Monday, October 27, 2008

Some New Links

First, a cover update. For various reasons, mostly having to do with marketing, Harper has asked that I wait to post my cover until ARCs are printed and have started being sent to booksellers. That's about three weeks from now. So I apologize for the delay, but Harper is working really hard on my marketing and one of the key elements is everything unveiling at just the right time. So trust me, it's all good . . . but you do have to wait just a bit longer.

Okay, so I have a lot of blogs I read and places I visit, and you can find a lot of them over in my sidebar if you read this blog in Blogger. (If you read my LiveJournal, I apologize, I'm still figuring out my sideboards. . . . I'll get there!) But there are several places that are not in my sidebar that really belong there, and I wanted to highlight them today!

First, I always read Kristin Nelson's blog, PubRants. But after I'm done reading her entry, I always click over to Ally Carter's blog from Kristin's site. I hadn't consciously noticed till last week that no one knows I read Ally's blog because I have never linked to it or put it in my sidebar. So highlight number one is Ally Carter's blog. Ally Carter is the New York times Bestselling author of the Gallagher Girls series for young adults. I took the first book, I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You to a family gathering this summer and, I kid you not, I did not see it for three days and during that three days it went through seven girls. Ally has a really great blog that is a fun mix of personal and professional and she's always got something fun. You should go check it out.

Second, Sarah Prineas' blog. I've been reading Sarah's blog for over a year, but somehow I have only managed to get her blog into my bookmark list . . . on top of that, I'm not sure I have ever mentioned Sarah in this blog. Sarah is a really awesome person who is also published with Harper. She and I are also on a very similar marketing track, so it is not only fun, but informative to read her blog. Sarah is the author of the new series The Magic Thief, the second of which is coming out just after Wings. It's fun book for children ages 8-12 and I am looking forward to giving it to my daughter to read in about a year. So go check her out too; she's really friendly!

And last, not an author, but a reviewer! I keep tabs on Reviewer X, who in turn, keeps an eye on a fairly wide spread of the YA world. She reviews books very honestly and harshly (she's not afraid to give a popular book a bad grade!) and often has some very interesting points of view. But, of course, her best point is that she mention me now and again.;) So this is a fun blog! (Note, although she usually keeps her blog fairly clean, there was a *very* language ridden review in there lately, so just be aware.:))

So there are some of the blogs I frequent that I don't generally mention, but that you may want to have on your radar!

Oh, also, I got first pass pages the last week and am so excited about that. Because the cover had changed, it's not actually what THE book will look like, but it does look like an actual book!! It's very exciting! Check it out!

Yay! It is getting closer and closer to being a real book. Next step, ARCs!!!



Steph said...

Wooo, imagine my surprise when I saw myself mentioned here :) Thank you Aprilynne - very happy now :)


Sheila said...

I am getting so excited for your book to come out...but I am hoping I am still on the list for receiving an ARC. I also need to get on the list for an interview with you for my blog where I do book reviews. You are also welcome anytime to come podcast with us at LDS Womens Book Review.

I told my 10 year daughter about your book and I think she will be fighting me to see who get's to read it first. I have created another fantasy lover, which is a good thing!

Please let me know what I can do to help promote Wings. I am thrilled that this is happening for you!

*Kara* said...

Exciting stuff!! :)

Aqui Wolfe said...


Maprilynne said...

Hey Sheila!

I actually have several people on my ARC list and you are still there! But it will be another few weeks cuz ARCs got delayed due to cover issues. Soon though! (Man, it has been over seven months since I met you--doesn't it seem like forever???)

Sheila said...

OK, you are my exciting moment of my day! So glad to still be on the list! Like I said, I will have to hide the ARC from my 10 year old because she is just as excited to read your book as I am!

I can't believe it has been that long since the Whitney Awards. It will be time again soon for the next WA in the Spring. Just think, next year I will be able to nominate your book! So very awesome! I am going to have to be patient for a few more weeks! Thanks!