Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting Back on the Horse!

And it is Monday again! Where is the world did my last week go??

Actually, I know where it went . . . but I'll get to that in a minute.:)

Okay, so I have the most beautiful family pictures EVER! My friend Kali Jones took these at my sister's wedding two weeks ago and I am so thoroughly pleased with them, that I wanted to post them so you could not only see my beautiful family, but also my friend's beautiful photography! Thank you, Kali!!!

So, I rarely post anything even remotely political here, but I have to say that this has tickled me immensely (and it's really not that political, just news-ish.:)). An apt punishment for prejudices hidden behind a mask of religion. Ahem. Anyway.:)

In other news, my cover is getting it's final tweaks and will hopefully be ready to share soon, but let me tell you; it is beautiful! I'll share when I can.;)

Okay, so where has my week gone? Well, I have heard a lot of writers say something along the lines of, Writers Write! or Writers Write Every Day!

Um . . . I need breaks.:D

However, I've had a very nice break since finishing my sequel several weeks back, and this last week I have jumped back on the old writing horse and started writing every day again. And it's FUN! It particularly fun because it is the book I totally figured out in Maui; so not only am I writing, I'm writing with a clear purpose! (Which for me is always better than aimlessly wandering . . .)

However, I cannot write while my one-year-old son is hanging onto my ankles, so I write while he is napping. Nap time, is Mommy's work time!

Which, as my husband pointed out, leaves me trying to keep the house clean and do dishes while said child hangs onto my ankles.

But hey, you gotta have priorities, right?

That's what I thought.:)

In other news, I have a three-year-old son who is afraid of buzzers and will barely sit still for a five minute haircut using only scissors.

Guess who has the worst haircut in the neighborhood now. :D



Elizabeth said...

Awesome family photo! :) Brennan looks so much like Kenny's pictures - esp the hair.

trinathegranny said...

wow aprilynne that picutre is beautiful. can i have one please please

*Kara* said...

That is a great picture! I hope our wedding pics turned out as wonderfully! I'm excited to see your final cover!

Janine said...

Hi! I've been a "lurker" on your site for a know, gaining encouragement that another person in a similar situation can actually do this. Anyway, congrats on finishing your sequel and I hear you on nap times...turns out, the more I write the dirtier my house is. I realize people who drive by can't tell I'm polishing my manuscript, but they can sure tell I don't weed very often. But, priorities...someday, I'll have the last laugh. Anyhow, thanks for your posts and if you are interested, I've just started a blog journaling my attempts at publication...

Jamie Ford said...

Lovely photo! Great location too.

The buzzer thing kills me. I thought it was just my son. He would wake up having nightmares about the buzzer. Consequently he has very long "surfer-boy" hair.

Demon Hunter said...

What a great picture! Such cute kids. Glad that you've finished your sequel. :-)

Charlotte said...

I love the pictures! We miss you guys.

Aqui Wolfe said...

I visited that political link, it was so funny!! I love how even Gid's smiling in the picture

Pink Ink said...

Beautiful photo, Aprilynne :-)

Btw, my book arrived Friday. Happy day around here. Thanks so much!