Monday, October 29, 2007


Weird Google Search= "Memoirs of Gum Wrapper Chains." Is this a book I don't know about?

Okay, we have a bunch of linkage today. I've done a lot of surfing the last few weeks and have found a lot of fun sites. (Yanno, because I don't have enough to read. *rolls eyes*)

First, since the event we have all been mourning for five months, another* agent has suddenly started blogging much more regularly. I have been denying the rumors for months, but I finally decided to go and check out Janet Reid's blog and I enjoyed it immensely. When I get a second, I'm going to add her to my links. Good advice, fun jokes, and it's not too hard to read around the client promotion.:)

*Take that how you will.

Next, Mr. Jamie Ford who, I'm sorry to say, I thought was a woman for several months. Jamie's debut novel, beautifully titled Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, recently sold and he has a lovely blog. I would buy his blog as a book--he's that kind of writer. Please go check him out. But watch out, you may find yourself backreading for an hour as I did the first time I visited. This is my favorite entry. He will also make it onto my links when I get a few spare minutes. The picture at the top is stolen from his site.:) Thanks Jamie!

And lastly, my bragfest. This is the link to the video of my two-year-old son (as featured in the previous entry) reading.:) Yea!



David L. McAfee said...


That video of your son has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

He's so smart. Sheesh. He reads better than I do.

Kasandra said...

That is so cute! He can sound out words, that's amazing! Good job.