Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"You Said 'Tavern;' I'm Goin' to Moe's!"

Hehe, we love The Simpson's in our house. Tons of fodder for appropriate quotes.:)

Anyway, the title really will come back and relate in a minute.

First I have to tell you how cool my husband is. My hubby, Kenny, is in law school and doing quite well. But only because he works SO hard. (He's in the top of his class and on the board of the law review and has managed a couple of 4.0's in his classes. *grin* I love my hubby!) However, about four weeks into the semester *cough, cough* NOW *cough,cough* he reaches this point of stress where he gets really worried about how he's going to keep up with everything and understand his classes enough to pass his exams. (Last semester he came up to me at about the four-week mark and said, "I think I bit off more than I can chew this semester." In the the end he had his best semester yet!) Well, it's that time of semester again. Yesterday he was so distracted when I dropped him off at school that he forgot to move his hand when he shut our very large and totally unpadded van door and crushed his fingers (on his right hand no less) pretty good. *Ow!*

So I invoked the Pike household rule. "You were so stressed you slammed your hand in the door: I'm goin' to Mom's!"

So I am off tomorrow. I'll still be around--they do have internet in Idaho . . . it may still be dial-up, but I'm sure it's there *winks at Mom*--but probably a little more absent. With my husband stressing out so much and me needing to get my edits finished, Kenny and I could both use a week of relatively uninterrupted work. Hopefully we'll both be less stressed when I come back.

My mom's taking me to the symphony while I'm there. I've never been to the symphony before, but I think it will be a nice treat! So I may or may not have another entry up until I get back. So until then . . .



Heidi the Hick said...

Hey, I go to Mom's too when I need a break... and they're on dial-up too! I am willing to put up with slow internet though, because my horses are there. Let's see, internet or horses. Neigh.

My in-laws have taken us to the symphony. It's different! It's no rock concert! Just wait to clap til everyone else does. That's what I do. Have fun!

Holly Kennedy said...

Have a good time.

Going home to my mom's usually means dial-up that locks up and freezes, a portable phone in need of a new battery and lots of blessed silence!!

Meliss said...


That is cool that you are going to your mom's place. Tell them hi if they remember who I was. How is your family doing? I hope good. Where in Idaho are they at? Just a warning there is lots of snow in places in Idaho. Rexburg has around 4 - 5 feet on the flat and very high piles. Take care and have a fun time!

Demon Hunter said...

Ouch. I hope Kenny's hand is okay. Have a great time and get rid of the stress! :*)

David L. McAfee said...

Cool. Hope you have a great time. :) Hope hubby's hand is all right.

Genny said...

Poor Kenny! Funny story though :o)

Congrats on your book, BTW! That is so incredible!

Travis & Leslie said...

How long will you be in town? We should try to meet up sometime! We live in Rigby now so we're pretty close to your parents!! Let me know!