Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rolling Out the Red Carpet!

So few things happen in any person's life that are truly life changing; getting a big book deal is one of them. So, of course, that will be reflected in my blog. I've been thinking about the journey of publication the last week--in particular, my journey as it has been reflected in this blog. I started this blog almost two years ago when I was still agent-shopping. (Ha! I say that like it's as easy as walking down an aisle and picking one.:)) When I signed with Jodi my blog changed . . . matured? Maybe that's going too far. But it changed. It went from the blog of an aspiring author, to the blog of an agented aspiring author. A subtle change, perhaps, but it definitely took my blog in a different direction. I changed some of my links on the side and didn't quote other agents' blogs as much. I started looking for advice about publishers and acquired a couple of waiting buddies. (Hi Michelle and David;))

Well, things are changing again. I'm not an aspiring author anymore; I'm a soon-to-be-published author. That changes everything. (And I suspect another subtle change will occur once I am an honest-to-goodness published author . . . but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.) And yet it changes nothing. I'm not (I hope) going to lose my still struggling author friends, my daily life hasn't really changed, I'm not becoming rich and famous (Though goodness knows my family seems to think so.;)), and, unfortunately, my children have not turned into perfect angels.:D However, though I;m not running with a new crowd, I would like to spotlight the crowd I've been running with for the last two years. (Some less, some more.) So please join me in rolling out the red carpet for the authors whose books are all coming out the same time as mine. (And there's quite a few! It makes me happy!)

Michelle Zink, Little, Brown -- 2009

Carrie Ryan, Delacorte -- 2009

Jamie Ford, Balantine -- 2009

Cyn Balog, Delacorte -- 2009

Lesley Livingston
, HarperCollins --2009 (or late 2008)

Tessa Dare, Ballantine -- 2009

Sarah Rees Brennan, Margaret K. McElderberry Books (Okay, I admit, I don't know her, but I reeeeeaaaallllyy want to!)

And, of course, Aprilynne Pike, HarperCollins -- 2009

Shoot, I feel like I'm missing someone important . . . if it's you, please let me know.:) If you're someone I don't know but you have a new book coming out in 2009, let me know that too! I'm excited for me, I'm excited for them, and why not add a little more excitement. It's going to be a long 18 months for all of us, we might as well celebrate now.:)



Lostincyberspace said...

Congratulations Ill have to read them when they come out.

ORION said...

As Perry would say, "That is SO cool!"

angelle said...

that's just really really exciting. it's nice that you have the blog to look back upon, it having chronicled your journey here, right? :) that's awesome!! congrats again.

Church Lady said...

Congratulations all around!! It should be a fun journey, and I'm hoping you'll blog about it!!

Michelle Zink said...

Aw, that's sweet, Aprilynne! Thank you!

I posted about your deal, but sadly, I think my sporadic blogging has lost me a few readers!

I'll have to link to some of these other authors and get to know them. Maybe we can put together an organization like the one Jena was a part of that highlighted debut authors of 2007 (I think it was called Y27 or something?)...

Congrats again. My life hasn't changed either. I think more of that will come as we get closer to publication.

Right now I still drive the kids everywhere, stress out when the car needs to be fixed (worrying about money is a habit), and wonder what I'll fix for dinner!

moonrat said...


Demon Hunter said...

Congratulations to all of the wonderful writers! :*) I wish you all the best! Cannot wait to read all these books! :*)

Adrienne said...

Cool list! It just love how supportive authors are of each other, way different than actors . . .

Would it be okay if I also add my lovely friend, and a new Harper Collins author like yourself, Lesley Livingston to your list? Her book is called Wondrous Strange and I believe may be coming out late 2008/ early 2009!

Here is a link to her blog with the listing: All this time

Maprilynne said...

I'm telling you, Adrienne, faeries are all the rage now!:) I'll add her!

Adrienne said...

Ooh thanks! And yeah, they so are! Makes me think I should give up on the pirates . . . maybe make a move into the land of fey . . .

David L. McAfee said...

What? Fairies? That's the rage, now?

Man, I took a wrong turn with my giant rabid grape monster that turns into a California raisin.

Who knew? :)

This was such a nice post, Aprilynne. It just exemplefies those ultra-sweet qualities we all luv about ya. ;)

David L. McAfee said...

For the record...yes, I am aware that my above post is a perfect example of why proof-reading is a wonderful thing.


Congrats again, Aprilynne!!

Jamie Ford said...

Cool. Congrats! And lets hear it for the class of 2009!

CM said...

You should also add Tessa Dare, Ballantine, 2009 to that list!


Lesley Livingston said...

Hey Aprilynne!

Thanks for the mention!

Looks like we're in some pretty good company.

Also -



Megan said...

Uh, well if my book sells soon...hopefully I will be added to that list too.

Anyway, congratulations! I'm so excited for you. I have said this like a million times on a million different forums.

And yes, I know I'm exaggerating there.

Sarah said...

Congratulations, and as fellow-Nelsonite Jamie Ford says, huzzah for the class of 2009. Let's totally know each other - I'm really looking forward to doing 2k9 so we can all hold hands and agonise!

Sarah said...
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James Dashner said...


As a fellow author located in Utah, I was very excited to learn about your book deal. That is just amazing all around, including the sweet deal you got. Just awesome!

There are a lot of cool authors living here, including Shannon Hale (Newbery Honor) and Sara Zarr (NBA finalist this year) and many others. Okay, you surely know this already, but just thought I'd mention it.

A hearty congratulations and may your books be the next Harry Potter. Hope to see you around!


Heather B. Moore said...

Heard about your deal through the grapevine. Congrats!!