Monday, January 26, 2009

EBay Goodness and Where to Start

This morning I officially became a REAL author!!!

How, you may ask. Did my book come out? Nope--still waiting for Cinco de Mayo. Did I get my first review? Nope--look for those in late March or April. Did I get my first publishing contract? Don't be silly. That happened AGES ago.;)

So, what's the big deal?

I'M ON EBAY!!!!!

Yes, yes. My ARC is now on sale on EBay. Whoo-hoo! This is totally a rite of passage I have been waiting for since my ARCs first came out. Please don't be enraged on my behalf, as some authors are. I think it's awesome!

A bit pricey though. What happened to five buck ARCs???

Also, we are down to double digits till release day! 98 days!!! I am considering making a paper chain . . . but we'll see. You want to hear about my February? It's CRAZY!!

I am touring for the next two weeks, sometime this week I will be getting 1000 title pages to sign (special promotion) that are due in three weeks, I will be recording a 25 minute podcast *nervous*, and I should be getting an ed letter for the sequel to Wings soon. Good thing my hubby has a light class load. I sense much child-watching in his future.:)

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I am *so* excited that promotion is really starting to roll! I've been looking forward to the next three months for a year and a half!! Bring it on!!!

Okay, in some semblance of seriousness, two posts ago, Miranda made a comment and asked, "If I want to write a book, where do I start?"

It's a great question.

The answer is!!!!

I don't know.

No seriously. I have written five books (well, six, technically, but after I finished two of them, I put them together and cut about a third of the words and made them one book instead.) and I have started all of them in different ways.

Book 1 (which is the 2 book hybrid)= I woke up with a magic system and the vague wisp of a plot. I started writing immediately.

Book 2= I decided I wanted to write a romance and I sat down and thought up a plot. It simmered for weeks before I started writing.

Book 3= Wings, I came up with a mythos and a hint of a MC. I also started writing this one immediately.

Book 4= I woke up with a very clear first chapter and the MC's voice. Not his face, not his hobbies, not his character. Just his voice. I wrote that first chapter within hours and then sat on it for a long time until I slowly developed a plot.

Book 5= A sequel. It was a plot that has been in my head for a long time, but it did a lot of changing as book one changed in edits. It was in my head for over six months before I wrote the first word of it.

As you can see, I don't have a hard and fast answer. The simple, and perhaps too obvious answer, is that you just start. I don't even know exactly what that means. Start thinking? Start outlining? Start writing?


Whatever works for you, for this story.

I have a degree in Creative Writing; do I think you need one? No. Do I recommend that you take a creative writing course or two? Sure, if you want to. But every author and every story is different. All I know, is that at some point, you DO have to start. I know so many people who say, "Yeah, I want to write a book someday."

Do it! Just start! Sometimes I think starting is the hardest part.

Then I remember edits and realize that starting is only the second hardest part.;)

But the point is that writing is a personal thing and you have to figure out for yourself what works.

Some advice that I think applies to everyone: read. You can't write a good story if you don't read a good story. And in addition, I think everyone should read some bad books too. Force your way through a really terrible book once in a while to remind yourself what NOT to do. But no matter what else you do, read. You have to read to be able to write. Absolutely.

In accordance with Steph (Reviewer X)'s request (LOL!) there will be plenty of updating this week as I share a bit of my travels. So stay tuned!



JKB said...

Yes, please keep us updated!

So excited for you!!

Amanda said...

Who sells the ARC? Do any of the profits go to you?

Dal Jeanis said...

Oh, and Alex Moore just put you on his list of three "Must buy" new authors.

You've made the big Time!

Katrina said...

Will you look at that, the ARC sold... ;-)

So I've been hanging around the blog for a while and just following your updates, and everything seems fascinating! I actually had a dream a few nights ago that I was looking through a bookstore, and Wings was there. And I REALLY wanted to get it.

So I saw the ARC and went for it. I don't know if reviews from 18-year-old ARC readers count, but expect one soon. :-)

PS. Sorry if profits from the ARC didn't go to you. But I'm assuming as a writer myself that the feeling of authorship is worth even more.

Kenny said...

For those who have asked, the ARCs are sent out to booksellers and book reviewers for promotional purposes. Of course, despite the fact that they are not labeled for resale, many of these find their way into commercial channels.

There are no royalties associated with ARCs because the publisher doesn't sell them in the first place--they give the ARCs away for free in hopes of generating sales through buzz, reviews, and so forth. Which means if you buy an ARC, it's likely 100% profit for the seller.

But why worry about that? If you're lucky enough to get your hands on an ARC, one way or another, please enjoy Aprilynne's book and tell your friends. Then the ARC will have served its purpose! d^_^b

J.F. said...

So might it be easier to elicit a response from you by inserting a random comment in here, than to repetitively throw unanswered e-mails into what I'm sure is your yawning chasm of an e-mail inbox?



P.S. Don't worry, the middle F stands for persistence.

Laci said...

That is great news! I envy (in a good way) writters who can come up with fantisy. My mind just doesn't work that way, but I do love to read fantisy. I just sent out my first bunch of query letters, scarey thoughts. I have a very brief bio about the book on my blog if you thought about checking it out. Good luck with your next month.

Aqui Wolfe said...

E-bay. Yes indeed, that is amazing. :}= gratz, girl!

Jill Wheeler said...

I think the main thing creative writing courses offer is accountability. If you have x number of pages due, you're more likely to produce.

But crit partners, info on the craft, everything else can be found in books and online.

Grats on your E-Bay ARC!

Mim said...

I was so tempted to go get the ARC, but I figured I'd wait and buy the book so that the proceeds will go to you. Good luck, and keep us updated on your book tour. So exciting!

jessie said...

I think your hand will hurt after signing 1000 pages.

Patti said...

I heard a saying once, it's better to write crap than nothing at all. At least crap can turn into something good, nothing just stays nothing. That thought keeps me writing.

Congratulations on all the publicity, I'm sure you'll do great because you love your book.

Sierra said...

It all sounds so exciting! I'm reading this blog moments after having walked my 6 year old back to her room - drink of water, tucking the 4year old in - again, and convincing the 2 year old that three stuffed animals (puppies if you were wondering) are more than enough for any little boy to snuggle at night. How is it that on a night when they were all sleeping soundly by 7pm and I settled down with my trusty laptop to write, and read, that the late night visits start just as things get intersting? Anyway, this midnight rambling has gotten out of hand - just wanted to say congrats and that I am looking forward to reading Wings!

Miranda said...

Thanks for the advice! Now... I guess I just need to get started. Good luck on your tour. I cant wait to hear how it went when you get back!

Saundra Mitchell said...

JFF, quit being a stalkery jerk. You're not entitled to anyone's attention, and you're certainly not helping yourself by making it plain you will harass people until they speak to you.