Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Cave

*poking my head out*

Hi guys! It's me! Your long-lost blogger! Sorry for the radio silence; I have descended into "the cave," as the lovely Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl dubbed it last year. Complete with this very appropriate picture that I have shamelessly yoinked.:))

That's right, it's revision time!

I'm really excited at the improvements that my editor of awesomeness has suggested, but there is a lot of tweaking and streamlining to do and I've got a six week deadline. So you may not hear a ton from me on the blog, but I tend to over-Tweet as a break when my head starts to esplode, so if you are not following me on Twitter, you might want to! (Author neurosis in action, oh yeah!)

I admit, I'm looking forward to it. I love seeing my novels improve with the expertise of my editor's red pencil. (Actually, it's almost always a purple pencil *lesigh* editor luv!) And really, it's a great way to spend 6 of the final eight weeks NOT stressing about the upcoming release :D

I will, however, be changing out of my pajamas and brushing my hair long enough to attend a fun event this Saturday, March 13. A website called Story Casters is co-hosting an event with Changing Hands Bookstore that is going to be as much party as anything else. Here's the announcement!

    As part of a series of regional conventions, Storycasting, the premier “fantasy casting” website, sponsors a free Storycasting meetup and signing. Six Arizona authors and a crowd of storycasters will meet, discuss fantasy casting, sign books, and talk about related topics. Authors in attendance will be Aprilynne Pike, Marsha Ward, Frank Fiore, Dan Shaurette, Marcia Fine and Shonnovan Mitchell. Snacks provided. The first 25 attendees will receive a free Storycasting T-shirt. FREE. RVSP: RegionalConventions.

This will be the last public event I am doing before Spells comes out. (I will be doing one writer's conference at the end of April, but it's only open to attendees . . .) So please come on out and see me!! (Laura, I have something for you--I expect to see you there.;))

In fun news, my fabulous Late Bloomer gals have started a new feature called "Sneak Peek Saturday" on their awesome blog, where they will be posting short cookies from Spells each week until release! Check them out.:)

I also found out a few days ago that after the super amazing promotion that my Italian publisher, Sperling and Kupfer, did for Wings, it hit number three on their children's bestsellers list! It's amazing to start to see other countries roll out their versions of my book, and even more amazing to see tons of readers enjoy it!! Grazie, Italy!!!

Thanks for sticking around and reading--I promise the content will get better soon.:D



Juju at Tales of said...

AZ? Oh I wish I could go :D

Anonymous said...

Better than hearing all your wonderful news, upcoming events, and that you're in the final stages of revision? Blah! You underestimate your awesomeness! Good luck accomplishing everything on your to do list. And don't forget your flashlight for that cave of yours. :)

Georgia said...

Oh, I will try to come! That sounds like a fun time :) We missed you Saturday!

Heather said...

Wow, sounds like you are one busy gal! Thanks for the tip on where to find cookies about SPELLS. I'll be clicking over there shortly... Have fun with the edits!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

event sounds very cool!

Laura Lofgreen said...

Something . . . for me? Does it have wings. Something for the baby? Does it have glitter?
You are a sweetheart and I'll see you there.
And you know I'll be blogging about it later at

Anonymous said...

Where have you been, Aprilynne? We miss you!


Brodie said...

Oh, I have to say I had a little swoonful moment when I first saw that picture on your post. It is gorgeous! I saved it to my computer for inspiration :)

Congratulations on your success in Italy!!! Good luck with your novel tweaking :)

Boomka said...

Ahhh the cave I know it well. I don't mind hanging out there. Its a little damn, and the cell phone service is almost non existant, but its cozy. Your cave however beautiful it is, does appear to have teeth, which I find a little bit terrifying. I'm not sure if it is to keep people in or out, but ya know, be careful!