for her, had to make her forget everything about her life in Avalon, always talks about Laurel and actually did EVERYTHING for her such as tried to make her remember, thought of Laurel while he was with Yuki, made Tamani who he is now, is trying to protect her all he can well he does everthing for her sorry i repeated.

I love love love your book really and you made me better in reading and English a lot better I used to be a C in English but now an....A. I hope this inspired you and you inspired me.

BY THE WAY I LOVE FAIRYS and also thankyou.

P.S This was all this year.

Anonymous said...

i m near to the end of illusion and so excited to read wings 4. but then if someone is going to die, like you said there's death, and main character won't make it out. i presume it's gonna be tamani. hehehe!
i have nothing against tamani, i mean he's perfect and i even imagined him as taylor lautner. in illusion tamani said to david he took an oath. an oath that bound him to laurel and that is his job until he die. so maybe he really has to die.. hehehe oh wel i cant really say but im really excited to read the next book...ü

Klara said...

uh okay who evr left that last anonymous comment is soooo wrong.there is a difference between david and tam and that is that david is always laurels friend first and boyfriend second also its kinda mean the way she treats him cos she says her self he is safe but love isn't safe its totaly dangerous, and the thing is that if tam did die laurel would be devastated and might spend her whole life wondering what it would have been like to as she puts realy be with tam, which would be soooooo unfair on david cos if they did get married or whatever he'd always be wondering if she would have chosen him if tam was still alive or if he was just better than nothing. also what about chelsea she deserves to get her prince too dosn't she???? and also if david died before laurel chose tam might feel he was the cosulation prize too hence my earlyer point none of them can die!!!! laurel should have to choose not just deside on the one that dosen't die thats just selfish and not how LOVE should work......

dancergirl said...

ohmygoshohmygosh!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for book four, especially after what you just said! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books sooo much! Thanks for being so amazing!

dancergirl said...

I am sooooooo excited for the 4th book!!! But, just saying, you CANNOT let Tam die!!!! I do have to admit, though, that it would be completely and totally romantic if he died for Laurel, which is what I think you are planning, but even considering that, he still can't die! I think I would die if he did! I adore Tamani! I wish I could find a guy like him! :) But I love love love love your writing! You are my favorite author ever! Keep doing what your doing! You are awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't waot for book 4 but i wish it would come sooner than april so im both happy and sad that i have to wait. i don' like to wait but i love all of your books :)

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading illusiobs about a minute ago. Im soooo excited for wings 4 to come out!!!!!!!!! I love your books aprilynne