Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As Promised!

68 Zillion bonus points to Adam Purple!

a) 1.72 meters
b) Yes, it would return to the 5 meter height.

And, uh, yeah, I'm just trusting this answer is right.:D

*goes back to writing fourth book of awesomeness*



Ezmirelda said...

I suddenly noticed that you have an 'M' in front of your name.

Kudos to the genius who managed to get that question right :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if your aware of this but I was looking through the harpercollins website and this book sounded just like yours, and its even more creepy because the main character has the same name as yours do.

Robin said...

I finished Spells recently (yeah, I'm slow) and I'm trying to scour your site for news of the release date for book 3! (I have this spreadsheet that keeps track of my favorite series for me....) Alas, there is no news! When is book 3 coming out? Does it have a cover yet? You're writing book 4 (yay!), so I assume book 3 has already been submitted, right? When will it be published?


(Remember me from LDSSM?)

Kenny said...

Robin, HarperTeen hasn't set the release schedule for the third book yet, however it will probably be around May of 2011.