Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Debutante Ball

Are any of you familiar with this grog (group blog)? It's a fun blog featuring six authors whose debut novels all came out this year (except one whose publication date got moved back--:(--so she gets another year on the blog--:)--). I've always thought this was a fun idea and been just a smidge jealous that my book wasn't coming out this year so I could be a "Deb" too. But I did wonder how long it would last. After all, you only get one debut novel. Well, yesterday I got my answer in my e-mail (Yes, I admit, I don't check that e-mail nearly as often as I should). It has been a year since the Debutante Ball started and everyone's book has been published except for Eileen's (who is the author I mentioned above.) So they have brought in a whole new cast! Five new Debs and a return appearance by Eileen. So mosey on over there and have a look. It's a really fun site and there a new entry every day. So if you want to see the process leading up to and just following the release of a debut novel, you will enjoy this one. (Pssst . . . it's over there ---------->)

By the way, this is their official announcement, posted here with permission.

"We'd like to invite you to join the six of us as we take over the fabulous Debutante Ball ( ), starting Monday, August 6. was founded last year by Kristy Kiernan along with five other debut novelists. It was a wonderful chance for those writers to bond with authors at similar points in their careers, and provide an opportunity for readers to become acquainted with other books they might find enjoyable.

Last year's authors, Kristy Kiernan, Mia King, Tish Cohen, Jennifer McMahon, Eileen Cook and Anna David hand over the reins this week, with Eileen Cook being the one carry-over author, as her debut date has been pushed back.

This year's authors, whose books will debut in 2008, are: Danielle Younge-Ullman (FALLING UNDER), Jess Riley (RIDING WITH LARRY RESNICK), Lisa Daily (FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME), Jenny Gardiner (SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER), Gail Konop Baker (CANCER IS A BITCH: Reflections on Midlife, Mortality, Motherhood and Marriage), and Eileen Cook (UNPREDICTABLE).

We hope you'll drop by to visit the Ball ( ), remember to bookmark the site if you like it, and check out the happenings as the year progresses!


Danielle, Jess, Lisa, Jenny, Gail, and Eileen"

Please go visit them!



Kiskadee said...

What a great idea! Maybe we can do a glog ourselves, with a few more authors - when we make those bog sales, right???

Holly Kennedy said...

The Debs are great.
Last year's group had some wonderful posts, and I'm sure this new group will, too. (Hope you're having a good summer!)

ERiCA said...

Hey, that sounds like such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing! =)

Megan said...

In case you didn't know, there's something similar in children's publishing, Class of 2k7. It's authors whose debut books have came out or are coming out this year. Their website is:

gail said...

Thanks for the mention!! We appreciate it very much!! The New Debs from The Debutante Ball