Monday, August 11, 2008

The Ultimate Feast of Awesome!

Man, I am so late with the new blog! However, it's mainly because I finished my massive revision on my sequel yesterday that I have been working really, really hard on for the last month. Yay!

I just realized the other day that although I have the button on my sidebar, I have not officially introduced you all to the 2009 Debutantes at Also known as my very bestest writer pals in the whole cyberworld!

Another community of writers, you say with a groan. Why should we care? There's ten zillion of those out there.

Well, for starters, nobody has as cool a URL as we do.:D

Secondly, there is no other group on the web where you will find more of next year's hottest debuts in the YA and MG genres. If I do say so myself, we have a pretty elite group. We have the lead debuts from all of the six big publishers, several expected award winners, and some of the most original concepts I ever seen (rain for 22 years because of an unfinished baseball game anyone??) In addition, among our group we already have blurbs trickling in from Anna Godbersen, Justine Larbalestier, Stephenie Meyer, Scott Westerfield, and Melissa Marr. And several of us are going out on tour next year, both pre-publication tours and post. If there is a hot debut next year, you can bet that they probably belong to the Feast of Awesome.:)

There's not a ton of public stuff there just yet (don't let that fool you though, we have scads of locked posts,;)) but as 2009 approaches, (and man is it approaching fast!) there will be lots of fun stuff, contests, giveaways, and a bunch of all-around good stuff! So keep an eye on us.:)



Anonymous said...

Just curious...did you meet up with the debutantes before or after you found an agent? How did you find them? I mean, that many in one group is pretty incredible.

Maprilynne said...

Nope, we all met up after our sales were made and we've been adding members since January.:) We spread the word and, what can I day, we're so cool that most of those who find us (or who we find!) join!

Prince Balthazar said...

I wanna be part of an elite group with a debut book coming out.*sulks away and sits in corner*

Aww, congrats!!

Mundane Conversation said...

This sounds totally cool. Hope stuff like this is around when I(if I ever) end up getting something published :]

Alisha said...
you might find this article interesting. i just stumbled on it. . . :)